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December 13, 20

Menominee - Marinette - Scott Best
1-JimmyLbge-12-11-10-sb.jpg (85003 bytes)
Jimmy L leads the loaded barge CBC 1268 and the Tug Ohio (on the stern) towards the Ogden St Bridge.
1-JimmySusanL-12-11-10-sb.jpg (64340 bytes)
Jimmy L and Susan L break ice and stand by at Marinette Marine to shift the USS Fort Worth down the dock.
1-JimmyLManitowoc-12-11-10-sb.jpg (47073 bytes)
Jimmy L leads the tow of the former RR car float Manitowoc from K&K to Marinette Marine.
2-JimmyL-12-11-10-sb.jpg (111137 bytes)
 Jimmy L passing the Viking 1 is departing the Menominee River.
2-SusanL-12-11-10-sb.jpg (62012 bytes)
Susan L has just cleared the piers and is taking a pounding in the heavy waves just outside of the breakwall.
3-JimmyL-12-11-10-sb.jpg (69034 bytes)
Jimmy L heads out into a very rough and stormy Green Bay heading back to Sturgeon Bay.

Saturday traffic at St. Lambert Lock
- Michel St-Denis
01-CSL-Laurentien101211msd.jpg (55694 bytes)
CSL Laurentien downbound
02-CSL-Laurentien101211msd.jpg (55553 bytes) 03-CSL-Laurentien101211msd.jpg (66337 bytes) 04-Bright-Laker101211MSD.jpg (68603 bytes)
Bright Laker downbound Entrance in St-Lambert Lock
05-Bright-Laker101211MSD.jpg (55470 bytes)
06-Bright-Laker101211MSD.jpg (49173 bytes) 07-Bright-Laker101211MSD.jpg (61688 bytes)      

Iroquois -
Murray Blancher
1-Algosoo-12-11-10-mb.jpg (98909 bytes)
Algosoo loading at Prescott Elevator
2-Algosoo-12-11-10-mb.jpg (92801 bytes) 3-Federal-Kivalina-12-11-10-mb.jpg (92801 bytes)
Federal Kivalina down at Iroquois
4-Federal-Kivalina-12-11-10-mb.jpg (86577 bytes) 5-Quebecois-12-11-10-mb.jpg (91490 bytes)
Quebecois down at Iroquois
6-Quebecois-12-11-10-mb.jpg (80900 bytes) 7-Quebecois-&-Herman-Schoening-12-11-10-mb.jpg (69528 bytes)
Quebecois and Herman Schoening meet below Iroquois Lock
8-Herman-Schoening-12-11-10-mb.jpg (77213 bytes)
Herman Schoening up at Iroquois
9-Herman-Schoening-Pilot-House-12-11-10-mb.jpg (51448 bytes) 10-Herman-Schoening-12-11-10-mb.jpg (76031 bytes)
11-Herman-Schoening-12-11-10-mb.jpg (91807 bytes) 12-Federal-Danube-12-11-10-mb.jpg (60077 bytes)
 Federal Danube down at Brockville On.
13-Federal-Danube-12-11-10-mb.jpg (59450 bytes) 14-John-B-Aird-12-11-10-mb.jpg (55291 bytes)
John B Aird down at Brockville On.
15-Barbro-12-11-10-mb.jpg (55051 bytes)
An attempt at a night shot of Barbro down at Brockville On.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Friday 12 -
 Bob Vincent
1-CProgress-12-10-10-bv.jpg (109041 bytes)
Canadian Progress under the ship loader
2-CProgress-12-10-10-bv.jpg (123476 bytes)
Another view, loading for Nanticoke, Ontario

Algosar moored in the Cheboygan River on Saturday -
Dianne Donati
 Algosar-12-11-10-dd.jpg (78450 bytes) Algosar-2-12-11-10-dd.jpg (114003 bytes) Algosar-3-12-11-10-dd.jpg (102502 bytes)    

Cheboygan, Mich.
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-cheboyganriver-12-11=10=jpm.a.jpg.jpg (55033 bytes)
Cheboygan River looking North from State St. Bridge
2.-algosar-12-11-10-jpm.b.jpg.jpg (58119 bytes)
Algosar unloading at U.S. Oil Terminal
3.-sfbaird-12-11-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (76366 bytes)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Research Vessel Spencer F. Baird
4.tenacious-12-11-10-jpm.d.jpg.jpg (105704 bytes)
Ryba Marine tug Tenacious
5.-kristend-12-11-10-jpm.e.jpg.jpg (81246 bytes)
Bois Blanc Island ferry Kristen D.
6.-polaris-12-11-10-jpm-f.jpg.jpg (72867 bytes)
Island Services ferry Polaris
7.-lasalle-12-11-10-jpm-g.jpg.jpg (68359 bytes)
Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry LaSalle in winter lay up.
8.-marquetteII-12-11-10-jpm.h.jpg.jpg (59188 bytes)
 Star Line Mackinac Island Ferries Marquette II & Joliet in winter lay up.

Algocape departs Lock 3 Welland Canal on possibly her last trip downbound for Montreal -
 Al Howard
Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-a.jpg (80446 bytes) Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-b.jpg (85824 bytes) Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-c.jpg (74927 bytes) Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-d.jpg (76353 bytes) Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-e.jpg (79179 bytes)
Algocape passes thru Homer bridge
Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-f.jpg (42001 bytes) Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-g.jpg (34637 bytes)
Algocape heads for Lock 2
Algocape-12.12.2010-ah-h.jpg (39155 bytes)    

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algobay-12-04-10-pb.jpg (60677 bytes)
Algobay above Lock 7.  A sunny day - Gasp!
2-martrad-12-04-10-pb.jpg (60972 bytes)
Maritime Trader at Port Robinson.
3-nogat-12-04-10-pb.jpg (61181 bytes)
Nogat above Lock 7.
4-norsto-12-06-10-pb.jpg (62627 bytes)
Nordic Stockholm above Lock 7 in heavy snow.
5-clioce-12-08-10-pb.jpg (62990 bytes)
Clipper Oceanica above Lock 2.
6-cantran-12-12-10-pb.jpg (80103 bytes)
Canadian Transport almost clear of Lock 7.
7-hersch-12-12-10-pb.jpg (65935 bytes)
Hermann Schoening sliding the wall from lock 6.
8-horcas-12-12-10-pb.jpg (54982 bytes)
Horseshoe Casino towed by the Evans McKiel at the Homer bridge.
9-horcas-12-12-10-pb.jpg (66540 bytes)
Closer view of the Horseshoe Casino
10-horcas-12-12-10-pb.jpg (68787 bytes)
The tow continues with the Vigilant I providing the brakes.

Algosteel turning in the Detroit River to enter the Rouge River -
Sean Northup
085.jpg (83165 bytes) 099.jpg (79055 bytes) 184.jpg (207147 bytes)    

Milwaukee, Wis.
- Jason Heindel
GLF-12-12-10-JAH.jpg (40972 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes rides out the storm for winds Sunday.
SSMMKE2-12-12-10-JAH.jpg (56091 bytes)
Waves from the storm rolled over the breakwater on the south end of the harbor at the South Shore Marina.
SSMMKE1-12-12-10-JAH.jpg (52580 bytes) USCGMKE-12-12-10-JAH.jpg (75572 bytes)
 Coast Guard Station Milwaukee its two rapid response boats pulled up on land. 

John J. Boland at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1jjb_12_12_10_rb.jpg (99793 bytes)
Waiting on winds
2jjb_12_12_10_rb.jpg (101380 bytes)
Icy, bow view

John J. Boland in Marquette waiting out the storm
- Lee Rowe
IMG_8464.jpg (111432 bytes) IMG_8466.jpg (102233 bytes) IMG_8467.jpg (91668 bytes)    

Federal Matane from Brockville to Morrisburg Sunday -
Dave Bessant
1-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (85842 bytes)
Federal Matane passing the ramp for the divers at Blockhouse Island
2-FederalMataneKaministiqua-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (90649 bytes)
Federal Matane meeting Kaministiqua near Maitland
3-Kaministiqua-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (107536 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound
4-Algosoo-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (107020 bytes)
Arriving at the Port of Prescott and finding Algosoo waiting out the freezing rain
5-AlgosooRadiumYellowknife-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (78429 bytes)
Algosoo with two big barges and the Radium Yellowknife
6-RadiumYellowknife-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (78506 bytes)
Tug Radium Yellowknife also waiting for the weather to improve
7-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (90516 bytes)
Algobay passing the harbour at Prescott
8-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (90017 bytes)
Algobay about to go under the International Bridge to Ogdensburg
10-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (128577 bytes)
Federal Matane entering the lock
11-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (63748 bytes)
Superstructure of the Federal Matane with the upper mast laying down
12-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (81848 bytes)
Leaving the lock
13-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (126002 bytes)
Heading towards Morrisburg
15-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (72553 bytes)
Federal Matane approaching Loyalist Park near Morrisburg
17-FederalMatane-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (74910 bytes)
Stern view
18-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (99432 bytes)
Algobay entering the Iroquois lock
19-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (92507 bytes)
Spare anchor
20-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (90460 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
21-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (92932 bytes)
Leaving the lock
22-Algobay-12-12-10-WDB.jpg (91244 bytes)
Algobay stern view

Detroit River Videos (HD) -
BoatNerd Staff

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