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December 6, 20

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian W.
1-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (76224 bytes)
Looking down the Buffalo Ship Canal from the Sand Supply Landing with the Mariner off in the distance at General Mills.
2-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (103432 bytes)
Mariner starting to move astern along the dock as the Manistee is heading down the City Ship Canal from the Sand Supply Landing.
3-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (86517 bytes)
Washington working the stern of the Manistee alongside the Mariner at the Frontier Elevator as the historic ADM Great Northern Elevator forms a fitting backdrop to the scene.
4-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (94631 bytes)
The tug is now trying to straighten out the ship to come alongside the Mariner as the Manistee swings into line without hitting the nearby pleasure boat slips to the right of the picture.
5-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (71906 bytes)
Washington is now working hard to keep the tow headed out as the Manistee centers up alongside American Mariner.
6-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (94885 bytes)
Manistee is almost past the Mariner now as she comes abeam of the Connecting Terminal Elevator Pier.
7-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (76581 bytes)
 Washington leading the Manistee's stern into the Watson Basin with the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock in the background.
8-Manistee-Mariner-12-5-10-BW.jpg (77706 bytes)
New York State Power Authority tug Daniel Jon Claire and the crane barge Havasu II stand silent sentinel as the Manistee passes by on the way to Lake Erie on a frigid December evening.   
1-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (59858 bytes)
John M Selvick and Lake Trader in the Buffalo River Entrance Channel.
2-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (61823 bytes)
Selvick passing through the Watson Basin with the American Mariner at General Mills.
3-American-Mariner-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (67441 bytes)
Manistee heading into the Buffalo Ship Canal with the Mariner at General Mills.
4-American-Mariner-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (87096 bytes)
Manistee starts to squeeze in past American Mariner. The unloading rig has now been removed to a distance of about 100 feet away from the hopper at the Frontier Elevator.
5-American-Mariner-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (72369 bytes)
Manistee is abeam of the Mariner.
6-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (75096 bytes)
The Manistee is now getting by the Mainer and lining up for the reach of the canal between General Mills and the ADM Great Northern Elevator.
7-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (70638 bytes)
8-American-Mariner-Manistee-12-5-10-BW.jpg (99014 bytes)
Close quarters in the City Ship Canal. Not much room to spare.
9-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (81809 bytes)
Selvick holding her barge in the reach of the Buffalo River between the CSX CP-1 Drawbridge and the CP-Draw bridge.
10-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (68946 bytes)
Still holding position, the tug-barge unit is slowly drifting upstream and waiting for the bridge to lift at CP-Draw.
11-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (55383 bytes)
CP Draw is on the way up and the Selvick is ready to pass.
12-J.M.-Selvick-Lake-Trader-12-5-10-BW.jpg (63244 bytes)
Clear of the bridges and headed up to Turning Basin #2.

Toledo, Ohio
- Bob Vincent
1-BrightLaker-12-5-10-bv.jpg (79633 bytes)
Bright Laker under Andersons "K" dock
2-Algorail-12-5-10-bv.jpg (89032 bytes)
Algorail unloading stone at Midwest Stone Dock
3-Algobay-12-5-10-bv.jpg (90321 bytes)
Algobay finishing unloading iron ore at Torco
4-CanadianProcess-12-5-10-bv.jpg (80224 bytes)
Canadian Progress loading for Hamilton, Ontario
5-BVincent-12-5-10-bv.jpg (89677 bytes)
Bob Vincent retirement cake.  Bob's retiring after 41 years of service at the coal docks in Toledo.  He is wishing fair winds and a following sea to all.

Traffic Hamilton Sunday
- John McCreery
1-Senaca-12-5-10-jm.jpg (87978 bytes)
Seneca in the anchorage waiting for a dock
2-Senaca-12-5-10-jm.jpg (75885 bytes)
Stern view
3-Senaca-12-5-10-jm.jpg (101718 bytes)
Another view
4-AlgomaSpirit-12-5-10-jm.jpg (79314 bytes)
Algoma Spirit heading for the piers and the raised bridge
5-AlgomaSpirit-12-5-10-jm.jpg (69853 bytes)
The Spirit abandons her approach, a high wind and the vessel is riding very high and seems to be listing to port
6-AlgomaSpirit-12-5-10-jm.jpg (83846 bytes)
The Spirit comes about
7-AlgomaSpirit-12-5-10-jm.jpg (50231 bytes)
For whatever reason she decides against another entry
8-FedMiramichi-12-5-10-jm.jpg (71872 bytes)
Federal Miramichi heads towards the piers
9-FedMiramichi-12-5-10-jm.jpg (99045 bytes)
The Miramichi through the piers, arriving from Contrecoeur
10-FedMiramichi-12-5-10-jm.jpg (118497 bytes)
 Under the bridges
11-FedMiramichi-12-5-10-jm.jpg (76791 bytes)
Stern view into the setting sun
12-FedMiramichi-12-5-10-jm.jpg (57494 bytes)
Last light turns the ship to gold

Algoma Spirit off Hamilton -
Ted Wilush
AlgoSpirit-12-5-10-TW.jpg (59989 bytes)
When she does enter the harbour, she will go to pier 25 to load grain.

Tug Evans McKeil and Horseshoe Casino wait for weather in the lower St. Marys River above DeTour Sunday
- Cathy Kohring
 Horseshoe-Casino-1-CK.jpg (75858 bytes)
The tow is bound for Quebec and, eventually, India.
Horseshoe-Casino-2-CK.jpg (58617 bytes) Horseshoe-Casino-3-CK.jpg.jpg (52630 bytes)    

Brockville and Johnstown Dec. 2 - Nick Vandervoort
1-Flint-Arct-12-02-10-nv.jpg.jpg (64681 bytes)
Flinterarctic approaching Brockville narrows
2-Flint-Arct-12-02-10-nv.jpg.jpg (51622 bytes)
At Hudson Point
3-JWShelley-12-02-10-nv.jpg.jpg (72467 bytes)
J W Shelley loading at Johnstown
4-JWShelley-12-02-10-nv.jpg.jpg (80470 bytes)  

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-marin-12-01-10-pb.jpg (63671 bytes)
Algomarine upbound at the ferry crossing at Port Robinson.
2-sunrise-12-01-10-pb.jpg (54263 bytes)
Kent Sunrise moving into Lock 7.  Since her launch in 2006 she has been: Morgenstond 1 on Time-charter for Beluga;  Beluga Locomotion;  sub-chartered to Kent Line and renamed Kent Locomotion;  Beluga Locomtion again;  Morgenstond 1 once again;  and now Kent Sunrise. 
3-kom-12-01-10-pb.jpg (77609 bytes)
Kom at Port Robinson ferry crossing.  One of the quieter ships of late.
4-onego-12-01-10-pb.jpg (71369 bytes)
Onego Ponzo approaching Lock 2.
5-clipploy-12-02-10-pb.jpg (147732 bytes)
  Lifeboat on the Clipper Loyalty.  Today's quiz...What's a kilonewton?  A.  A large bomb?  B.  A type of cookie?  C.  A gathering of the Newton family?  D.  The force of Earth's Gravity on an object with a mass of about 1020 kg  (such as 1000 small apples)?
6-clipploy-12-02-10-pb.jpg (73569 bytes)
Clipper Loyalty heading to Lock 1.  This has been an extended period of dull, overcast days.  The sun can't be too far away.
7-3riv-12-02-10-pb.jpg (69535 bytes)
Three Rivers below Lock 2.  Rt Hon Paul J Martin moving toward the lock.  CCGS Griffon secured above the lock waiting her turn.
8-fivel-12-03-10-pb.jpg (58199 bytes)
Fivelborg, not to be mistaken for Fievel the mouse, above Lock 3.
9-fivel-12-03-10-pb.jpg (63587 bytes)
Fivelborg approaching the flight locks, with astern power to slow her approach.
10-drbob-12-03-10-pb.jpg (82246 bytes)
Vigilant 1 tows the Dr Bob toward Lock 2.  The Seahound is secured to the stern for control.  I have no idea what the Dr Bob is.

Umiavut downbound at Iroquois Sunday Morning -
Dave Bessant
1-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (117286 bytes)
Umiavut tied up in the lock at Iroquois
2-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (120057 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
3-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (124221 bytes)
Stack close up and flag
4-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (197476 bytes)
Stern view
5-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (126197 bytes)
Still tied up but the gates are up, ready to go
6-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (162741 bytes)
Crew at the bow
7-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (119844 bytes)
Bridge and crewman
8-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (88664 bytes)
Lifeboat, she has two
9-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (53224 bytes)
Umiavut, once clear of the lock, really turned on the power
10-Umiavut-12-05-10-WDB.jpg (63756 bytes)
Stern view from the Galop Canal

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-pierson-12-3-10-ts-a.jpg (87043 bytes)
 Robert S. Pierson upbound at the Essexville Ranges
2-pierson-12-3-10-ts-b.jpg (77788 bytes)
Nearing the Bay Aggregates Dock
3-maumee-12-3-10-ts-a.jpg (75706 bytes)
Maumee downbound at Lafayette Bridge
4-maumee-12-3-10-ts-b.jpg (65894 bytes)
Maumee stern view at Veteran's Memorial Bridge
5-luedtke-12-3-10-ts-a.jpg (102947 bytes)
Luedtke Tugs Ann-Marie and Erich R. Luedtke at Essroc
6-luedtke-12-3-10-ts-b.jpg (113746 bytes)
Kurt R. Luedtke outbound from Essroc
Huron and Port Clinton, Ohio - Mike Nicholls
CALLAWAYCASONJs18120310mn.jpg (67524 bytes)
Cason J Callaway backing into Huron, OH, Dec. 3
CALLAWAYCASONJb23120310mn.jpg (73040 bytes) SOUTHSHORE1COJAKb09120310mn.jpg (53100 bytes)
Tug Cojak and barge Southshore I outbound Huron Harbor.  Dec. 03
COJAKb12120310mn.jpg (69327 bytes) COJAKs14120310mn.jpg (67186 bytes)
JETEXPRESS11bdd06120310mn.jpg (54851 bytes)
Jet Express and Jet Express II on the marine railway in Port Clinton.
JETEXPRESSIIIb07120310mn.jpg (62769 bytes)
Jet Express III and Jet Express IV at Port Clinton, OH.
JETEXPRESSIVs08120310mn.jpg (60451 bytes) WATANNAIIb02120310mn.jpg (59707 bytes)
Passenger boat Watanna II in Port Clinton, OH.
TANNERb22112110mn.jpg (86723 bytes)
Tug Tanner at Chicago, Nov. 21

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1lat_11_28_10_rb.jpg (101824 bytes)
Waiting to load ore

Beluga Endurance and windmill parts at Brockville -
Dave Bessant
2-BelugaEndurance-12-04-10-WDB.jpg (57287 bytes)
Across from Morristown, N.Y.
3-BelugaEndurance-12-04-10-WDB.jpg (82719 bytes)
Beluga Endurance passing Blockhouse Island with some windmill parts
4-BelugaEndurance-12-04-10-WDB.jpg (58399 bytes)
Accommodations where one can see the big blue whale tail has been painted over in white.
5-BelugaEndurance-12-04-10-WDB.jpg (65158 bytes)
Markings on stack
6-BelugaEndurance-12-04-10-WDB.jpg (53735 bytes)
Heading into the Brockville Narrows

U.S.S. Fort Worth (LCS 3) launching Dec. 4
- Wendell Wilke
Fort-Worth-11-4-10-WW.jpg (69232 bytes)
The U.S.S. Fort Worth (LCS 3) was launched shortly after 11am at Marinette Marine Co.
Fort-Worth-11-4-10-WWb.jpg (59820 bytes)
Fort Worth hitting the water
Fort-Worth-11-4-10-WWc.jpg (59900 bytes)
After hitting the water before roll back

J.W. Boardman cottage at Detour, Mich.
- Cathy Kohring
IMG_0001.jpg (125072 bytes) IMG_0002.jpg (157332 bytes) IMG_0003.jpg (82295 bytes) IMG_0004.jpg (54194 bytes) IMG_0005.jpg (82100 bytes)
IMG_0006.jpg (114267 bytes) IMG_0007.jpg (106858 bytes) IMG_0008.jpg (186467 bytes)    

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