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November 10, 20

Windoc Tow -  John M.
1-Windoc-11-09-10-jm.jpg (70743 bytes)
Windoc tow approaching Welland Canal Lock 8 upbound, with Jarrett M working hard to straighten her out.
2-Windoc-11-09-10-jm.jpg (134723 bytes)
Closeup of where the stern used to be.
3-Windoc-11-09-10-jm.jpg (102958 bytes)
Passing under the Port Colborne lift bridge,
   the last one before the scrap yard.
4-Windoc-11-09-10-jm.jpg (105423 bytes)
Bridge closing behind the Windoc.
5-Windoc-11-09-10-jm.jpg (52210 bytes)
Backing into a scrapping berth at Marine Recycling Corporation in Port Colborne, just west of the Canadian Leader. Various people confirmed the present plan is to cut up both of these boats at the Port Colborne facility.
6-MRCPM-11-09-10-jm.jpg (60923 bytes)
Marine Recycling Corporation facility in Port Maitland, with work progressing on the river ferry barge Roanoke (ex SS City of Flint 32) in the foreground, with the ex HMCS Fraser waiting her turn in background.
7-MRCPM-11-09-10-jm2.jpg (142158 bytes)
Ferocious marine recycling yard dog

Welland Canal Tuesday -
Paul Beesley
1-cannav-11-09-10-pb.jpg (79200 bytes)
Canadian Navigator passes the shipyard on her way toward Lock 2.
2-chenhav-11-09-10-pb.jpg (64846 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel below Lock 2.
3-chenhav-11-09-10-pb.jpg (60542 bytes)
Chemtrans Havel slides into Lock 2.
4-csllaur-11-09-10-pb.jpg (96388 bytes)
CSL Laurentien squeezes into Lock 7.
5-csllaur-11-09-10-pb.jpg (92800 bytes)
CSL Laurentien lowered in Lock 7.
6-flvo-11-09-10-pb.jpg (80888 bytes)
Flevoborg on the wall above Lock 7.
7-flvo-11-09-10-pb.jpg (46212 bytes)
Flevoborg making her way toward Lock 7.  Notice how both the letter "O"s are larger font than the rest of the name.
8-maple-11-09-10-pb.jpg (70756 bytes)
 Mapleglen clear of Lock 2.
9-maple-11-09-10-pb.jpg (78296 bytes)
Mapleglen approaching Lock 1.
10-nadro-11-09-10-pb.jpg (118643 bytes)
Seahound, Jarrett M and Lac Manitoba waiting their turn for Lock 7.  They spent the previous 24 hours taking the Windoc back to Port Colborne.
11-rega-11-09-10-pb.jpg (74909 bytes)
Rega clear of Lock 1.
12-rega-11-09-10-pb.jpg (62737 bytes)
Rega heading for Lake Ontario.
13-rosair-11-09-10-pb.jpg (67597 bytes)
Rosaire A Desgagnes upbound at the shipyard.
14-rosair-11-09-10-pb.jpg (56011 bytes)
The remains of a sign indicating her part in the annual Arctic Sealift.
15-stmary-11-09-10-pb.jpg (85125 bytes)
St Marys Cement passes my house.
16-stmary-11-09-10-pb.jpg (85428 bytes)
Sea Eagle II in the notch.
17-songa-11-09-10-pb.jpg (56122 bytes)
Songa Diamond clear of Lock 2 in front of an appreciative audience.
18-songa-11-09-10-pb.jpg (55907 bytes)
Songa Diamond approaching Lock 2.
19-songa-11-09-10-pb.jpg (73974 bytes)
Songa Diamond and Chemtrans havel pass above Lock 2.
20-rosair-11-09-10-pb.jpg (60107 bytes)
Cold crew on the Rosaire A Desgagnes.

Arthur M. Anderson At South Chicago Tuesday
-  Lou Gerard
CSC_0509_19672.jpg (55116 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson entering Calumet Harbor just before noon after unloading at Gary.
CSC_0522_19685.jpg (61290 bytes)
Turning in harbor as a tug/barge clears the Calumet River.
DSC_0537_19700.jpg (88152 bytes)
Tug Krista S. passes the Anderson at the EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0552_19715.jpg (79847 bytes)
Backing under the EJ&E bridge enroute to KCBX.
DSC_0554_19717.jpg (187962 bytes)
Crewmember on stern radioing orders to Pilot House.
DSC_0571_19734.jpg (97660 bytes)
Pilot House and crewmember on bridgewing. 
DSC_0575_19738.jpg (72261 bytes)
Waiting between 92nd and 95th for NS bridge to raise.
DSC_0586_19749.jpg (82559 bytes)
Looking from 95th St. she backs through the 5 bridges.
DSC_0599_19762.jpg (113823 bytes)
Anderson approaching 100th St.
DSC_0601_19764.jpg (60157 bytes)
Arriving at KCBX. I couldn't help but think about what went on in her pilot House 35 yrs. ago Wednesday as she followed the Fitz in that terrible storm.

crapping at Aliaga Turkey -  Selin San
CanProspector3-11-10-ss.jpg (52038 bytes)
Canadian Prospector arrives off Aliaga Turkey for scrapping
CanProspector3-11-10-ss-3.jpg (46789 bytes) CanPros[pector3-11-10-ss-2.jpg (57862 bytes) CanProspector3-11-10-ss-a.jpg (91660 bytes)
AGAWA-CANYON10-25-10-SS--(3).jpg (108711 bytes)
Agawa Canyon with the wheelhouse and without.
AgawaCanyon3-11-10-ss.jpg (96912 bytes)        

Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber sailing under the Mackinac Bridge
- Rod Burdick
1_ljk_11_5_10_rb.jpg (68403 bytes)
Heading into Lake Michigan

Canadian Transport and the Maumee in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Tuesday -
Dianne Donati
Canadian-Transport-2-11-9-10-dd.jpg (62213 bytes) Maumee-11-9-10-dd.jpg (70163 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives
- Canadian Leader
CanadianLeader78-DR-d.jpg (27355 bytes)
Canadian Leader going into Toronto - Teresa Dufort.
CanadianLeader1978-DR-c.jpg (23110 bytes)
Under the Mackinac Bridge - Scott Morse
CanadianLeader1978-DR-b.jpg (60835 bytes)
 Dave Roy
CanadianLeader1978-DR-a.jpg (53516 bytes)
The engine room with the ULS flag painted above the E R by Dave Roy

Historical Perspectives
- Windoc - Herm Phillips
6019-92.jpg (82226 bytes)
Downbound in the Rock Cut,Neebish Isle. September 1992.
10922-96.jpg (62663 bytes)
Upbound at Nine Mile Point, St. Mary's River, August 1996.
IMG_0573.jpg (61103 bytes)
At International Marine Salvage yard  after removal of her stern. June 2007.

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