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December 23, 20

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Working to free Cedarglen, Wednesday
1-Missouri-starboard-side.jpg (78484 bytes)
Wednesday morning the Missouri works up Cedarglen's starboard side, with the Biscayne Bay ahead.
2-Biscayne-Bay,-Missouri.jpg (76562 bytes)
Biscayne Bay and Missouri double-team.
3-Ice.jpg (93765 bytes)
The ice
4-Missouri-full-ahead.jpg (90470 bytes)
Missouri pours on the power.
5-Nope,-no-movement.jpg (58271 bytes)
On the Cedarglen's bridge: Nope, no movement yet.
6-BBC-Jade.jpg (71905 bytes)
BBC Jade at anchor above the Rock Cut.
1-Mackinaw-Cedarglen-12-22-10rl.jpg (72668 bytes)
Wednesday afternoon the Mackinaw backs down close to the bow of the Cedarglen.
2-Missouri-Cedarglen-12-22-10rl..jpg (88316 bytes)
Missouri makes a pass around Cedarglen's stern.
3-Missouri-up-close-12-22-10rl.jpg (92761 bytes)
Missouri on the starboard side.
4-Biscayne-Bay-powers-up-12-22-10rl.jpg (70991 bytes)
Biscayne Bay pours on the power.
5-Cedarglen-and-Tourist12-22-10rl.jpg (78914 bytes)
A tourist from South Africa snaps a shot.
6-Mackinaw-UP-12-22-10rl.jpg (52694 bytes)
Mackinaw upbound, with anchored BBC Jade in the background. After freeing the Cedarglen, she headed upriver, turned around and made a fast pass back downbound to clear more ice before BBC Jade was allowed to proceed.
7-Mackinaw-DOWN-12-22-10rl..jpg (54509 bytes)
Mackinaw heads back downbound at the Rock Cut.
8-Missouri-heads-home-12-22-10rl.jpg (56260 bytes)
Missouri heads home after a job well done.
9-Algomarine-12-22-10rl.jpg (53178 bytes)
Algomarine tied on the West Pier awaiting reopening of the channel.
10-Mississagi-12-22-10rl..jpg (59709 bytes)
Mississagi above the locks waiting for traffic to resume.

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-munte-17-12-10-rb.jpg (32821 bytes)
Munteborg sails through the sea smoke below Mariatown.
2-provider-17-12-10-rb.jpg (33447 bytes)
Canadian Provider loaded with grain for Baie Comeau.
3-eagle-17-12-10-rb.jpg (72360 bytes)
Eagle Service entering Iroquois Lock.
4-palabora-19-12-10-rb.jpg (95408 bytes)
Palabora in Iroquois Lock.
5-kasteel-21-12-10-rb.jpg (57257 bytes)
Kasteelborg departs Iroquois Lock loaded with canola from Hamilton to Haifa.
6-oakglen-21-12-10-rb.jpg (72557 bytes)
Oakglen sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.
7-oakglen-21-12-10-rb.jpg (74368 bytes)
Oakglen in Iroquois Lock. She is heading for Hamilton.
8-algosteel-21-12-10-rb.jpg (33821 bytes)
Algosteel below Iroquois Lock.
9-algosteel-21-12-10-rb.jpg (66771 bytes)
 Algosteel sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock. She will load slag at Nanticoke.
10-vigilant1-21-12-10-rb.jpg (76904 bytes)
Vigilant 1 waiting behind Algosteel to pass through Iroquois Lock.
1-mari-22-12-10-rb.jpg (70988 bytes)
Clipper Mari clearing Iroquois Lock.
2-mari-22-12-10-rb.jpg (69147 bytes)
Clipper Mari heads down the Seaway.
3-energy-22-12-10-rb.jpg (76017 bytes)
Energy 11103 departing Iroquois Lock.
4-freedom-22-12-10-rb.jpg (70839 bytes)
Freedom Service pushing the barge down the river.

Cedarglen in Rockcut - Linda Whitehead
CEDARGLEN-12-22-10.jpg (196959 bytes) Bayboat-on-scene-12-22-10.jpg (169514 bytes)      

Brockville to Morrisburg - Dave Bessant
1-FederalRideau-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (44043 bytes)
Federal Rideau just past Brockville heading downriver
2-JWShelley-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (89052 bytes)
J W Shelley coming into Iroquois, near the Golf Club
3-GordonCLeitch-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (50778 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch coming into view at Morrisburg, across from Waddington, N.Y.
4-GordonCLeitch-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (47509 bytes)
8-ClipperMari-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (93779 bytes)
Clipper Mari entering the lock at Iroquois
10-ClipperMari-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (94350 bytes)
Clipper Mari heaing off towards Morrisburg
11-FreedomService-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (121246 bytes)
Freedom Service and her barge entering the lock
12-FreedomService-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (92378 bytes)
Huge bumpers -  note all the tires, there seem to be 4 of them
13-FreedomService-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (109933 bytes)
Freedom service up close and stack markings
15-AlgoCanada-12-22-10-WDB.jpg (49114 bytes)
Algocanada waiting, heading upriver

St. Clair River Wednesday - Dawn C. Roberts
1-BWB-12-22-10-dcr.jpg (61615 bytes)
A snowy/foggy day at the Bluewater Bridges
2-AmIn-12-22-10-dcr.jpg (52205 bytes)
 American Integrity upbound with icy decorations acquired on her trip down
3-AmIn-12-22-10-dcr.jpg (49271 bytes)
American Integrity approaching the Bluewater Bridges
4-Buf-12-22-10-dcr.jpg (39720 bytes)
Buffalo downbound at Marine City
5-LAT-12-22-10-dcr.jpg (56720 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha following in Buffalo's wake

Kaye E. Barker outbound Rouge River Wednesday - Ken Borg 
kayebarker-12-122-10-kb.jpg (99787 bytes)
 At Fort St the east leaf of the bascule  bridge would not go up fully.  The bridge opened fully but when she got to the NS  bridge the bridge would not go up.  She came against the Marathon asphalt dock to wait for the bridge.

Lee A. Tregurtha in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_12_20_10_rb.jpg (125355 bytes)
At anchor off the Upper Harbor

Algoma Spirit upbound Sarnia Wednesday
- Rob Cracknell
Algoma-Spirt-Dec-22-001.jpg (84438 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Martin Bliss
GeorgeMead1965-mb.jpg (46416 bytes)
George W. Mead 1965
CharlesCWest9-72-mb1.jpg (51626 bytes)
Charles C. West in the St. Clair River September 1972
CharlesCWest9-72-mb2.jpg (50792 bytes) FrankPurnell9-72-mb1.jpg (56912 bytes)
Frank Purnell in the St. Clair River September 1972
FrankPurnell9-72-mb2.jpg (53461 bytes)
RMisener9-71-mb1.jpg (55526 bytes)
Ralph Misener downbound in the Detroit River September 1971
RMisener9-71-mb2.jpg (55130 bytes) RMisener9-71-mb3.jpg (42122 bytes)    

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