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November 17, 20

Tug Ohio arrives in Menominee with windmill parts - Scott Best
1-Ohio-11-16-10-sb.jpg (69580 bytes)
William C leads the tow through the inner harbor and towards the Ogden St Bridge.
1-WilliamC-11-16-10-sb.jpg (97053 bytes)
Close up of the William C Selvick on the bow.
2-Ohio-11-16-10-sb.jpg (66063 bytes)
Close up of the loaded barge CBC 1268 approaching the Ogden St Bridge.
3-Ohio-11-16-10-sb.jpg (87148 bytes)
Close up of Tug Ohio.
4-Ohio-11-16-10-sb.jpg (105036 bytes)
Stern view heading up river to the turning basin.

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-emerald-15-11-10-rb.jpg (80990 bytes)
Songa Emerald slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-sirhenry-16-11-10-rb.jpg (60664 bytes)
Sir Henry is returning to sail the Great Lakes once again.
3-sirhenry-16-11-10-rb.jpg (67331 bytes)
Sir Henry slides the approach wall into Iroquois Lock.
4-sirhenry-16-11-10-rb.jpg (129211 bytes)
Cabins and stack Sir Henry.

Gordon C Leitch in Owen Sound -
 Erich Zuschlag
gclosb-11-16-10ez.jpg (60257 bytes) gclos-11-16-10ez.jpg (84551 bytes)
CCGS Cape Providence

Hamilton November 15
- John McCreery
1-MariaDesgagnes-11-15-10-jm.jpg (107451 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes entering Hamilton Harbor
2-MariaDesgsgnes-11-15-10-jm.jpg (92358 bytes)
 Stern view with Ruddy in the anchorage
3-Algosoo-Discovery-11-15-10-jm.jpg (94257 bytes)
Algosoo and Algoma Discovery at Dofasco
4-AtlanticErie-11-15-10-jm.jpg (77814 bytes)
Atlantic Erie loading at James Richardson
5-Dintelborg-1-15-10-jm.jpg (64099 bytes)
6-Dintelborg-11-15-10-jm.jpg (73142 bytes)
Another view of Dintelborg shortly before her departure for Chicago
7-FederalPatroller-11-15-10-jm.jpg (117885 bytes)
Federal Patroller
8-FederalPatroller-11-15-10-jm.jpg (99677 bytes)
Another view
9-PandH-11-15-10-jm.jpg (105241 bytes)
Pier 10 showing the loader and trucks at the Parrish and Heimbecker grain handling facility
10-Algobay-11-15-10-jm.jpg (90368 bytes)
Algobay at Parrish and Heimbecker
11-Kenteau-11-15-10-jm.jpg (100921 bytes)
Tug Kenteau of Galcon Marine
12-Ruddy-11-15-10-jm.jpg (75200 bytes)
Ruddy in the habor anchorage
13-Ruddy-11-15-10-jm.jpg (75160 bytes)
Another view

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1mich11_15_10_rb.jpg (35873 bytes)
Loading ore at sunrise
2mich_11_15_10_rb.jpg (79611 bytes)
Another view

Manitowoc at Cleveland
- Thomas Seiler
MANITOWOC-11-15-10-TS.jpg (63982 bytes)
The Manitowoc is seen after making a slow pass of the Cleveland break wall lights, as she arrives with a load of rock.
MANITOWOC-11-15-10-TS-(2).jpg (80710 bytes)
Passing under Norfolk Southern Railway bridge 1 as she begins her trip up the Cuyahoga River.

Capt. Henry Jackman inbound Green Bay, Wis. Tuesday heading for Fox River Dock with salt from Goderich
- Wendell Wilke
captjackman-ww11-16-10.jpg (64482 bytes)        

Tug Ohio with windmill parts departing the Buffalo harbor
- Richard Szczepaniec
DSCN3546-Tug-Washington-now-is-pushing.jpg (43280 bytes) DSCN3530-Tug-Ohio-pushing-with-General-Mills-Cheerio-plant-in-background.jpg (68881 bytes) DSCN3539-Tug-Ohio-now-in-the-lead.jpg (53884 bytes) DSCN3540-Heading-out-to-the-lake.jpg (48630 bytes) DSCN3548-Ohio-leads-the-barge-out-of-Buffalo-harbor-into-Lake-Erie.jpg (51409 bytes)
DSCN3544-28-windmill-sections.jpg (46096 bytes) DSCN3524-Tug-Washington-in-the-lead.---Copy.jpg (53996 bytes) DSCN3535-With-USS-Little-Rock-in-foreground,-the-barge-pauses-to-check-it's-cargo-prior-to-entering-Lake-Erie.jpg (41064 bytes) DSCN3529-Tug-Washington-under-Ohio-Street-lift-bridge.jpg (59785 bytes)  

Great Lakes Towing company shipping wind turbine tower sections by barge
- Great Lakes Group
DSCF5676.jpg (81600 bytes)        

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