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November 29, 20

The G-tug Ohio came down river from the old Republic Steel Dock Sunday morning to tie up at the Buffalo Fireboat slip - Brian W.
1-Tug-Ohio-11-28-10-BW.jpg (124392 bytes)
Tug Ohio moored across the face of the fireboat pier along the Buffalo River with the Edward M Cotter in the slip and downtown Buffalo in the background. 
2-Tug-Ohio-11-28-10-BW.jpg (135706 bytes)
View from the end of the slip at the fireboat dock. There are over 200 years of combined maritime history tied up to the pier in this photo.
3-Tug-Ohio-11-28-10-BW.jpg (108315 bytes)
Close up of the mid-section of the Ohio.
4-Tug-Ohio-11-28-10-BW.jpg (115129 bytes)
Forward superstructure of the former City of Milwaukee Fireboat is seen in this view. The flared combing around the pilothouse deck level really stands out.
5-Tug-Ohio-11-28-10-BW.jpg (215051 bytes)
Bow fendering as seen on the Ohio moored across the Buffalo Fireboat Pier with the Michigan St. Bridge in the background.

Pacific Huron entering Oshawa Sunday with assistance of the Ocean tugs Jerry G and Escorte -
Lorraine Morrill
11595---Escorte--Oshawa-11-28-10-lm.jpg (74024 bytes) 11606.jpg (79203 bytes) 11608---Pacific-Huron.jpg (64845 bytes) 11611---Pacific-Huron.jpg (123666 bytes)  

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-maccoa-11-22-10-pb.jpg (58139 bytes)
Maccoa above Lock 3.  I believe this was her first trip through the Canal.
2-maccoa-11-22-10-pb.jpg (44062 bytes)
Recent newbuilds have included indications of various compartments.
3-maccoa-11-22-10-pb.jpg (54178 bytes)
 Though the Glendale bridge and approaching the Flight Locks.
4-maccoa-11-22-10-pb.jpg (32051 bytes)
Void, Fore Peak, Cofferdams and Ballast Tanks all indicated.

Marquette, Mich. -
Danielle Adams
1-HJC-11-28-10DA.jpg (40985 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at the crack of dawn
2-HJC-11-28-10DA.jpg (57246 bytes) 3-DAP-11-28-10DA.jpg (78031 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder backing into lower harbor
4-DAP-11-28-10DA.jpg (65572 bytes)  

Sam Laud at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1slaud_11_24_10_rb.jpg (89754 bytes)
Unloading coal at the Shiras Dock
2slaud_11_24_10_rb.jpg (136293 bytes)
Departing and heading to the Upper Harbor

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-CDesgagnes-11-28-10-bv.jpg (87496 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes under the ship loader
2-CDesgagnes-11-28-10-bv.jpg (87234 bytes)
Another view

Federal Danube upbound St Marys River Sunday -
Jerry Masson
federal-Danube_1.jpg (55286 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Marc Dease
On a cold, overcast November day 25 years ago, Duncan White and I waited on the Bluewater Bridge for several hours. Here is what we captured on that day, November 23, 1985.
85chicagotribune.jpg (161126 bytes)
Chicago Tribune downbound. Scrapped at Port Colborne in 1989.
85belleriver.jpg (80498 bytes)
Belle River downbound. She sails today as the Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
85frontenac.jpg (81656 bytes)
Frontenac downbound.
85murraybay.jpg (147933 bytes)
 Murray Bay downbound. She sails today as the Canadian Provider. 
85consumerspower.jpg (232583 bytes)
Consumers Power upbound. She would lay up for the last time 2 weeks later. Scrapped overseas in 1988.
85gemini.jpg (141999 bytes)
Tanker Gemini downbound. She sails today as the Algosar.

Recent Detroit River video (HD) -
BoatNerd staff

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