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December 3, 20

South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0279_20456.jpg (68802 bytes)
Canadian Transfer unloading at North American Salt's dock as seen from 95th st.
DSC_0288_20465.jpg (71012 bytes)
Viewed from 92nd St. Bridge.
DSC_0290_20467.jpg (94719 bytes)
Another view from 92nd St bridge.
DSC_0292_20469.jpg (91881 bytes)
Dockside view.
DSC_0296_20473.jpg (75516 bytes)
Pilot house detail.
DSC_0297_20474.jpg (54215 bytes)
Eemsborg at North America Terminal.

Canadian Prospector being scrapped at Aliaga, Turkey - Selim San
Canadian-Prospector12-02-10-ss.jpg (90386 bytes)        

Calumet in Alpena, Mich. Thursday -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Calumet-12-3-10-BCM-01.jpg (52753 bytes)
Unloading coal in the river
Calumet-12-3-10-BCM-02.jpg (69400 bytes) Calumet-12-3-10-BCM-03.jpg (57151 bytes)    

Kent Sunrise and Fivelborg at Iroquois
- Dave Bessant
1-KentSunrise-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (95848 bytes)
Kent Sunrise entering the lock at Iroquois
3-KentSunrise-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (85549 bytes)
Accommodations of Kent Sunrise
4-KentSunrise-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (117822 bytes) 6-KentSunrise-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (94555 bytes)
Bulbous bow
10-KentSunrise-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (81384 bytes)
Kent Sunrise making the turn
9-Fivelborg-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (105760 bytes)
Fivelborg almost ready to enter, seen through the reeds at the Galop canal
12-Fivelborg-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (78042 bytes)
Moving to the lock, upbound
13-Fivelborg-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (74448 bytes)
Bulbous bow
15-Fivelborg-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (72431 bytes)
Bridge close up
16-Fivelborg-12-02-10-WDB.jpg (80984 bytes)
1-Virginiaborg-12-01-10-WDB.jpg (72302 bytes)
Virginiaborg downbound past Brockville in the pouring rain on Wednesday.
2-Virginiaborg-12-01-10-WDB.jpg (97726 bytes)
At Blockhouse Island
3-Virginiaborg-12-01-10-WDB.jpg (53290 bytes)
Stack and accommodations
4-Virginiaborg-12-01-10-WDB.jpg (69973 bytes)
Across from Morristown NY
5-Virginiaborg-12-01-10-WDB.jpg (80552 bytes)
Heading into the rain

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1dapath_11_28_10_rb.jpg (154855 bytes)
Waiting to load ore with no snow on the ground in late November

November 28 Traffic at Port Weller
- John McCreery
1-AlgomaDiscovery-11-28-10-jm.jpg (81438 bytes)
Early morning departure of Algoma Discovery as she heads for Lake Ontario
2-GCLeitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (64057 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch suddenly comes into view
3-Dicovery-Leitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (72852 bytes)
Discovery and Leitch meet just outside the piers
4-Discovery-Leitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (67051 bytes)
The two vessels pass
5-Leitch-FedWelland-11-28-10-jm.jpg (65003 bytes)
 Federal Welland makes an appearance
6-FWelland-Leitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (79093 bytes)
Federal Welland slides by on her way to the anchorage
7-GCLeitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (63287 bytes)
The Leitch continues in
8-Leitch-Jackman-11-28-10-jm.jpg (50192 bytes)
Henry Jackman slips past as the Hamilton Energy arrives to fuel the Leitch
9-Leitch-Energy-11-28-10-jm.jpg (71890 bytes)
10-Jackman-Leitch-11-28-10-jm.jpg (81077 bytes)
Jackman at the entrance to lock 1 with Leitch and Hamilton Energy at the wharf
11-Jana-11-28-10-jm.jpg (64877 bytes)
 Meanwhile the salty Jana rides at anchor
12-FedWelland-11-28-10-jm.jpg (64475 bytes)
The newly arrived Federal Welland joins her in the Port Weller Anchorage

Southern Lake Michigan -
Mike Nicholls
KANSASb01112110mn.jpg (88967 bytes)
Tug Kansas at Burns Harbor, IN Nov. 20
ARIZONAb04112110mn.jpg (81147 bytes)
Tug Arizona at Burns Harbor, IN.
KANSASARIZONAs06112110mn.jpg (83795 bytes) OCONTOb10112110mn.jpg (58302 bytes)
Tug Oconto at Burns Harbor, IN
OCONTOs12112110mn.jpg (49261 bytes)
SONGAEMERALDs14112110mn.jpg (46549 bytes)
Songa Emerald (Marshall Islands) at Port of Indiana, Nov. 20
 MAJESTICSTARb17112110mn.jpg (60158 bytes)
Gambling boats in Indiana Nov. 20
Majestic Star
WINSTARb19112110mn.jpg (55932 bytes)
Win Star
OLDMISSIONBUCKLEYb24-16F0F2.jpg (84090 bytes)
Tugs Morgan, Old Mission and Buckley in Chicago, Nov. 20, 2010.
MORGANb23112110mn.jpg (95782 bytes)

Historical Perspective -
 Ed Chaput
Altadoc pilothouse was used as a gift shop located in Copper Harbor, Mi until it burnt in the mid 80's.
altadoc-ph2-waf.jpg (93111 bytes)        

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