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November 22, 20

Duluth - Travis Chadwick
1-clarke-11-21-10-tc.jpg (71402 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke arriving Duluth on Friday.
2-clarke-11-21-10-tc.jpg (66915 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke departing Duluth the following evening.
3-alpena-11-21-10-tc.jpg (78047 bytes)
Alpena arriving with a load of cement on Friday.
4-se.verdant-11-21-10-tc.jpg (128295 bytes)
S E Verdant departing Duluth after offloading wind turbine parts at Port Terminal.
5-frontenac-11-21-10-tc.jpg (56362 bytes)
Frontenac making the turn toward the Aerial Lift Bridge on Sunday.
6-frontenac-11-21-10-tc.jpg (90595 bytes)
Frontenac under the Aerial Lift Bridge.
7-frontenac-11-21-10-tc.jpg (67565 bytes)
Frontenac out on the open lake, departing with a load of grain.

Milwaukee -
Jason Heindel
2010-11-21_11-43-49_164.jpg (42484 bytes)
The Big Lift vessel tramper and vessel Pangani are loading loading Bucyrus mining equipment.

Historical perspectives -
Gerry Folgmann Collection
11-21-2010-1;25;54-PM.jpg (111223 bytes)
J.W. Westcott taken by The Detroit News on April 5, 1949. Capt. Tom May and lookout Jack Doyle. It was taken at the foot of Wayne Street and one of the D & C boats can be seen in the background.

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