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December 2, 20

Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Luebbert-11-29-10-jm.jpg (72962 bytes)
Luebbert begins her move from the anchorage to the Richardson loading dock
4-Luebbert-11-29-10-jm.jpg (71953 bytes)
Thruster working, the ship backs toward Eastport
5-Luebbert-Mandarin-11-29-10-jm.jpg (98230 bytes)
Luebbert backing past the Mandarin unloading at pier 26
6-Mandarin-11-29-10-jm.jpg (98188 bytes)
Closer view of the Mandarin
7-Luebbert-11-29-10-jm.jpg (94087 bytes)
Ocean tugs give Luebbert final push to the dock
8-FedRhine-11-29-10-jm.jpg (108821 bytes)
Federal Rhine unloading steel at pier 14
9-FederalRhine-11-29-10-jm.jpg (98394 bytes)
Another angle
10-FedRhine-11-29-10-jm.jpg (99867 bytes)
Closer view

Last weekend up at the Soo - Joe Cioletti
soo-locks-2-001.jpg (37946 bytes)
Tim S. Dool in heavy snow
soo-locks-2-009.jpg (72852 bytes)
Beeghly in the snow approaching the locks.
soo-locks-2-011.jpg (106875 bytes)
State fans
soo-locks-2-021.jpg (97662 bytes)
The Dool leaving
soo-locks-2-043.jpg (91323 bytes)
Pathfinder stern view at Mission Point
soo-locks-2-072.jpg (42958 bytes)
The Great Lakes Trader with an eagle over head
soo-locks-2-098.jpg (93952 bytes)
Saginaw approaching the locks
soo-locks-2-099.jpg (82779 bytes)
Another view
soo-locks-2-121.jpg (61333 bytes)
Passing the Jackson just above the locks
soo-locks-2-134.jpg (79232 bytes)
Clark stern view at Mission Point
soo-locks-2-151.jpg (135031 bytes)
The Orla with tug assistance.
soo-locks-2-157.jpg (130391 bytes)
Tug Missouri locking in ahead of the Orla

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algdis-11-28-10-pb.jpg (88578 bytes)
Algoma Discovery below Lock 1 early in the morning.
2-algdis-11-28-10-pb.jpg (76791 bytes)
Algoma Discovery heads for Lake Ontario.
3-calpatr-11-28-10-pb.jpg (58660 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola below Lock 4 East.
4-calpatr-11-28-10-pb.jpg (76776 bytes)
Calliroe Patronicola at Bridge 5.
5-gcl-11-28-10-pb.jpg (44474 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch above Lock 1.  As you can see she has a different bulbous bow design for a Laker.  You can also see some of the Misener blue around the bow.
6-gcl-11-28-10-pb.jpg (87448 bytes)
The Leitch has a steerable Cort Nozzle with a small rudder as part of the construction.
7-gcl-11-28-10-pb.jpg (60045 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch, with her distinctive funnel, approaches Lock 2.
8-fedsak-11-29-10-pb.jpg (67147 bytes)
Federal Katsura above Lock 2.
9-fedsak-11-29-10-pb.jpg (70008 bytes)
Federal Katsura approaches the High Bridge.

Historical Perspective - Loss of the Str. Altadoc
- Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
The 365 foot Paterson steamer Altadoc, in ballast and bound for the Canadian Lakehead was caught in a wicked storm on December 7, 1927. After many hours of trying to pound their way northward, her rudder was lost just off Isle Royale and she drifted southward eventually grounding just east of Copper Harbor on Keweenaw Point, December 8th. This was the same storm that claimed 5 other vessels including the Str. Kamloops with all hands.
1.-altadoc-12-1-10-jpm-a.jpg.jpg (47655 bytes)
Altadoc on shore with a huge deckload of ice.
2.-altadoc-12-1-10-jpm-b.jpg.jpg (43356 bytes)
Altadoc came ashore within a mile of where City of Bangor had fetched up just a year before.
3.altadoc-12-1-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (46901 bytes)
Note the crack in the hull amidships
4.altadoc-12-1-10-jpm-d.jpg.jpg (90122 bytes)
High and almost dry on Keweenaw Point.
5.altadoc-12-1-10-jpm-e.jpg.jpg (103372 bytes)
With her hull broken and bottom ripped out, Altadoc was a total loss.

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