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November 8, 20


Canadian Leader tow Sunday - Bill Bird 

1-CanadianLeadertow-11-07-10-a-bb.jpg (66140 bytes)
Canadian Leader tow about to exit Welland bypass.
2-CanadianLeadertow-11-07-10-b-bb.jpg (60322 bytes)
Another view (112488 bytes)
Jarrett M is lead tug on the tow
4-CanadianLeaderbow-11-07-10-bb.jpg (53521 bytes)
Canadian Leader forward profile-bow thruster has been removed
5-CanadianLeadermen-11-07-10-bb.jpg (58980 bytes)
At least 2 men spotted outside pilot house as part of the project
6-CanadianLeadertow-11-07-10-c-bb.jpg (57098 bytes)
Stern shot showing two tugs trailing
7-CanadianLeaderstern-11-07-10-bb.jpg (50888 bytes)
Stern profile
8-TugsSeahoundLacManitoba-11-04-10-bb.jpg (98032 bytes)
Closeup of tugs Seahound and Lac Manitoba
9-CanadianLeadertow-11-07-10-d-bb.jpg (63688 bytes)
Stern tow closeup (74212 bytes)
Wider view
11-CanadianLeaderCandianOlympic-11-07-10-bb.jpg (71688 bytes)
Having made the turn at Ramey's Bend, Canadian Leader passes stone dock where Canadian Olympic has her stern raised and work is being done on her prop  

 Canadian Leader scrap tow departing Hamilton Saturday afternoon -
Ted Wilush
1-Canadian-Leader-11-06-10-TW.jpg (60163 bytes)
Entering the ship canal with Jarrett M. on the bow.
2-Canadian-Leader-11-06-10-TW.jpg (65082 bytes)
Stern shot on her way out.
3-Canadian-Leader-11-06-10-TW.jpg (66695 bytes)
Same as above
4-Canadian-Leader-11-06-10-TW.jpg (60358 bytes)
Headed to Port Colborne and the torch.

St. Lawrence River -
Ron Beaupre
1-beluga-07-11-10-rb.jpg (75689 bytes)
Beluga Fraternity heading down the St. Lawrence River.
2-strandja-07-11-10-rb.jpg (56670 bytes)
 Strandja was built for Fednav in 2010. Now in Bulgarian colours.
3-strandja-07-11-10-rb.jpg (34887 bytes)
Strandja sails into the setting sun.

Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RtHPJMartin-11-7-10-bv.jpg (69723 bytes)
Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin under the ship loader
2-RtHPJMartin-11-7-10-bv.jpg (76307 bytes)
Part load, heading to Buffalo and then to Nanticoke, Ontario
3-JBAird-11-7-10-bv.jpg (76404 bytes)
John B. Aird coming in and starting to turn to back into the slip
4-JBAird-11-7-10-bv.jpg (66845 bytes)
Loading for Arcelor Mittal Dofasco in Hamilton Ontario, well wait for transit coal to arrival sometime Monday morning.

- Scott Best
1-Zdesgagnes-11-07-10-sb.jpg (61154 bytes)
 Backing into the Menominee River stern first first thing Sunday morning.
2-ZDesgagnes-11-07-10-sb.jpg (93017 bytes)
Bow view close up.
3-ZDesgagnes-11-07-10-sb.jpg (70306 bytes)
Wide view approaching the Donner at MF&D.

Saltie Blacky unloading at Redpath Sugar in Toronto Sunday -
John van der Doe
Toronto-7-November-2010-Mv-Blacky-(1).jpg (79744 bytes) Toronto-7-November-2010-Mv-Blacky-(2).jpg (93790 bytes) Toronto-7-November-2010-Mv-Blacky-(3).jpg (92177 bytes)    

Tug Reliance at the Government Dock in Sault Ste Marie Saturday -
James M. Carlson
Reliance-Nov-6-2010.jpg (61576 bytes)        

Chicago area tugs -
 Lou Gerard
Bonnieg-9-23-10-lg.jpg (128018 bytes)
Bonnie G. Selvick of Calumet River Fleeting Inc. at 106th St. South Chicago, IL
Tanner-9-13-10-lg.jpg (98396 bytes)
Tug Tanner of Kindra Lake Towing at 106th St.
Nikis-9-2-10-lg.jpg (143590 bytes)
Niki S. of Calumet River Fleeting Inc. at 106th St. South Chicago,IL
Morgan-9-22-10-lg.jpg (124174 bytes)
Tug Morgan of Kindra Lake Towing at 95th St. South Chicago, IL.

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