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November 26, 20

Duluth Wednesday - Travis Chadwick
1-birchglen-11-25-10-tc.jpg (66168 bytes)
Birchglen loading coal at SMET.
2-orla-11-25-10-tc.jpg (90364 bytes)
Orla loading grain at CHS.
3-barker-11-25-10-tc.jpg (70741 bytes)
James R. Barker departing Duluth with coal for St. Clair.
4-tregurtha-11-25-10-tc.jpg (59507 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha arriving Duluth for coal at SMET with James R. Barker in the distance.
5-redhead-11-25-10-tc.jpg (87482 bytes)
Redhead loading grain at CHS.

Goderich, Ont. Wednesday - Bruce Douglas.
1-SeVerdant-11-24-10-bjd.jpg (82483 bytes)
Se Verdant approaching at 11 a.m.
2-SeVerdant-11-24-10-bjd.jpg (66074 bytes)
3-SeVerdant-11-24-10-bjd.jpg (76320 bytes)
Docked to load grain, nee 'Margaretha Green', built 1998.
4-SeVerdant-11-24-10-bjd.jpg (112686 bytes)
McDonald's Ian Mac tug in foreground.

Chicago area tugs - Mike Nicholls
CROWNHERMANBECKYEb01101206mn.jpg (80256 bytes)
Becky E and Herman Crown in Joliet, Ill. 
AGGIECb25101206mn.jpg (91026 bytes)
Aggie C
. Illinois Towing Co. tug U.S.585929, built in 1977.
ALBERTCb15101206mn.jpg (106276 bytes)
Albert C, Illinois Marine Towing, built in 1971, U.S.537179.
LEMONTTRADERb41101206mn.jpg (84221 bytes)
Lemont Trader, Illinois Marine Towing, built in 1974, U.S.559046.

Historic Perspective - Robert C. Stanley
- John McCreery
Robert C Stanley laid up for the last time on November 25 1981.
1-Stanley-Avery-5-9-1985-jm-copy.jpg (73296 bytes)
Superior Wisconsin on May 9, 1985. It turned out to be a protracted layup with final disposition not occurring until 1989 with scrapping in Aliaga.
2-RobertCStanley-5-9-1985-jm-copy.jpg (52544 bytes)      

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