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November 12, 20


South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard

DSC_0631_19794.jpg (65994 bytes)
Maumee arriving in Calumet Harbor from Burns Harbor about 8:20 a.m.
DSC_0645_19808.jpg (77135 bytes)
Turned and ready to back up river to Chicago Fuel Terminals dodging traffic along the way.
DSC_0656_19819.jpg (75876 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest outbound at 92nd St.
DSC_0668_19831.jpg (81231 bytes)
Conquest under EJ&E bridge with Maumee waiting at North American Terminal.
DSC_0677_19840.jpg (80945 bytes)
 Maumee backing under EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0709_19872.jpg (70158 bytes)
Clear of 92nd St
DSC_0728_19891.jpg (69464 bytes)
Waiting between 92nd and 95th for NS rail traffic.
DSC_0750_19913.jpg (241557 bytes)
Old Glory waving proudly on Veteran's Day.
DSC_0790_19953.jpg (89392 bytes)
Approaching NS 5 bridges after a lengthy wait.
DSC_0819_19982.jpg (262340 bytes)
Putting a man overboard at 100th St. to secure her while she waits for Integrity and tug G.L. Ostrander to pass.
DSC_0832_19995.jpg (75104 bytes)
Integrity passes Maumee at 100th St.
DSC_0834_19997.jpg (88341 bytes)
Intergrity and G. L. Ostrander heading for 5 bridges.
DSC_0845_20008.jpg (94587 bytes)
Bonnie G. Selvick working at 106th St.
DSC_0872_20035.jpg (80700 bytes)
Crewmember on bridgewing.
DSC_0880_20043.jpg (61523 bytes)
Maumee clear of 106th St. and almost to CFT.
DSC_0900_20063.jpg (114918 bytes)
Tug Charles E. Martin pushes two petroleum barges at 92nd St.
DSC_0906_20069.jpg (88750 bytes)
Canadian Transport being pulled under EJ&E bridge by G. L. tug Colorado.
DSC_0914_20077.jpg (153808 bytes)
 Tug Colorado and the Transport approaching 95th St.
CSC_0931_20094.jpg (71071 bytes)
Canadian Transport going through 5 bridges bound for KCBX.

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-energy-11-11-10-rb.jpg (51692 bytes)
Freedom Service pushing barge Energy 11103 down the river at Mariatown.
2-vale-11-11-10-rb.jpg (61891 bytes)
Vale departing Iroquois Lock.
3-vale-11-11-10-rb.jpg (54700 bytes)
Vale meets Algosteel below Iroquois Lock.
4-vale-11-11-10-rb.jpg (71862 bytes)
Vale is on her first trip down the Seaway.
5-verdant-11-11-10-rb.jpg (73884 bytes)
CCGS Griffon meeting SE Verdant below Iroquois Lock.
6-verdant-11-11-10-rb.jpg (62501 bytes)
SE Verdant visited the Lakes before as Margaretha Green.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Galen Culver
1-RSPierson-11-11-10-gc.jpg (106970 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson under the ship loader
2-RSPierson-11-11-10-gc.jpg (91207 bytes)
Another view
3-RSPierson-11-11-10-gc.jpg (64806 bytes)
Loading for Essar Steel Algoma  in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

Port Stanley Thursday -
Monty Young
Just-'N'-Case---Port-Stanley-(2).jpg (96959 bytes)
Just N Case
LR-Jackson---Port-Stanley.jpg (113091 bytes)
L R Jackson (Minus her Cuban Flag)
C-J-Weaver-(2).jpg (153157 bytes)
CJ Weaver
Weaver-Bros(From-Park)---Port-Stanley.jpg (171336 bytes)
 Weaver Bros
Just-n-Case-Amanda-May-&-Ferroclad---Port-Stanley.jpg (118011 bytes)
An overall shot with Just n Case Amanda May & Ferroclad I
Cosley-Bros-(Park-View)---Port-Stanley.jpg (143172 bytes)
Cosley Bros Stern
GW-Jackson-Port-Stanley.jpg (131500 bytes)
GW Jackson

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Algosteel-11-11-10-mb.jpg (81988 bytes)
Algosteel up at Crossover Island
2-SE-Verdant-11-11-10-mb.jpg (78353 bytes)
SE Verdant up at Crossover Island
3-SE-Verdant-11-11-10-mb.jpg (67831 bytes) 4-SE-Verdant-11-11-10-mb.jpg (65491 bytes) 5-Commodore-Straits-&-Big-Barges-11-11-10-mb.jpg (81053 bytes)
Commodore Straits up at Maitland On.
6-Karen-Andrie-11-11-10-mb.jpg (78270 bytes)
 Karen Andrie up at Prescott On.
7-J-W-Shelley-11-11-10-mb.jpg (104257 bytes)
J W Shelley secured at Prescott Elevator
8-Algobay-11-11-10-mb.jpg (54180 bytes)
Algobay up at Iroquios Lock
9-Algobay-11-11-10-mb.jpg (45911 bytes) 10-Algobay-11-11-10-mb.jpg (39052 bytes)

Mackinaw City Wednesday
- Roger LeLievre
Mackinaw-wide-11-10-10.jpg (62891 bytes) Capt-Shepler-11-10-10.jpg (91590 bytes)
Capt. Shepler laid up
Felicity-11-10-10.jpg (116997 bytes)
Mackinaw-close-11-10-10.jpg (75004 bytes)
Icebreaker Museum USCG Mackinaw
Welcome,-Cake-11-10-10.jpg (75226 bytes)
Ferry Welcome and Cake & Ice Cream out of the water

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algosea-11-10-10-pb.jpg (71079 bytes)
Algosea upbound toward Lock 2.
2-alspir-11-11-10-pb.jpg (76270 bytes)
Wilf Seymour & Alouette Spirit at the Homer bridge.
3-birch-11-11-10-pb.jpg (73107 bytes)
Birchglen entering Lock 7.
4-birch-11-11-10-pb.jpg (70502 bytes)
Birchglen below the Homer bridge.
5-prcres-11-11-10-pb.jpg (84127 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell disgorges machinery while gorging supplies above Lock 7.  Wilf Seymour waits on the wall for Lock 7.  Birchglen in background securing in Lock

US Army Corps Engineers upper Mississippi River barges
- The Great Lakes Group
USACE-Press-Release-Photo.jpg (96226 bytes)        

Westbound Algorail in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Thursday -
Dianne Donati
Algorail-11-11-10-dd.jpg (88409 bytes)        

Collision Bend in Cleveland -
Tom Falzone
P1100307maumee.jpg (97030 bytes)
Casino owner wants to decrease the size of the Cuyahoga river by 28 feet at this very tight bend.
P1100309maumee2.jpg (118375 bytes) P1100316maumee3.jpg (168085 bytes)    

Hamilton Harbor Wednesday -
John McCreery
1-Federal-Katsura-11-10-10-jm.jpg (92734 bytes)
Federal Katsura at anchor
2-Blacky-Ruddy-11-10-10-jm.jpg (155097 bytes)
Blacky loading at Richardson with Ruddy in the background
3-Blacky-11-10-10-jm.jpg (118263 bytes)
Stern view of Blacky
4-Dredge-11-10-10-jm.jpg (129874 bytes)
Appears they are filling in the Windermere Basin
5-Federal-Katsura-11-10-10-jm.jpg (85594 bytes)
Stern view of the Katsura
6-JamesAHannah-11-10-10-jm.jpg (82353 bytes)
Tug James A Hannah
7-CarrolCI-BonnieBIII-11-10-10-jm.jpg (92769 bytes)
 Tugs Carrol C I and Bonnie B III
8-JarrettM-11-10-10-jm.jpg (124477 bytes)
Jarrett M back in port
9-Ecosse-TonyMackay-11-10-10-jm.jpg (93570 bytes)
Ecosse and Tony Mackay
10-Laprairie-Katsura-11-10-10-jm.jpg (80005 bytes)
 Laprairie transporting personnel to and from the Katsura
11-Laprairie-Katsura-11-10-10-jm.jpg (103060 bytes)
12-Laprairie-Aird-11-10-10-jm.jpg (69732 bytes)
John B Aird at Dofasco unloading coal from Toledo
13-AtlanticErie-11-10-10-jm.jpg (59454 bytes)
Atlantic Erie
14-Ruddy-Blacky-11-10-10-jm.jpg (111712 bytes)
Ruddy and Blacky bow to bow at Eastport

Historical Perspectives - Thomas F. Cole at the Carbide Dock in Sault Ste. Marie Nov. 12, 1964 after colliding with the saltie Inverewe in the lower St. Marys River in fog. -
Photos by Tom Manse
Cole,-Thomas-F.-damage-12-Nov-1964-TM-1.jpg (40944 bytes) Cole,-Thomas-F.-damage-12-Nov-1964-TM-3.jpg (36810 bytes) Cole,-Thomas-F.-damage-12-Nov-1964-TM-2.jpg (47102 bytes)    

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