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December 14, 20


Point Edward - Marc Dease

1-lr-12-10-10-md.jpg (75019 bytes)
Fish tug L & R and friends returning from a day on the lake.
2-tad-12-10-10-md.jpg (48602 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac down bound at 1 & 2.
3-gcl-12-13-10-a-md.jpg (50490 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch waiting out weather in the north slip.
4-gcl-12-13-10-b-md.jpg (49576 bytes)
Unmistakable stack of the Leitch.
5-gcl-12-13-10-c-md.jpg (41341 bytes)
Early evening shot.

Wilfred Sykes anchored in Milwaukee's harbor waiting out the weather - 
David Borzymowski
1-wsykes-12-13-10-db.jpg (56272 bytes) 2-soutgapmilwaukee-12-13-10-db.jpg (48247 bytes) 3-wsykes-12-13-10-db.jpg (58383 bytes) 4-wsykes-12-13-10-db.jpg (44075 bytes) 5-wsykes-12-13-10-db.jpg (53191 bytes)
 6-wsykes-1-13-10-db.jpg (44048 bytes)        

Sept Isle, QC. during a recent storm and flooding -
Angus Kennedy
Sept-Iles-1.jpg (25145 bytes)
Sept Isle tug tied up to the dock which usually 9-10 feet from the deck.
Sept-Iles-2.jpg (34796 bytes)
The wind is pushing the water over the road
Sept-Iles-3.jpg (44425 bytes)
The far shore of the bay in the distance
Sept-Iles-4.jpg (28451 bytes)
The light at the entrance to Sept Isle Bay

Tug Ann Marie sank and became encased in ice overnight Sunday in Saginaw Bay, Mich. -
DSC00122.jpg (92202 bytes)        

USCGC Morro Bay taken from the Cleveland Harbor Station Sunday -
Kate White
1-MorroBay-12-12-10-kw.jpg (51294 bytes)        

Evans McKeil and Horseshoe Casino ship entering Lock 3 of Welland Canal Sunday
IMG_0596.jpg (97198 bytes)        

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