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November 21, 20

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
DSC_0975_20138.jpg (61681 bytes)
John D. Leitch loading at Beemsterboer at 106th St.
DSC_0987_20150.jpg (88832 bytes)
Manistee passing the Leitch and Bonnie G. Selvick arriving with a barge.
CSC_0088_20268.jpg (63959 bytes)
Manistee passing the Spruceglen loading at KCBX.
DSC_0006_20186.jpg (96706 bytes)
Manistee clear of 100th St. heading for 5 bridges with tug Colorado assisting.
DSC_0022_20202.jpg (92966 bytes)
Manistee clearing 5 bridges and approaching 95th st.
DSC_0030_20210.jpg (89865 bytes)
Looking from 92nd st. Manistee goes through 95th st.
DSC_0062_20242.jpg (121883 bytes)
Done with her task, tug Colorado takes in its cable under the EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0065_20245.jpg (68298 bytes)
Manistee enters Calumet Harbor heading for Lake Michigan.

Welland Canal Saturday
- Bill Bird
1-AtlanticHuron-11-20-10-a-bb.jpg (57077 bytes)
Atlantic Huron clear of Lock 3
2-AtlanticHuron-11-20-10-b-bb.jpg (60008 bytes)
Stern shot approaching the flight locks
3-Federal-Kivalina-11-20-10-a-bb.jpg (63535 bytes)
Federal Kivalina approaching Homer Bridge
4-Federal-Kivalina-11-20-10-b-bb.jpg (66590 bytes)
Heading towards Lock 3
5-CSLAssiniboine-11-20-10-a-bb.jpg (67567 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine kicking up the mud below Lock 2
6-CSLAssiniboine-11-20-10-b-bb.jpg (81330 bytes)
About to enter the lock.
7-CSLAssiniboinebird-11-20-10-bb.jpg (98960 bytes)
Fake bird on electric deckhand-it's supposed to scare off pigeons
8-Saguenay-11-20-10-a-bb.jpg (81791 bytes)
Saguenay clearing Lock 4
9-Saguenay-11-20-10-b-bb.jpg (84733 bytes)
Stern shot under the Glendale Avenue bridge 

Welland Canal
- John McCreery
1-SednaDesgagnes-11-19-10-jm.jpg (71490 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes upbound above lock 1
2-SednaDesgagnes-11-19-10-jm.jpg (91539 bytes)
Another view in ballast for the Soo.
3-SednaDesgagnes-11-19-10-jm.jpg (100411 bytes)
Unique wheelhouse configuration
4-SednaDesgagnes-11-19-10-jm.jpg (73394 bytes)
Stern view showing her registry - Bridgetown Barbados

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RtHonPJMartin-11-19-10-bv.jpg (84422 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin under the ship loader
2-dumper-11-19-10-bv.jpg (88213 bytes)
Tandem rotary car dumper
3-jkuebbeler-11-19-10-bv.jpg (96523 bytes)
Future shuttle car operator Jeff Kuebbeler
4-pighole-11-19-10-bv.jpg (110020 bytes)
Mechanical pig shoves two coal cars up the ramp
5-pusher-11-19-10-bv.jpg (98538 bytes)
Pusher operator Ed Permar pushing to cars over the pighole
6-pusher-11-19-10-bv.jpg (94840 bytes)
another view of the pusher
7-pighole-11-19-10-bv.jpg (118559 bytes)
Pighole covered, pig is up and pusher is getting ready to push two more cars over the pighole
8-RtHonPJMartin-11-19-10-bv.jpg (60561 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin loaded compartment #2 - 4 to complete the load for U. S. Steel Canada in Hamilton, Ontario.  Compartments # 1-3-5 were loaded in Buffalo

H Lee White arriving in Marquette Saturday
- Lee Rowe
IMG_8250.jpg (110668 bytes) IMG_8253.jpg (65305 bytes) IMG_8258.jpg (108687 bytes)    

Herbert C. Jackson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1hcj_11_16_10_rb.jpg (94880 bytes)
Unloading western coal into the hopper
2hcj_11_16_10_rb.jpg (88249 bytes)
Bow view

Tugs in Chicago area -
Lou Gerard
tugAliceE11-10-lg.jpg (110258 bytes)
Alice E. of American Marine Constructors Inc. at Benton Harbor MI.
tugMallardschicago-11-10-lg.jpg (139387 bytes)
Mallard  in North Branch of Chicago River at Cortland St.

Detroit River video Saturday -
BoatNerd Staff
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