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November 28, 20

Alpena in Calumet River Saturday - Lou Gerard
1190.jpg (90471 bytes)
Alpena in Calumet River, outbound to Lake Michigan approaching 92nd St. around 8 a.m.
1205.jpg (79843 bytes)
Forward cabin and Pilot House detail.
1210.jpg (128145 bytes)
Nice tall stack and mast detail.
1268.jpg (91176 bytes)
Steaming under EJ&E bridge.
1226.jpg (60985 bytes)
Alpena entering Calumet Harbor.
1254.jpg (84835 bytes)
Heading out into the lake as the CSL Assiniboine waits with a load of salt for South Chicago.

Anchored off Port Dalhousie Saturday
- David Bull
Sbroman-11-27-10-db.jpg (80333 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman bound for Cleveland
Jnorris-11-27-10-db.jpg (44361 bytes)
James Norris bound for Clarkson
Pacific-Huron-and-Palabora-11-27-10-db.jpg (80455 bytes)
Pacific Huron bound for Oshawa, and Palabora bound for Burns Harbor.
Pt.-Dalhousie-outer-range-light-11-27-10-db.jpg (47023 bytes)
Waves breaking over the piers at Port Dalhousie next to the Port Dalhousie outer range light.

Menominee Marinette
-Scott Best
1-Dintelborg-11-27-10-sb.jpg (77034 bytes)
Dintelborg approaching the Ogden St Bridge. (Note early season ice from a few days of sub-freezing temps)
2-Dintelborg-11-27-10-sb.jpg (61171 bytes)
Stern view passing the Pere Marquette 41 docked at MF&D.
1-PM41-11-27-10-sb.jpg (73655 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 turns around in the harbor to depart Marinette.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-vega-20-11-10-rb.jpg (63599 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes approaching Mariatown.
2-rosaire-23-11-10-rb.jpg (69205 bytes)
Rosaire A Desgagnes sails down the St. Lawrence at Mariatown.
3-protea-27-11-10-rb.jpg (64289 bytes)
Oriental Protea departing Iroquois Lock.
4-protea-27-11-10-rb.jpg (74229 bytes)
She is heading for Becancour.
5-luebbert-27-11-10-rb.jpg (70842 bytes)
Luebbert approaching Iroquois Lock.
6-luebbert-27-11-10-rb.jpg (120829 bytes)
Brand new and largest ship in Intersee colours I have seen.

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Ohio-11-27-10-BW.jpg (61851 bytes)
Heavy waves coming in from Lake Erie on the afternoon of the 27th.
2-Ohio-11-27-10-BW.jpg (85927 bytes)
Waves breaking on the seawall off Rt. 5.
3-Ohio-11-27-10-BW.jpg (72214 bytes)
Old Republic Steel Ore Dock on the Buffalo River. The large crane used for loading windmill tubes was inoperative over the Thanksgiving weekend due to strong winds and snow squalls.
4-Ohio-11-27-10-BW.jpg (89205 bytes)
Tug Ohio moored a few feet upstream of her barge CBC-1268 has been occasionally moving it around in the basin to help adjust her position for loading more windmill tubes. As you can see the barge is not completely loaded yet and has a slight list to Starboard.

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Pangani-26-11-10-mb.jpg (80822 bytes)
Pangani down at Maitland, Ont.
2-Pangani-26-11-10-mb.jpg (72337 bytes) 1-Leubbert-27-11-10-mb.jpg (61115 bytes)
Luebbert up at Crossover Island
2-Leubert-27-11-10-mb.jpg (61630 bytes)
Luebbert up at Singer Castle
3-Leubbert-27-11-10-mb.jpg (83698 bytes)

Hudson Point west of Brockville
Friday - Dave Bessant
1-Pangani-11-26-10-WDB.jpg (98306 bytes)
Pangani approaching Hudson Point
2-Pangani-11-26-10-WDB.jpg (102841 bytes)
This shows how far she is from the shore and the value of a zoom lens
3-Pangani-11-26-10-WDB1.jpg (109251 bytes)
Passing the point
4-Pangani-11-26-10-WDB.jpg (108150 bytes)
With an old lighthouse
5-Pangani-11-26-10-WDB.jpg (97076 bytes)
Heading down towards Brockville

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