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December 26, 20


McKee Sons aground Saturday

mckeesons12-25-10-(5).jpg (53512 bytes) mckeesons12-25-10-(3).jpg (60939 bytes) mckeesons12-25-10-(2).jpg (54406 bytes) mckeesons12-25-10-(7).jpg (64768 bytes) mckeesons12-25-10-(4).jpg (90451 bytes)
Barge looks to be loaded about 19.5 feet at the stern

McKee Sons and Manistee -
Ken Borg
IMG_9598.jpg (134156 bytes) IMG_9606.jpg (129652 bytes)      

Brockville -
Murray Blancher
1-Meidwie-12-24-10-mb.jpg (58264 bytes)
Meidwie down at Brockville
2-Meidwie-12-24-10-mb.jpg (56689 bytes) 3-Meidwie-12-24-10-mb.jpg (66549 bytes) 4-Meidwie-12-24-10-mb.jpg (77983 bytes) 5-Nogat-12-24-10-mb.jpg (64221 bytes)
Nogat down at  Brockville
 6-Nogat-12-24-10-mb.jpg (58897 bytes) 7-Nogat-12-24-10-mb.jpg (64148 bytes) 8-Nogat-12-24-10-mb.jpg (57408 bytes)    

Buffalo, N.Y. Friday -
Brian W.
1-American-Mariner-12-24-10-BW.jpg (95703 bytes)
Mariner's boom removed from the hopper and everything shut down for the day at the Frontier Elevator Pier on the Buffalo Ship Canal, as seen from the old Connecting Terminal Elevator dock.
2-American-Mariner-12-24-10-BW.jpg (81537 bytes)
Frosty anchors and a lot of broken ice around the hull that settled into place after she plowed in on Wednesday morning.
3-American-Mariner-12-24-10-BW.jpg (101933 bytes)    

Christmas Eve at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb_12_24_10_rb.jpg (82957 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore in heavy snow

McKee Sons Saturday

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