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December 1, 20

Recent Ships at Port Colborne Sunday - John McCreery
1-Drawsko-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (79610 bytes)
Drawsko on the wall above lock 8
2-Drawsko-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (78582 bytes)
Stern view
3-CPatronicola-11-28-2010-jm.jpg (86614 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola departing lock 8
4-Drawsko-Patronicola-11-28-10-jm.jpg (86544 bytes)
Patronicola passing the Drawsko
5-Drawsko-11-28-10-jm.jpg (95475 bytes)
A tight fit
6-Patronicola-11-28-10-jm.jpg (74723 bytes)
Bow view of the Calliroe
7-Patronicola-11-28-10-jm.jpg (83552 bytes)
Stern view
8-AlgomaGuardian-11-28-10-jm.jpg (107584 bytes)
Algoma Guardian stopped for repairs with her stern anchor on the dock
9-Energy13502-11-28-10-jm.jpg (74842 bytes)
Barge Energy 13502 in the outer harbor
10-EagleService-Cooper-11-28-10-jm.jpg (98847 bytes)
Tug Eagle Service and pilot boat J W Cooper
11-Leader-11-28-10-jm.jpg (69299 bytes)
Canadian Leader at Marine Salvage

Seaway from Brockville to Morrisburg Monday - Dave Bessant 
1-ClipperTrojan-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (69740 bytes)
Clipper Trojan upbound at Brockville
8-CalliroePatronicola-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (52867 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola passing Loyalist Park
7-CalliroePatronicola-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (77211 bytes)
Stack and accommodations
9-AlgocapeCalliroePatronicola-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (63899 bytes)
Rounding the bend with Algocape coming into view
10-CalliroePatronicola-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (48627 bytes)
Stern view of Calliroe Patronicola
12-AlgocapeCalliroePatronicola-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (45095 bytes)
Algocape approaching Loyalist Park
14-Algocape-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (51978 bytes)
15-Algocape-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (73018 bytes)
20-AlgomaGuardian-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (80103 bytes)
Algoma Guardian heading down towards Morrisburg
18-AlgocapeAlgomaGuardian-11-29-10-WDB.jpg (51749 bytes)
Algoma Guardian saluted first and then Algocape with a much lower note in her salute.

Hamilton, Ont. Tuesday -
Eric Holmes
1-Orsula-11-30-10-eh.jpg (64359 bytes)
Orsula inbound Hamilton
2-Orsula-11-30-10-eh.jpg (83980 bytes)
Orsula stern view

St. Marys River -
Lee Rowe
ThreeRiversLR11291007.jpg (57120 bytes)
 New ship Three Rivers downbound at Mission Point
ThreeRiversLR11291011.jpg (60366 bytes)
Stern and stack markings.
CCGRisleyLR11291001.jpg (52718 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Risley with boom up.
CCGRisleyLR11291004.jpg (104724 bytes)
Smaller CCG boat heading to the Risley
CCGRisleyLR11291005.jpg (81719 bytes)
Being picked up.
KEBarkerLR11291001.jpg (60776 bytes)
Kaye E Barker
LATregurthaLR11291003.jpg (56797 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha
MMinerLR11291004.jpg (63718 bytes)
Mesabi Miner
FrederickLR11291005.jpg (83280 bytes)
Tug Frederick and barge at work.
AmCenturyLR11281003.jpg (55965 bytes)
American Century passing Detour Sunday
AmCenturyLR11281002.jpg (67746 bytes)
American Century's icy bow
CCallawayLR11281003.jpg (48716 bytes)
Cason Callaway

Tugboat Tenacious tied up in Alpena
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Tenacious-11-30-10-BCM-01.jpg (107309 bytes) Tenacious-11-30-10-BCM-02.jpg (80027 bytes) Tenacious-11-30-10-BCM-03.jpg (90354 bytes)    

Milwaukee, Wis. and Lake Superior Ports -
Mike Nicholls
ARVAWIb51112610mn.jpg (98791 bytes)
Arkansas, Virginia and Wisconsin in Milwaukee, November 26
SELVICKSTEVENb53112610mn.jpg (83887 bytes)
Tug Steven Selvick tied up in Milwaukee behind river barges loaded with grain awaiting favorable weather.
SELVICKSTEVENs55112610mn.jpg (111273 bytes) ANDREWJb56112610mn.jpg (94928 bytes)
Tug Andrew J in Milwaukee.  Nov. 26
MAPLEb57112610mn.jpg (196521 bytes)
ex U.S.C.G.C. Maple in Milwaukee, Nov. 26
IROQUOISb61112610mn.jpg (94374 bytes)
Classic, 1922 built at Defoe Shipbuilding, the Iroquois in Milwaukee, Nov. 26
VOYAGEURb62112610mn.jpg (98187 bytes)
Voyageur in Milwaukee, Nov. 26.
SOLOMONJUNEAUb65112610mn.jpg (105464 bytes)
Solomon Juneau in Milwaukee, Nov. 26
EDNAGb02112710mn.jpg (96368 bytes)
Edna G at Two Harbors, MN, Nov. 27
IRVINWILLIAMAb02112810mn.jpg (57734 bytes)
William A Irvin in Duluth, Nov. 27
IRVINWILLIAMAs07112810mn.jpg (53820 bytes) VISTASTARb05112810mn.jpg (77573 bytes)
Vista Star in Duluth, Nov. 28
MACCOAb08112810mn.jpg (66470 bytes)
Maccoa loading at the CHS Elevator in Superior, WI,  Nov. 28
CORNELIUSADAMEb09112810mn.jpg (47807 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius at Fraser Shipyard Nov. 28
FORDJBs10112810mn.jpg (46600 bytes)
J B Ford in Superior, WI  Nov. 28
AMERICANVICTORYb12112810mn.jpg (58620 bytes)
American Victory at Fraser Shipyards, Superior, WI  Nov. 28
RYERSONEDWARDLb15112810mn.jpg (58268 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Fraser Shipyard.  Nov. 28
METEORb17112810mn.jpg (76512 bytes)
Museum whaleback Meteor in Superior. Nov. 28
SUSANBELLEb18112810mn.jpg (91472 bytes)
Ex Dunbar & Sullivan tug Fred S Eberle now the Susan Belle in Duluth.  Nov. 28
tugChicagob45112610mn.jpg (91583 bytes)
Anyone know the name of this tug/workboat in Chicago? Please post to the Search Page

Historical Perspectives -
George Lee
Lawrence-C-Turner,-Favorite-1972.jpg (71895 bytes)
Tug Ohio as Laurence C. Turner and Favorite bound for Sault Ste. Marie 1972
G-Tugs-1973.jpg (43557 bytes)
Laurence C. Turner repositioning harbor tugs to other ports 1973

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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