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December 27, 20

McKee Sons refloating Sunday - Ken Borg
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(5).jpg (117902 bytes)
Wyoming  coming   down to work on McKee Sons.
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(6).jpg (80480 bytes)
Boat fans at the ready.
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(7).jpg (62774 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn, Vermont, Carolyn Hoey, Patricia Hoey Puling on McKee Sons
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(8).jpg (57671 bytes)
She's moving
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(2).jpg (75067 bytes)
Idaho Vermont and Wyoming Pushing.
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(1).jpg (54311 bytes)
Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming Pushing The McKee Sons while other tugs are 
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(4).jpg (63644 bytes)
Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming Securing McKee Sons to dock.
mckeesons12-26-10-kb-(3).jpg (62211 bytes)
Idaho, Vermont Holding McKee Sons against the Detroit Edison Trenton  Channel Power Plant dock.

St. Marys River Friday
- Roger LeLievre
1-Calumet-12-24-10rl.jpg (64901 bytes)
Calumet passes Dunbar, above the Rock Cut.
2-Calumet-12-24-10r.jpg (66154 bytes)
Rock Cut ice poses no problem for the Calumet.
3-Calumet-12-24-10r.jpg (95800 bytes)
Stern view
6-Block,-Jose-12-24-10rl.jpg (43545 bytes)
Joseph L. Block makes the turn into the Rock Cut.
7-Block,-Joe-12-24-10rl.jpg (70046 bytes)
In the ice
8-Block,-Joe-12-24-10rl.jpg (60266 bytes)
Powering through.
9-Block,-Joe-stern-12-24-10rl.jpg (67554 bytes)
Stern view.
10-Block,-Pierson-12-24-10r.jpg (49424 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson and Joseph L. Block passing.
Tregurtha,-Lee-A-12-24-10r.jpg (62139 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, upbound below Six Mile Point.

Huron, Ohio
- Doug Kishman
1-Pathfinder-12-26-2010-DK-jpg.jpg (56803 bytes)
The Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann assisted by the tug Manitou off Huron's Nickleplate beach.
2-Pathfinder-12-26-2010-DK-jpg.jpg (54415 bytes)
 Pathfinder backing in to the Huron river with assistance from the tug Manitou.
3-12-26-2010-Pathfinder-DK-jpg.jpg (48657 bytes)
Pathfinder being guided by the Manitou as it backs towards its berth.
4-12-26-2010-Pathfinder-DK-jpg.jpg (67649 bytes)
Backing in to the slip.

Welland Canal December 26
- John McCreery
1-BBCJade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (114542 bytes)
BBC Jade exiting lock 3 - the last saltie of the 2010 season
2-BBCJade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (89917 bytes)
BBC Jade at the Homer bridge en route from Windsor to Montreal
 3-Pineglen-Jade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (80050 bytes)
Jade and Pineglen meet above lock 2
4-BBCJade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (73701 bytes)
Stern view of the BBC Jade between locks 1 and 2
5-Griffon-Spirit-12-26-10-jm.jpg (95050 bytes)
Griffon and Algoma Spirit exchange salutes between locks 1 and 2
6-CapeRoger-Miss-12-26-10-jm.jpg (70463 bytes)
Mississagi at Port Weller with the Coast Guard's Cape Roger now below lock 1 but still undergoing her refit
7-Mississagi-12-26-10-jm.jpg (92099 bytes)
Mississagi approaching lock 2 with slag loaded in Hamilton and bound for Cleveland
8-BBCJade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (79697 bytes)
BBC Jade meets up with a tiny patch of blue sky as she heads for Lake Ontario
9-Pilot-12-26-10-jm.jpg (87213 bytes)
Pilot boat heads into a stiff north wind
10-Pilot-Jade-12-26-10-jm.jpg (53547 bytes)
Pilot boat catches up to the Jade to make the seasons last saltie pilot change

Cote-Ste-Catherine December 26 -
Ken Goslett
1-Shelley-122610-kg.jpg (105660 bytes)
J W Shelley downbound approaches the Ste-Catherine lock upper wall.
2-Shelley-122610-kg.jpg (77065 bytes)
J W Shelley enters the Ste-Catherine Lock.
3-JLeitch-122610-kg.jpg (87748 bytes)
John D Leitch upbound passes the Ste-Catherine wharf.
4-Jleitch-261210-kg.jpg (74748 bytes)
John D Leitch upbound meets the Algosteel downbound.
5-Algosteel-122610-kg.jpg (97209 bytes)
John D Leitch upbound passes the Algosteel downbound.
 6-Algosteel-122610-kg.jpg (88695 bytes)
Algosteel downbound slows to dock at the Ste-Catherine wharf.

Manitowoc at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1manit_12_26_10_rb.jpg (74903 bytes)
Loading ore

Algobay down at Brockville Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Algobay-12-26-10-mb.jpg (63531 bytes) 2-Algobay-12-26-10-mb.jpg (75380 bytes) 3-Algobay-12-26-10-mb.jpg (83587 bytes)    

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-algost-12-24-10-pb.jpg (61392 bytes)
Algosteel enters Port Colborne on her last ever trip down the canal.
2-algost-12-24-10-pb.jpg (71316 bytes)
Approaching Bridge 21.
3-cedar-12-24-10-pb.jpg (55714 bytes)
Cedarglen passes the soon-to-be scrapped Canadian Leader at Port Colborne.
4-cedar-12-24-10-pb.jpg (72012 bytes)
Secured above Bridge 21 to load material.
5-mississ-12-24-10-pb.jpg (84955 bytes)
 Mississagi below Lock 8.
6-prc-12-24-10-pb.jpg (70037 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell below Lock 8.
7-cannav-12-25-10-pb.jpg (74489 bytes)
Canadian Navigator works toward Lock 2.
8-rich-12-25-10-pb.jpg (68120 bytes)
Christmas Day is a time for family gatherings.  Sisters Richelieu & Saguenay have a brief visit below Lock 2.
9-sague-12-25-10-pb.jpg (59507 bytes)
 The visit continues.
10-sague-12-25-10-pb.jpg (63391 bytes)
Saguenay upbound in the snow.
11-rich-12-25-10-pb.jpg (55401 bytes)
Richelieu downbound.
12-rich-12-25-10-pb.jpg (81360 bytes)
Both ships have this heavy-duty construction at the stern.  The Algoma Spirit & sisters also have something similar.  What's the purpose of this?
13-sague-12-25-10-pb.jpg (63358 bytes)
 Saguenay continues toward Lock 2.
14-rich-12-25-10-pb.jpg (64270 bytes)
Visit over, Richelieu heads for Lock 1.

Barney Devine December 22 in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal as the Barney Devine was returning to their Sturgeon Bay homebase for Winter lay-up - Wendell Wilke
barneyII0001.jpg (156609 bytes)
 This is likely her last trip, before being replaced by the new Coregonus in Spring.
barneyI0001.jpg (196038 bytes)      

Welland Canal December 20 -
Rob Wolcott
1-GC-Leitch-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (81159 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch leaving Lock 3 heading to Lock 2.
2-GC-Leitch-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (64112 bytes)
Leitch along the wall.
3-GC-Leitch-12-20-10-rw.jpg-.jpg (78866 bytes)
Heading into Lock 2.
4-GC-Leitch-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (69922 bytes)
In Lock 2 with her unmistakable funnel.
5-Atlantic-Huron-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (194337 bytes)
Atlantic Huron approaching the Glendale bridge downbound.
6-Atlantic-Huron-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (81070 bytes)
Passing through the Glendale bridge.
7--PR-Cresswell-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (59927 bytes)
Exits Lock 1 approaching the downbound Leitch
8--PR-Cresswell-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (103147 bytes)
Cresswell bow shot heading to wall to slide up to lock
9--PR-Cresswell-12-20-10-rw.jpg.jpg (67512 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch as she passes the Cresswell riding the wall.
10-GC-Leitch-12-20-10-rw-jpg.jpg (61047 bytes)

Soo Friday -
Roger LeLievre

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