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November 16, 20


South Chicago Sunday - Lou Gerard

DSC_0937_20100.jpg (142398 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise being led by G.L.T. tug Massachusetts approach 100th St. enroute to DTE terminal Sunday.
DSC_0944_20107.jpg (63221 bytes)
Clearing 100th St. with tug Colorado on the bow.
DSC_0952_20115.jpg (87503 bytes)
Massachusetts pulling hard to get the Canadian Enterprise through the tight bend at 106th St.
DSC_0959_20122.jpg (89128 bytes)
Massachusetts working hard through the bend at 106th St.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-AMAnderson-11-15-10-bv.jpg (66762 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson pulling away from the dock
2-AMAnderson-11-15-10-bv.jpg (61600 bytes)
Another view
3-AMAnderson-11-15-10-bv.jpg (66028 bytes)
Partial load, heading for Sandusky
4-Pathfinder-11-15-10-bv.jpg (63356 bytes)
Pathfinder loading for Monroe and Harbor Beach
5-Cuyahoga-11-15-10-bv.jpg (70822 bytes)
Cuyahoga waiting at #2 wall for Pathfinder to finish

J W Shelley and Island Skipper from Prescott to Iroquois on Sunday
- Dave Bessant
1-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (103225 bytes)
 J W Shelley tied up at Prescott in the South slip awaiting more grain
2-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (120212 bytes)
The grain starts to flow
3-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (125090 bytes)
With the elevator in the background
4-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (108196 bytes)
Hard work guiding the chute
5-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (92268 bytes)
"Iron Deckhand" or hatch crane
6-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (100977 bytes)
 Positioning the hatch cover
7-JWShelley-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (78754 bytes)
Dogging it down
8-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (109351 bytes)
Island Skipper downbound under the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge behind us
9-JWShelleyIslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (100751 bytes)
J W Shelley with Island Skipper moving east to Cardinal in the distance
10-Prescott-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (98873 bytes)
Trucks dumping into the elevators, perhaps it is going straight to the Shelley
11-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (80924 bytes)
Island Skipper entering the lock at Iroquois
12-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (67870 bytes) 13-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (133971 bytes)
Spare prop
14-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (75640 bytes)
15-IslandSkipper-14-11-10-WDB.jpg (89044 bytes)
Leaving the Iroquois lock for Morrisburg and points east

Brockville and Toronto
- Dave Bessant
1-Redhead-13-11-10-WDB.jpg (10805 bytes)
Redhead in the distance upbound towards Brockville Saturday
2-Redhead-13-11-10-WDB.jpg (60314 bytes)
Redhead approaching Blockhouse Island
3-Redhead-13-11-10-WDB.jpg (46535 bytes)
Redhead passing Blockhouse
4-FederalPatroller-13-11-10-WDB.jpg (79790 bytes)
Federal Patroller upbound as well, nearing Brockville
1-CanadianRangerAlgontario-10-11-10-WDB.jpg (80681 bytes)
Canadian Ranger and Algontario tied up in Toronto last week
2-CanadianRanger-10-11-10-WDB.jpg (61428 bytes)
Canadian Ranger and Algontario tied up near the Corus centre in Toronto

William Market on the dry dock at Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland
Press-Release-Photo.jpg (95433 bytes)        

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