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December 9, 20


Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

1-mccarthy-12-8-10-ts-a.jpg (52723 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. inbound at the Front Range after being freed from the ice by the tug Karl Luedtke
2-mccarthy-12-8-10-ts-b.jpg (48696 bytes)
Another view
3-mccarthy-12-8-10-ts-c.jpg (103147 bytes)
McCarthy at the Consumers Energy dock with the passing tug Kurt Luedtke and derrick barge
4-luedtke-12-8-10-ts-a.jpg (95944 bytes)
Tug Karl Luedtke standing by in case the McCarthy needs more assistance
5-luedtke-12-8-10-ts-b.jpg (109799 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke

Ojibway and Transeagle Wednesday
- Dave Bessant
1-Ojibway-12-08-10-WDB.jpg (72807 bytes)
Ojibway upbound through the Brockville Narrows
2-Transeagle-12-08-10-WDB.jpg (100253 bytes)
Transeagle upbound past the Windmill at Prescott
3-Transeagle-12-08-10-WDB.jpg (51771 bytes)
Transeagle stack and accommodations

Morristown, N.Y. and Brockville, Ont. Wednesday - Nick Vandervoort
1-Ojibway-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (57477 bytes)
Ojibway upbound passing Morristown
2-Ojibway-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (68387 bytes) 3-Ojibway-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (60890 bytes)
Stern view
4-Ojibway-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (88388 bytes)
At Blockhouse Island
5-TransEagle-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (51055 bytes)
TransEagle upbound at Brockville
6-TransEagle-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (72529 bytes) 7-TransEagle-12-8-10-nv.jpg.jpg (76496 bytes)
Bearing for the Narrows

Historical Perspective
- Early Self-Unloaders - Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
1.-wefitzgerald-12-8-10-pm-a.jpg (76970 bytes)
W.E. Fitzgerald was one of the most unique conversions ever done.
2.-midlandprince-12-8-10-jpm-b.jpg (48443 bytes)
Midland Prince was Canada's 2nd self-unloader conversion,completed in 1929
3.sierra-12-8-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (89600 bytes)
Sierra was converted in 1929 at Sturgeon Bay, WI. and sailed her entire career under the same name.
4.-sumatra-12-8-10-jpm-d.jpg (94139 bytes)
Sumatra was also a 1929 conversion but at AmShip in Lorain, OH.
5.ropetman-12-8-10-jpm-e.jpg (67724 bytes)
R.O. Petman
6.bayfair-12-8-10-jpm-f.jpg (65502 bytes)
Bayfair was originally built as a self-unloader, the Coalhaven in 1928.
7.rjpaisley-12-8-10-jpm-g.jpg (65973 bytes)
Robert J. Paisley was built in 1901 as the J.E. Savage and converted in 1928 at Sturgeon Bay, WI.
8.-betate-12-8-10-jpm-h.jpg (61052 bytes)
Ben E. Tate. As the William Nelson and just out of the yard after conversion they saved the crew of the sinking Schooner, Our Son, during a gale on Lake Michigan Sept. 26, 1930.

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