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December 22, 20

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
BBC-Jade-anchored12-21-10.jpg (27277 bytes)
BBC Jade about to go to anchor above the Rock Cut, 10 p.m. Tuesday. Tug Missouri is at left.
Cedarglen-beset12-21-10.jpg (39816 bytes)
Cedarglen stuck
ice12-21-10.jpg (97287 bytes)
Closeup of the ice
Missouri-approaches12-21-10.jpg (29390 bytes)
Tug Missouri heads down to help
MissouriRL.jpg (43143 bytes)
Missouri-works-stern12-21-10.jpg (41054 bytes)
Missouri working around the Cedarglen's stern at 11 p.m.
Missouri-heads-to-starboard12-21-10.jpg (50452 bytes) Missouri-heads-to-starboard212-21-10.jpg (34444 bytes) Missouri-at-the-stern12-21-10.jpg (41784 bytes)  

ug Mary E. Hannah and John M. Selvick with barge Lake Trader down the Buffalo River Tuesday - Brian W.  
1-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (71760 bytes)
Mary E Hannah in the lead to break ice proceeding past the old Marine 'A' Elevator pier near Childs St.
2-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (66783 bytes)
John M Selvick is back aft of the barge pushing from the notch as they pass the Lake & Rail elevator dock.
3-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (96379 bytes)
After a slight delay, the Ohio St. Bridge was finally able to be raised, although not all the way, to allow the tow to pass under the draw.
4-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (111108 bytes)
Hannah leading the barge Lake Trader into an acute angle turn through the bridge.
5-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (86919 bytes)
The barge's wide beam can be seen here on the swing at Ohio St., clearly showing why the larger tug took the lead to clear the way of ice on the frozen Buffalo River.
 6-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (88416 bytes)
Selvick and Lake Trader clear of the draw at Ohio St. and pushing down the reach of the creek off the old Penn Dixie (Burnette Trucking) dock.
7-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (91147 bytes)
Hannah approaching the Buffalo Skyway Bridge, just off the General Mills plant, breaking ice all the way down through the track she made on the night of the 5th.
8-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (70717 bytes)
Barge following behind her lead tug as they pass between the Metrorail Terminal and General Mills.
9-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (88409 bytes)
Selvick fixed securely in the notch of the Lake Trader. You can see the barge's skegs going down below the waterline. They help keep her following behind a tug when towing in the open lake, like fixed rudders.
10-Hannah-12-21-10-BW.jpg (71075 bytes)
The tow well into the Watson Basin of the Buffalo River, just one turn from the Outer Harbor and about to head out onto Lake Erie around 4:30

Gordon C. Leitch leaving Lock 2 - Rob Hartley
ralph-004.jpg (79815 bytes) ralph-010.jpg (87834 bytes) ralph-014.jpg (67966 bytes) ralph-017.jpg (98888 bytes) ralph-019.jpg (102059 bytes)
ralph-022.jpg (82632 bytes) ralph-025.jpg (108417 bytes) ralph-028.jpg (114958 bytes)    

Downbound salties at Brockville Dec. 20 - Nick Vandervoort
1-FedSakura-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (50085 bytes)
Federal Sakura passing Blockhouse Island on a cold hazy morning
2-FedSakura-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (77939 bytes) 3-FedSakura-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (45934 bytes)
Approaching the Three Sisters
5-MichBorg-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (31833 bytes)
Michiganborg safely through the Narrows west of Brockville
7-Orsula-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (128778 bytes)
Orsula slowing for the Narrows
11-Orsula-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (88473 bytes)
Heading for Brockville, where she gave one long, final horn blast for the season
12-Orsula-12-20-10-nv.jpg.jpg (75940 bytes)      

Brockville to Morrisburg Monday morning -
Dave Bessant
1-Houghton-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (84072 bytes)
The tug Houghton out of Kingston working at Hardy Park and heading to the yacht club
3-Algowood-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (60362 bytes)
Algowood sending a very deep 4 blasts on her horn
5-Algowood-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (70261 bytes)
Waving from the bridge
8-ChemtransElbe-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (72038 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe at Blockhouse Island
9-ChemtransElbe-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (66548 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe accommodations and stack
10-ChemtransElbeAlgowood-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (43613 bytes)
Chemtrans Elbe heading downstream following Algowood
12-Oakglen-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (48057 bytes)
13-Oakglen-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (80831 bytes)
Oakglen passing and heading to the lock at Iroquois
16-Big551Big503-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (72567 bytes)
Barges Big 551 and Big 503 tied up at the elevators at Prescott
18-JohnBAird-12-21-10-WDB.jpg (61156 bytes)
John B. Aird heading upstream

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