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December 24 - 25, 20

McKee Sons and Invincible aground Friday -  Ken Borg
mckee12-24-10-kb-(2).jpg (58768 bytes) mckee12-24-10-kb-(3).jpg (93209 bytes) mckee12-24-10-kb-(1).jpg (104818 bytes) mckee12-24-10-kb-(4).jpg (105317 bytes)  
McKee Sons and Invincible aground Friday -  Bob Burns
DSCN2429.jpg (46246 bytes)        

St. Marys River, Thursday -
Roger LeLievre
1-Cort-Cuyahoga-12-23-10rl.jpg (46100 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort and Cuyahoga below Mission Point.
2-Cuyahoga-12-23-10rl.jpg (71100 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound
3-Cuyahoga-locks-12-23-10rl.jpg (75201 bytes)
Cuyahoga entering the Mac Lock.
4-Cuyahoga-cheer-12-23-10rl.jpg (59259 bytes)
Lights add Christmas cheer to the front of Cuyahoga's pilothouse.
5-Locks-no-deck-12-23-10rl.jpg (117403 bytes)
Center locks visitor platform has been removed to make way for a new structure.
6-Am-Integrity-bow-12-23-10rl.jpg (68130 bytes)
American Integrity's icy bow with the laid up Yankcanuck in the background.
7-Ojibway-12-23-10rl.jpg (69793 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha takes on supplies from the Ojibway.
Tregurtha-Am-Integrity-12-23-10rl.jpg (55364 bytes)
Tregurtha and American Integrity meet in Soo Harbor.
8-Anderson,-AM-12-23-10rl.jpg (49764 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson up at Mission Point.
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-1--12-23-10rl.jpg (67933 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha makes the turn entering the Rock Cut.
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-2--12-23-10rl.jpg (58597 bytes)
Ice ahead.
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-3--12-23-10rl.jpg (49535 bytes)
In the ice field.
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-4--12-23-10rl.jpg (65044 bytes)
Stern view, with the Mackinaw waiting in case she gets stuck (she doesn't).
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-5--12-23-10rl.jpg (77059 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha meets the Mackinaw below the Rock Cut.
Tregurtha-Rock-Cut-6-Mackinaw---12-23-10rl.jpg (53662 bytes)
Mackinaw passes the Tregurtha.
z-Mackinaw-12-23-10rl.jpg (54726 bytes)
Her work done for the moment, Mackinaw heads up for docking at Sault Ste. Marie.

Mackinaw working the rockcut -
Linda Whitehead
mackinaw122310-(1).jpg (62573 bytes) mackinaw122310-(2).jpg (107332 bytes) mackinaw122310-(3).jpg (62159 bytes)    

 U.S. Coast Guard cutters break ice in the lower end of the Rock Cut in the St. Mary’s River -
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Chief Petty Officer David Rauch
 Cedarglen-ice-air-Chief-Petty-Officer-David-Rauch.jpg (120448 bytes)
The cutters were called to break ice in the area after the freighter Cedarglen (center) became beset by ice the previous day. Cedarglen was beset for approximately 19 hours before the Coast Guard vessels were able to free it.

Escanaba, Mich. Wednesday and Thursday - Dick Lund
1-AA-12-22-10-dl.jpg (62307 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading coal at C. Reiss Coal Dock
2-AA-12-22-10-dl.jpg (61725 bytes) 3-AA-12-22-10-dl.jpg (61708 bytes) 4-LJK-12-22-10-dl.jpg (74962 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber and Olive L. Moore loading taconite at CN Ore Dock
5-LJK-12-22-10-dl.jpg (49915 bytes)
6-LJK-12-22-10-dl.jpg (74336 bytes) 7-LJK-12-22-10-dl.jpg (78009 bytes) 8-JLK-12-23-10-dl.jpg (72418 bytes)
Thursday James L. Kuber and Victory loading taconite at CN Ore Dock
9-JLK-12-23-10-dl.jpg (55697 bytes) 10-JLK-12-23-10-dl.jpg (64043 bytes)

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (79633 bytes)
CSL Niagara will be the last boat for the season.  Maintenance starts Monday December 27.
2-CSL-Niagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (83862 bytes)
CSL Niagara gets my vote for the best decorated boat.
3-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (101763 bytes) 4-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (90977 bytes) 5-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (102861 bytes)
6-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (70370 bytes)
pilot house
7-CSL-Niagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (77957 bytes) 8-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (71820 bytes) 9-CSLNiagara-12-23-10-bv.jpg (103218 bytes) 10-CSLLaurentien-12-23-10-bv.jpg (83599 bytes)
CSL Laurentien unloading iron ore at Torco

Toledo Docks -
Steven Feher
ships-003.jpg (63258 bytes)
Robert S Pierson  Loading coal at CSX   #4 coal machine

Brockville, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Beluga-Endurance-12-23-10-mb.jpg (69008 bytes)
Beluga Enderance down at Brockville Ont.
2-Beluga-Endurance-12-23-10-mb.jpg (58899 bytes) 3-Beluga-Endurance-12-23-10-mb.jpg (35173 bytes) 4-Beluga-Endurance-12-23-10-mb.jpg (55889 bytes) 5-Federal-Oshima-12-23-10-mb.jpg (59426 bytes)
Federal Oshima down at Brockville Ont.
6-Federal-Oshima-12-23-10-mb.jpg (55225 bytes) 7-Federal-Oshima-12-23-10-mb.jpg (52138 bytes) 8-Federal--Oshima-12-23-10-mb.jpg (40994 bytes)
Federal Oshima east of Brockville heading for Iroquois

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algowd-12-20-10-pb.jpg (58915 bytes)
Algowood below Lock 2 on another dreary, cold day.
2-algowd-12-20-10-pb.jpg (62044 bytes)
On her way to Lock 1.
3-prc-12-20-10-pb.jpg (66917 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell below Lock 3 in a bit of snow.
4-algost-12-22-10-pb.jpg (57498 bytes)
An infrequent visitor, Algorail below Lock 2.
5-algost-12-22-10-pb.jpg (61878 bytes)
Algorail approaching Lock 1.
6-mied-12-22-10-pb.jpg (68724 bytes)
The Miedwie below Lock 3.
7-mied-12-22-10-pb.jpg (72754 bytes)
And, at the high bridge.  Notice she is registered in Nassau, unlike her fleetmate, the Nogat.
8-nogat-12-22-10-pb.jpg (69246 bytes)
Nogat below Lock 2.  She is registered in Cyprus.  Both places are warmer than the Great Lakes area.
9-trans-12-22-10-pb.jpg (67424 bytes)
TransEagle and Sea Eagle II pass below Lock 1.
10-trans-12-22-10-pb.jpg (61381 bytes)
She stopped for fuel below Lock 1 before going to Port Weller anchorage to join other salties waiting for pilots.

Port Huron and Marysville Thursday
- Bruce Hurd
101_1084.jpg (54963 bytes)
BBC Jade downbound at Port Huron
101_1089.jpg (62680 bytes)
Robert S Pierson upbound
101_1091.jpg (60852 bytes)
Mississagi downbound at Marysville.

Calumet at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1calumet12_23_10_rb.jpg (108020 bytes)
Loading ore

The Jiimaan and Pelee Islander in Leamington for winter lay up. Notice the kids playing hockey on the marina ice -
Erich Zuschlag
jiimaanpeleeislanderlay-12-23-10ez.jpg (85730 bytes)        

Great Lakes Visitor Orna in the Welland Canal  -
Paul Beesley
06-0503-Orna-(1).jpg (68197 bytes)
She was recently hijacked off lakes.

Historical Perspective -
Mike Tangas
PMLS-Nevada-and-Fire-Boat-15-ca1930.jpg (73427 bytes)
Milwaukee Fire Dept. Fire Boat #15, my Grandfather worked on in the 1930's,  Prominently in the foreground in the Pere Marquette Line Steamer Nevada. Picture taken in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

Rock Cut Video
- Roger LeLievre

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