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November 30, 20

St. Clair River Monday - Don Detloff
verdant-1129-b-djd.jpg (71301 bytes)
SE Verdant at Port Huron on 11/29.
pbora-1129-a-djd.jpg (62957 bytes)
Palabora upbound at Marine City on 11/29.
pbora-1129-b-djd.jpg (79772 bytes) asteel-1129-a-djd.jpg (90582 bytes)
Algosteel downbound at Port Huron.
asteel-1129-b-djd.jpg (105722 bytes)
asteel-1129-c-djd.jpg (97172 bytes) asteel-1129-d-djd.jpg (70852 bytes) asteel-1129-e-djd.jpg (70948 bytes) asteel-1129-f-djd.jpg (64111 bytes)  

Buffalo, N.Y. Monday -
Dan Syrcher
Rep-Steel-11-29-10-ds.jpg (100049 bytes)
Overhead the former Republic Steel site where the wind turbine loading is taking place.
RL-11-29-10-ds.jpg (47401 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn heading back to the Black Rock Canal after unloading. She is past  the Huntley Power Station.
Tiny-tug-11-29-10-ds.jpg (47885 bytes)
Unknown tug heading in the opposite direction to the Rebecca Lynn and just down river of the Black Rock Canal.
Turbine-tug1-11-29-10-ds.jpg (102392 bytes)
Tug and barge on the Buffalo River
Turbine-tug3--11-29-10-ds.jpg (79759 bytes)
Turbine-tug4-11-29-10-ds.jpg (69857 bytes) Turbine-tug2-11-29-10-ds.jpg (64965 bytes)      

Salties at Hamilton -
John McCreery
1-Luebbert-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (66361 bytes)
Luebbert arrived just before sunrise and went to anchor
2-Luebbert-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (84343 bytes)
Stern view
3-Energy-Luebbert-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (91696 bytes)
Closeup with passing Hamilton Energy
4-FederalSakura-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (80986 bytes)
Federal Sakura unloading steel
5-FedSakura-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (86375 bytes)
Another view
6-FedPioneer-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (83011 bytes)
Federal Pioneer
7-Pioneer-Sakura-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (87187 bytes)
Pioneer and Sakura both unloading steel before Sunday departures
8-Sakura-Pioneer-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (110680 bytes)
View from across Hamilton harbor

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-fedkum-11-21-10-pb.jpg (86676 bytes)
Federal Kumano below Lock 2.
2-fedkum-11-21-10-pb.jpg (81992 bytes)
Federal Kumano approaching Lock 1.
3-zeldes-11-21-10-pb.jpg (69673 bytes)
Zelada Desgagnes approaching Lock 1.
4-palem-11-18-10-pb.jpg (68601 bytes)
Palembang below Lock 2.
5-palem-11-18-10-pb.jpg (90496 bytes)
6-3riv-11-18-10-pb.jpg (62534 bytes)
Three Rivers above Lock 1.
7-3riv-11-18-10-pb.jpg (71458 bytes)
A novel about ship construction on the side of the Three Rivers.
8-3riv-11-18-10-pb.jpg (65251 bytes)
Three Rivers approaching Lock 2.

Monday Seaway Traffic at Brockville, Blockhouse Island - Nick Vandervoort
1-F-Pioneer-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (59071 bytes)
Federal Pioneer downbound after sunrise
2-Birchglen-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (67657 bytes)
Birchglen down
3-Birchglen-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (79403 bytes)
Meeting Canadian Transport
4-Can-Transport-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (62436 bytes)
Canadian Transport upbound
5-Radium-Y-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (76838 bytes)
Radium Yellowknife follows
6-Radium-Y-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (77641 bytes)
7-C-Patronicola-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (76075 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola
8-C-Patronicola-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (61475 bytes)
9-Clip-Troj-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (70589 bytes)
Clipper Trojan
10-Clip-Troj-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (64336 bytes)
Meeting Algoma Guardian at Narrow's end
11-Algo-Guard-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (60114 bytes)
Algoma Guardian
12-Vega-Desg-11-29-10-nv.jpg.jpg (73680 bytes)
 Vega Desgagnes at sunset

Southern Lake Michigan Ports Nov. 26 -
Mike Nicholls
ALPENAs17112610mn.jpg (78148 bytes)
Str. Alpena unloading at the La Farge Dock in South Chicago Friday.
CORTSTEWARTJs02112610mn.jpg (51922 bytes)
Stewart J Cort outbound Burns Harbor, Friday morning.
COLORADOb44112610mn.jpg (99222 bytes)
Tug Colorado in Chicago
HORSESHOECASINOb35112610mn.jpg (70004 bytes)
Horseshoe Casino at Chicago Dry Dock Co.
HORSESHOECASINOs19112610mn.jpg (81910 bytes)
MARLYNb24112610mn.jpg (76114 bytes)
Cruise boat Marlyn at Chicago Dry Dock Co.
WARNERCOLOMALb32112610mn.jpg (78609 bytes)
Tug Coloma L Warner, ex Hannah D Hannah at Chicago Dry Dock Co.
JIMMYLbdd22112610mn.jpg (114716 bytes)
Jimmy L in Chicago Dry Docks, drydock.
JIMMYLsdd20112610mn.jpg (85720 bytes) SELVICKBONNIEGb27112610mn.jpg (99122 bytes)
Bonnie E Selvick moving the Chicago Dry Dock with the Jimmy L out into the Calumet River so it could be lowered.
MASSACHUSETTSb42112610mn.jpg (102367 bytes)
Tug Massachusetts in Chicago
IMT112125b03112610mn.jpg (176596 bytes)
Illinois Marine Towing Co.'s Windy City and barges downbound, passing through the vicinity of Blue Island, IL.
WINDYCITYb07112610mn.jpg (238544 bytes) WINDYCITYb13112610mn.jpg (122018 bytes) WINDYCITYs14112610mn.jpg (119918 bytes)
WINDYCITYs10112610mn.jpg (122973 bytes)        

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