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November 14, 20

Burlington Piers /Hamilton - Eric Holmes
1-Fedkatsura-11-12-10-eh.jpg (59589 bytes)
Federal Katsura moving across Hamilton Harbor
2-Blacky-11-12-10-eh.jpg (56090 bytes)
Blacky outbound Hamilton
3-Blacky-11-12-10-eh.jpg (64855 bytes)
Blacky stern view

Duluth heavy lift -
Duluth Seaway Port Authority
Two, 300-ton dimensional transformers arrived at the Clure Public Marine Terminal in Duluth on Nov. 5. Both units were manufactured in Germany and shipped from Rotterdam aboard the BigLift freighter Tracer, along with multiple crates of accessories. Crews from Lake Superior Warehousing Co. discharged the high/wide/ heavy cargo directly onto specialized railcars waiting dockside
01_MATL-transformer_Duluth-discharge-from-BigLift_Tracer_0003_lo-res_11-5-10.jpg (58809 bytes) 02_CP-move_Duluth-Alberta_MATL-transformer_CPIMG-070_lo-res.jpg (120557 bytes) 03_CP---MATL-Train_Duluth-to-Alberta_0016crop.jpg (99132 bytes) 04_CP-MATL-Transformer---railcar_0022_lo-res.jpg (153796 bytes)  

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-cuya-11-12-10-pb.jpg (61706 bytes)
 Cuyahoga below the Homer bridge
2-gad-11-12-10-pb.jpg (125315 bytes)
Gadwall in Lock 7 as the gates close astern of her.
3-pere-11-12-10-pb.jpg (64493 bytes)
Perelik above Lock 1.
4-verd-11-12-10-pb.jpg (51467 bytes)
SE Verdant clear of Bridge 5.
5-verd-11-12-10-pb.jpg (63608 bytes)
Some of the lashings on the windmill towers on the Verdant.

 Upper St Lawrence River Photos from August this Year -
Paul Beesley
1-bbcmis-08-16-10-pb.jpg (82441 bytes)
BBC Mississippi approaches Brockville Narrows, downbound.
2-bbcmis-08-16-10-pb.jpg (75386 bytes) 3-bisso-08-16-10-pb.jpg (88680 bytes)
Capt Bud Bisso & Barge just below Crossover.
4-bisso-08-16-10-pb.jpg (117563 bytes) 5-bisso-08-16-10-pb.jpg (107293 bytes)
Approaching the Brockville Narrows.
6-free-08-16-10-pb.jpg (137662 bytes)
Freedom I below the American Narrows.
7-thous-08-16-10-pb.jpg (127440 bytes)
Thousand Islander II in the same area.
8-thous-08-16-10-pb.jpg (125450 bytes) 9-uncsam-08-16-10-pb.jpg (251337 bytes)
 Uncle Sam II by the Castle.

Ottawa River - Mike Doyle
This Fall of a load of silos that arrived from Finland on the Stella Prima and placed aboard a Nadro Marine Barge at Cote Ste Catherine, Quebec, for the trip up the Ottawa River to a paper mill at Thurso, Quebec, Tug Lac Manitoba and the Boatman 6 were the power used to move the barge, this load was the second of two loads of silos that went up the Ottawa River, a river seldom used for commercial traffic unlike in earlier years. The only other commercial traffic would be the small cruise vessel, Canadian Empress, which uses the system for her trips to Ottawa.
Boatmansix10-11-10-md-1.jpg (94263 bytes)
Boatman six seen here pushing the barge into the Carrilon dam lock,
Boatmansix10-11-10-md-2.jpg (137597 bytes)
Lock gate coming down behind the barge, unlike seaway gates, this gate lifts up and down,
LacManitoba10-11-10-md.jpg (105017 bytes)
Lac Manitoba above the lock at Carrilon, Quebec
NadroMarine10-11-10-md-4.jpg (168412 bytes)
The combo above the lock going up the Ottawa River
NadroMarine10-11-10-md-2.jpg (115377 bytes)
Above Grenville, Quebec, and Hawksbury, Ontario, note the colors of the Fall foliage.
NadroMarine10-11-10-md-3.jpg (186605 bytes) NadroMarine10-11-10-md-1.jpg (95086 bytes)
Lac Manitoba Nadro Marine barge and Boatman 6 stopped for the night at Montebello, Quebec.

Buffalo Harbor Friday -
Richard Szczepaniec
DSCN3522-Erie-County-Sheriff-escorts-in-front,-Coast-Guard-in-rear.-Possibly-union-trouble.jpg (93632 bytes)
Erie County Sheriff escorts in front, Coast Guard in rear. Possibly union trouble.
DSCN3524-Tug-Washington-in-the-lead.jpg (95574 bytes)
Tug Washington in the lead.
DSCN3529-Tug-Washington-under-Ohio-Street-lift-bridge.jpg (105863 bytes)
Tug Washington under Ohio Street lift bridge.
DSCN3530-Tug---Ohio-pushing-with-General-Mills-Cheerio-plant-in-background.jpg (115187 bytes)
 Tug Ohio pushing with General Mills Cheerio plant in background.
DSCN3546-Tug-Washington-now-is-pushing.jpg (75078 bytes)
With USS Little Rock in foreground, the barge pauses to check it's cargo prior to entering Lake Erie
DSCN3548-Ohio-leads-the-barge-out-of-Buffalo-harbor-into-Lake-Erie.jpg (91262 bytes)
Ohio leads the barge out of Buffalo harbor into Lake Erie.

Tramper coming up the river at Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-tramper-12-11-10-rb.jpg (55399 bytes)
Her first visit to the Lakes was in 2001.
2-tramper-12-11-10-rb.jpg (54075 bytes)      

Welland Canal November 12 -
John McCreery
1-Perelik-11-12-10-jm.jpg (126633 bytes)
Perelik at the Homer bridge upbound for Duluth
2-Perelik-11-12-10-jm.jpg (99917 bytes)
Another view
3-Perelik-11-12-10-jm.jpg (84326 bytes)
4-Perelik-11-12-10-jm.jpg (80070 bytes)
Stern view approaching lock 3
5-Gadwall-11-12-10-jm.jpg (87883 bytes)
Gadwall clearing the Allanburg bridge downbound for Montreal
6-Gadwall-11-12-10-jm.jpg (68030 bytes)
Another view
7-Gadwall-11-12-10-jm.jpg (79834 bytes)
8-Island-Skipper-11-12-10-jm.jpg (120438 bytes)
Island Skipper under the Allanburg bridge
9-Island-Skipper-11-12-10-jm.jpg (89743 bytes)
Another view downbound for Montreal
10-Island-Skipper-11-12-10-jm.jpg (85032 bytes)
Stern view

Port of Montreal -
Adrian Platts
1-PDM-11-13-10-AP.jpg (63972 bytes)
Unloading on a dark autumn morning
2-CamillaDesgagnes-11-13-10-AP.jpg (61417 bytes)
Camilla Desgagnes in sector 25
3-Sauniere-11-13-10-AP.jpg (134444 bytes)
Sauniere continues to rust
4-McAllister-11-13-10-AP.jpg (99926 bytes)
The Lachine canal has been drained (Daniel McAllister museum tug)
5-LaChine-11-13-10-AP.jpg (142476 bytes)
The drained canal seems to show old lock gates weighted down

Fog Delays Traffic in the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
10-1113-Perelik-(1).jpg (62742 bytes)
Algoeast in Lock 3.  The last few days fog has affected traffic flow in the Welland canal.  The Seaway closed portions of the canal each night.
10-1113-Tramper.jpg (38821 bytes)
Gadwall in Lock 4.  Most of the ships in these photos have been in the canal for at least 24 hours.  The fog on the night of the 12th / 13th was particularly heavy.
10-1113-Algoeast.jpg (43897 bytes)
Perelik in Lock 7.    Traffic stopped about 6 p.m. on the 12th and did not resume until about 1100 on the 13th.  While taking this photo I did not even see the Island Skipper tied up just above Lock 7.
10-1113-Gadwall-(1).jpg (33369 bytes)
Tramper in Lock 1.  The ships were held in the lifted position in the locks and at various walls along the canal until conditions improved. 

Historical Perspective
- John McCreery 
Bayton-in-Welland-Canal.jpg (66305 bytes)
The steamer Bayton in the Welland Canal circa 1960

Historical Perspective - Wreck of the Maplehurst
-  from the collection Jon Paul and Brent Michaels
1.maplehurst-11-12-10-jpm-a.jpg (69530 bytes)
Str. Maplehurst sank just west of Portage Upper Entry, Keweenaw Penninsula, MI, on December 1, 1922
2.maplehurst-11-12-10-jpm-b.jpg (92520 bytes)
Forward cabins washed away with only forecastle and deck crane remaining.
3.maplehurst-11-12-10-jpm-c.jpg (88377 bytes)
After cabin, smokestack and deck crane survived the pounding waves.
4.maplehurst-11-12-10-jpm-d.jpg (76393 bytes)
Frozen remains of crewman found in after cabin.

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