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December 20, 20


12/20 - Two Great Lakes Maritime Academy vessels in winter lay-up in front of the Academy's downtown Traverse City campus - Ian McLauchlan

Tug Anchor Bay

Training ship State of Michigan

12/20 - Detroit traffic -
Mike Nicholls
Kaye E Barker arriving at Severstal Steel
 in the Rouge River
John J Boland unloading coal on Zug Island
 in the Rouge Short Cut Canal

12/20 - CTC No.1 in earlier days -
Roger LeLievre Collection
See News article 12/20.

As Frank Purnell at the Soo Locks, late 1940s (Tom Manse Collection)

Steelton in 1973 (Roger LeLievre)

Pioneer in 1979 (Bob Campell)

CTC No.1 in the Calumet River - 1999  (Dave Wobser)

12/20 - Toledo Docks-
Steven Feher

John J Boland back again for another load of coal

Boland stern view

Coal cars entering thawing shed for the Boland

James L Kuber tied up at Torco waiting her turn to load coal

12/20 - Seal at Cote Ste. Catherines
- Ronnie Eavis

12/20 - Cutting a hole in Michipicoten
 to replace her engines. -
Rob Cracknell

12/20 - Maumee under the Columbus Road bridge
 in Cleveland
- Kate White

12/20 - Buffalo Historical Perspectives, 1999 - Brian Wroblewski

The tug/barge unit Stephen Reinauer/George Morris tied up at the Buffalo Port Terminal "B"

Close up on the tug as she was still secured in the notch of her gasoline barge and waiting for orders from the company office in New York City.

An overall view of the Buffalo Port Terminal docks take from a boat in the Outer Harbor with the Reinauer to the left at Pier "B" and the Kinsman Enterprise laid up at Pier "A".

12-19 The tug-barge combo Rebecca Lynn - A-397 leaving the Black Rock Canal. They tied up temporarily at the Buffalo Port Terminal Pier "B" so as to switch out of "push mode" and take the barge on a wire before departing Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

Overall view showing the Rebecca Lynn A-397 tug-barge combo after arriving from Tonawanda via the Black Rock Canal.

View South West off the pier with Buffalo Outer Harbor to the right.

Crew taking in the lines to allow the Lynn to back away from her barge.

The tug is slowly coming out of the notch with the barge secured to the wall.

The captain is at the control stand above the stern towing winch and steering the boat while crewman head forward to grab the barge's towing gear.

Rebecca Lynn sliding alongside her barge A-397 to allow the crew men to hook up her stern tow line to the bridle near the barge's Starboard bow.

Detail of the A-397's shallow notch. You can clearly see the cut outs for crew men to climb from the nose of the tug up onto the barge when she's pushing from back here.

The tug along side the barge while crew members attach her towing gear.

The Rebecca Lynn is all hooked up and starting to make a turn towards the North Entrance of the Outer Harbor

The barge is coming away from the Port Terminal Pier and beginning to trail the tug as the tow line takes up slack.

The tug turning her barge as the pair start out on a dark, frigid, December morning of 20 degrees and light snow flurries

The barge's skegs have kept her trailing nicely behind the tug and the pair straighten out on their way to the lake via the North Entrance Channel.

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