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December 7, 20

South Chicago Sunday Morning -  Lou Gerard
DSC_0308_20485.jpg (61008 bytes)
CSL Laurentien being towed by G tug Colorado passing KCBX at 100th St.
DSC_0322_20499.jpg (68163 bytes)
 Arriving at Beemsterboer's dock.
DSC_0327_20504.jpg (79003 bytes)
 Tug Colorado has cut off and circles to assist with docking.
DSC_0340_20517.jpg (78819 bytes)
Assisting with docking.
DSC_0366_20543.jpg (75665 bytes)
. Lafarge's Innovation and Samuel de Champlain inbound going under EJ&E bridge.
DSC_0374_20551.jpg (105194 bytes)
Clear of 95th st. they head for 5 bridges.

Chicago Sunday
- Shawn Whilden
1-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (85030 bytes)
Canadian Olympic with a load of salt for the Morton dock. Great Lakes Towing tugs Massachusetts helped on the bow and Colorado on the stern.
2-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (56886 bytes)
Turned up river
3-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (79525 bytes)
Being helped up river, tug Massachusetts
4-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (100569 bytes)
Navigating through the bridges
5-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (121661 bytes)
Assisted by the tug Colorado
6-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (85581 bytes)
Canadian Olympic, eyes in the pilot house
7-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (113206 bytes)
Company sign on the unloading boom
8-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (85556 bytes)
Being push to the Morton dock, tug Colorado
9-Can-Olympic-12-5-10-SW.jpg (131006 bytes)
Stern view at the Morton dock  

Ships in Miami in February 2010 -
Paul Beesley
1-cruise-02-21-10-pb.jpg (73941 bytes)
Gaggle of Cruise ships preparing to depart.  We followed each other all over the western Carib.
2-eagle-02-21-10-pb.jpg (165498 bytes)
The Eagle, a ferry that must go to Fisher Island.
3-firebt-02-21-10-pb.jpg (174936 bytes)
Fireboat 1, with lights and siren, heading for a call.
4-maersk-02-21-10-pb.jpg (93701 bytes)
A Maersk ship at the container port.
5-nordawn-02-21-10-pb.jpg (100859 bytes)
Norwegian Dawn.  By the way, it wasn't warm on this day.
6-riopara-02-21-10-pb.jpg (117381 bytes)
Rio Para working cargo.
7-yokamu-02-21-10-pb.jpg (132309 bytes)
Yokamu not doing anything.
8-valiant-02-21-10-pb.jpg (132613 bytes)
 USCGC Valiant & USCGC Sitkinak.
9-uscg-02-21-10-pb.jpg (135023 bytes)
USCGC Cutters 87370 Diamondback & 87354 Dolphin.

Historical Perspective - Collision of Steamers J.P. Morgan Jr. and Crete -
Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
Early morning on June 23, 1948 found the 580 ft. Str. J.P. Morgan Jr., of the Pittsburgh Steamship Co., groping their way through dense fog downbound on Lake Superior loaded with over 12,800 tons of iron ore just 30 miles Northwest of Portage Upper Entry on the Keweenaw Peninsula. At 5:15am the 480ft. Str. Crete, of the Interlake Steamship Co., upbound and in ballast slammed into the port bow of the Morgan Jr., crushing the forward crew's quarters. The Crete, with nearly 20ft of their bow stove in but the collision bulkhead holding, tried desperately to find the Morgan Jr. to render assistance but was unable to find them in the fog and headed to Superior, WI for repairs. Luckily the Morgan Jr. was not mortally wounded and even though there was extensive flooding their collision bulkhead also held and with assistance was able to enter the Portage Canal for damage assessment and temporary repairs. Two crewman on the Morgan Jr. perished and three were injured, combined damage to the two vessels was in excess of $500,000.
1.-jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-a.jpg.jpg (65531 bytes)
Morgan Jr. the afternoon of the collision - Portage Canal, Houghton, MI
2.-jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-b.jpg.jpg (56571 bytes)
Fortunately the point of impact was forward of the collision bulkhead.
3.-jpmorgqanjr-12-6-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (105259 bytes)
Damage of this magnitude in the cargo hold area would have resulted in the Morgan Jr. going down like a rock with extensive loss of life.
4.-jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-d.jpg.jpg (83306 bytes) 5.-jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-e.jpg.jpg (67957 bytes)
Note the undamaged windlass - upper left center.
6.jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-f.jpg.jpg (99251 bytes)
Great Lakes Towing Co.'s historic wrecking tug, Favorite, on the scene.
7.jpmorganjr-12-6-10-jpm-g.jpg.jpg (108012 bytes) 8.-jpmorgan-12-6-10-jpm-h.jpg.jpg (82062 bytes)    

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