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November 25, 20

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-JJBoland-11-24-10-bv.jpg (57946 bytes)
John J. Boland loaded and heading to Zug Island Wednesday.  Will be back Thanksgiving day.
2-HCJackson-11-24-10-bv.jpg (73676 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading for Essar Steel Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
3-HCJackson-11-24-10-bv.jpg (100619 bytes)
Another view
1-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (72512 bytes)
H. Lee White under the ship loader Tuesday
2-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (111969 bytes)
another view
3-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (99526 bytes)
Aft deck house and boom
4-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (94955 bytes)
another view
5-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (161684 bytes)
Operator walkway view of the boom
6-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (108590 bytes)
Midship mooring winch
7-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (97034 bytes)
Forward mooring winch
8-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (113666 bytes)
Taking on supplies
9-HLWhite-11-23-10-bv.jpg (105994 bytes)
Loaded and heading to Indiana Harbor
10-RSPierson-11-23-10-bv.jpg (84078 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson waiting at # 2 wall for the White to finish
11-RSPierson-11-23-10-bv.jpg (73895 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson under the ship loader
12-RSPierson-11-23-10-bv.jpg (72221 bytes)
another view
13-JJBoland-11-23-10-bv.jpg (62630 bytes)
John J. Boland waiting at Torco for the Pierson to finish 

Ship Scrapping at Aliaga
- San Selim
ALGOISLE11-24-10-SS.jpg (111104 bytes)
Algoisle being dismantled at Aliaga last of the three to arrive,
Agawa-Canyon11-24-10-SS.jpg (102788 bytes)
Agawa Canyon alongside the Algoisle rapidly disappearing.

Paul R. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1prt_11_23_10_rb.jpg (92499 bytes)
Unloading coal into the hopper
2prt_11_23_10_rb.jpg (118519 bytes)
Profile view against the 1,200 foot ore dock

Brockville Seaway traffic Wednesday - Nick Vandervoort 
1-Algocanada-Iryda-EagleService-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (59433 bytes)
Iryda downbound, Algocanada & Eagle Service up
2-EagleService-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (58926 bytes)
Eagle Service & barge Energy 13502
3-Energy13502-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (59749 bytes) 4-EagleService-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (55680 bytes) 5-EagleService-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (57457 bytes)
6-OrientalProtea-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (51863 bytes)
Oriental Protea downbound
7-OrientalProtea-11-24-10-NV.jpg.jpg (44165 bytes)      

Heritage Marine tugs in the Duluth-Superior Harbor -
Robert S Hom
IMG_9352.jpg (118324 bytes)
Nels J and Edward H in front of the Aerial Bridge
IMG_9360.jpg (97348 bytes)
2500 HP Nels J
IMG_9373.jpg (77124 bytes)
Edward H and Nels J in the harbor

Brockville, Iroquois and Prscott -
Murray Blancher
1-Iryda-24-11-10-nb.jpg (73689 bytes)
Iryda down
2-Iryda-24-11-10-nb.jpg (78243 bytes)
3-Iryda-&-Algocanada-24-11-10-nb.jpg (76346 bytes)
Iryda & Algocanada meet
4-Algocanada,Iryda-&-Energy-13502-24-11-10-mb.jpg (68439 bytes)
Algocanada & Energy 13502 up, meet Iryda down
5-Algocanada-24-11-10-mb.jpg (74587 bytes)
Algocanada up
6-Algocanada-24-11-10-mb.jpg (72524 bytes)
Algocanada up
7-Energy-13502-24-11-10-mn.jpg (64727 bytes)
Eagle Service & Energy 13502 up
8-Eagle-Service-&-Energy-13502-24-11-10-mb.jpg (69888 bytes) 9-Eagle-Service-&-Energy-13502-24-11-10-mb.jpg (64773 bytes) 10-Dara-Desgagnes-24-11-10-mb.jpg (90357 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes down at Iroquois
11-Dara-Desgaganes-24-11-10-mb.jpg (86763 bytes) 12-Iryda-24-11-10-mb.jpg (95668 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes down at Iroquois
13-Iryda-24-11-10-mb.jpg (96481 bytes)
Iryda down at Iroquois
14-Maria-Desgagnes-24-11-10-mb.jpg (64080 bytes) 15-Maria-Desgagnes-24-11-10-mb.jpg (73837 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes down at Prescott

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