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November 11, 20

Menominee, Mich. - Dick Lund
1-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (81939 bytes)
Selvick tugs Jacquelyn Nicole (at bow) and John M. Selvick lead the barge, Lake Trader, loaded with wind turbine tower sections from an eastern Lower Great Lakes port into Menominee
2-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (61912 bytes)
Approaching Menominee North Pier Lighthouse
3-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (80786 bytes)
Close-up of the Jacquelyn Nicole and Lake Trader
4-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (89880 bytes)
John M. Selvick heads through the Ogden Street (Menekaunee) Bridge - (John M. Selvick towed the Lake Trader from its port of origin)
5-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (50299 bytes)
Stern view of the tow
6-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (102394 bytes)
The tow approaches the dock
7-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (63582 bytes)
John M. Selvick maneuvers the barge in toward the dock
8-JSLT-11-10-10-dl.jpg (89380 bytes)
All secured at the dock

Menominee, Mich.
- Scott Best
1-selvicktow-11-10-10-sb.jpg (108939 bytes)
Jacquelyn Nicole on the bow as the tow heads for the Ogden St Bridge.
2-Selvicktow-11-10-10-sb.jpg (79493 bytes)
Close up of John M Selvick in the notch of the "Lake Trader" as they head through the Ogden St Bridge.
3-Selvicktow-11-10-10-sb.jpg (88573 bytes)
Stern view approaching K&K and passing the Viking 1.

Burlington Piers
- Eric Holmes
1-Vale-11-10-10-eh.jpg (64617 bytes)
Vale outbound Hamilton
2-Vale-11-10-10-eh.jpg (69762 bytes)
Stern view

Goderich, Ont. Tuesday - Bruce Douglas
1-Katoa-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (89182 bytes)
Katoa, view from the castle, 97th Anniversary for the Great Storm Nov 9th 1913.
2-Katoa-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (102473 bytes)
Katoa with Robt. S Pierson approaching.
3-Katoa-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (82543 bytes)
Katoa, view from south pier.
4-RPierson-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (77881 bytes)
 Robert S Pierson with Debbie Lyn.
5-RPierson-11-9-10-bjd..jpg (95357 bytes)
Our morning group.
6-DebbieLyn-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (121973 bytes)
Debbie Lyn.
7-DebbieLyn-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (109669 bytes)
Debbie Lyn with Ian at the helm, tug shoving hard.
8-RPierson-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (91693 bytes)
Robert S Pierson turning in the basin.
9-Katoa-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (129893 bytes)
Katoa, view from the lighthouse.
10-Katoa-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (84620 bytes)
Katoa, view from rear.
11-RPierson-11-9-10-bjd.jpg (102907 bytes)
 Robert S Pierson loading grain.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-tsdool-08-11-10-rb.jpg (93036 bytes)
Tim S Dool loading grain at Prescott Elevators.
2-three-10-11-10-rb.jpg (59192 bytes)
Three Rivers below Iroquois Lock.
3-three-10-11-10-rb.jpg (72540 bytes)
 Three Rivers slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-three-10-11-10-rb.jpg (64467 bytes)
She passes the Mapleglen which has steering gear problems.
5-three-10-11-10-rb.jpg (54082 bytes)
Three Rivers in Iroquois Lock
6-three-10-11-10-rb.jpg (62785 bytes)
Structure comparison between the old and the very new.

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Zeus-10-11-10-mb.jpg (71910 bytes)
Tug Zeus down at Maitland On.
2-Three-Rivers-10-11-10-mb-(1).jpg (86492 bytes)
Three Rivers on the wall upbound at Iroquois
3-Three-Rivers-10-11-10-mb.jpg (78000 bytes)
Three Rivers exiting Iroquois
4-Mapleglen-10-11-10-mb.jpg (65301 bytes)
Mapleglen secured on the southeast wall at Iroquois
5-Federal-Elbe-10-11-10-mb.jpg (81746 bytes)
Federal Elbe upbound at Iroquois

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-islskip-11-02-10-pb.jpg (90061 bytes)
Island Skipper passes CCGS Kelso above Lock 1.
2-islskip-11-02-10-pb.jpg (75445 bytes)
Island Skipper on her way toward Lock 2.
3-belfam-11-07-10-pb.jpg (65419 bytes)
Beluga Family at the Homer bridge.
4-belfam-11-07-10-pb.jpg (59721 bytes)
Beluga Family approaches the wall above Lock 2.
5-canlead-11-07-10-pb.jpg (83991 bytes)
Canadian Leader tow passes the Canadian Olympic below Lock 8.
6-canlead-11-07-10-pb.jpg (89495 bytes)
Jarrett M is the lead tug.
7-canlead-11-07-10-pb.jpg (155826 bytes)
 Tow Line attached to the Leader.
8-canlead-11-07-10-pb.jpg (97543 bytes)
Boatwatching dog checks out the stern tugs, Seahound & Lac Manitoba.
9-montr-11-07-10-pb.jpg (58425 bytes)
Montrealais approaching Lock 2.
10-montr-11-07-10-pb.jpg (96211 bytes)
Combination of welds and rivets.
11-canlead-11-07-10-pb.jpg (70847 bytes)
Another look at the stern tugs on the Canadian Leader tow.
12-montr-11-08-10-pb.jpg (77818 bytes)
Montrealais passes the whole Family above Lock 2.
13-canlead-11-08-10-pb.jpg (74235 bytes)
Another look at the Canadian Leader tow.
14-stran-11-08-10-pb.jpg (68140 bytes)
Strandja above Lock 1.  She was built as Federal Yangtzee.
15-stran-11-08-10-pb.jpg (98969 bytes)
Strandja stack showing the Fednav insignia.

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