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December 30, 20

St. Marys River, Wednesday - Roger LeLievre
Barker,-KE-1-12-29-10rl.jpg (64043 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker above the locks, with Essar Steel in the background.
Barker,-KE-2-12-29-10rl.jpg (53589 bytes)
Barker makes the turn into the Rock Cut.
Barker,-KE-3-12-29-10rl.jpg (65503 bytes)
Moving easily through the brash ice.
Barker,-KE-4-12-29-10rl.jpg (67929 bytes)
Stern view
Calumet-stern-12-29-10rl.jpg (72751 bytes)
Calumet upbound above the locks.
Calumet-Barker-2-12-29-10rl.jpg (73973 bytes)
Calumet and Kaye E. Barker passing.
Calumet-Barker-12-29-10rl.jpg (79844 bytes)
Another view.
Mackinaw-12-29-10rl.jpg (54466 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw just after exiting the MacArthur Lock.
Mobile-Bay-12-29-10rl.jpg (61241 bytes)
USCG Mobile Bay at Six Mile Point.
Tugs-12-29-10rl.jpg (70891 bytes)
Tugs Avenger IV and Wilfred M. Cohen with a Purvis barge in the lower locks approach.
Sugar-Islander-Xmas.jpg (35785 bytes)
Ferry Sugar Islander decked out for Christmas

Toledo Docks -
Steven Feher
toledo-12-29-10-s-(3).jpg (75901 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson  unloading ore at CSX Torco ore dock
toledo-12-29-10-s-(2).jpg (67667 bytes) toledo-12-29-10-s-(4).jpg (86377 bytes)
backing out
toledo-12-29-10-s-(1).jpg (84873 bytes)
heading out to the lake

Cheboygan, Mich.
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm-a.jpg (52029 bytes)
USCGC Mobile Bay at the Cheboygan River Outer Buoy's
2.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm-b.jpg.jpg (52829 bytes)
Inbound Cheboygan River for logistics after ice breaking mission in the lower St. Mary's River
3.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm.c.jpg.jpg (44354 bytes)
Headed for the turning basin just past Coast Guard moorings
4.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm-d.jpg.jpg (72683 bytes)
Breaking ice in the turning basin
5.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm-e.jpg.jpg (71197 bytes)
Durocher Marine yard in the background
6.-mobilebay-12-29-10-jpm-f.jpg.jpg (64694 bytes)
Lining up for the main dock at Coast Guard moorings

Frontenac pushing through the ice to her winter birth at Midland, Ontario -
Wayne Bradley
1-Frontenac-29-12-2010-wb.jpg (57315 bytes)
 A Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker and helicopter preceded the Frontenac by about an hour. Snowmobilers and a wolf stood by and watched.

Manitowoc at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1manit_12_29_10_rb.jpg (80652 bytes)
View from the lakeshore
2manit_12_29_10_rb.jpg (104904 bytes)
Stern view, loading ore

Icy Mary E Hannah and barge Lake Trader in Menominee, Mich. head for the Ogden St. Bridge Christmas Eve -
Scott Best
1-MaryE-12-24-10-sb.jpg (95892 bytes) 2-MaryE-12-24-10-sb.jpg (110977 bytes)
Close up of the Mary E Hannah.

Westbound Mississagi in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Wednesday -
Dianne Donati
Mississaga-12-29-10-dd.jpg (112524 bytes)        

Ships from Honduras in February 2010 -
Paul Beesley
1-aidavit-02-25-10-pb.jpg (67838 bytes)
 Belize is another port where it is too shallow to tie up.  Aidavita anchored with tender alongside.
2-aidavit-02-25-10-pb.jpg (51670 bytes)
Another view of the Aidavita with the harbour in the background.
3-carnglo-02-25-10-pb.jpg (129098 bytes)
Leaving the Carnival Glory for another exciting day of shopping!  We caught a local taxi, toured the city, and ended up at the rum distillery.
4-carnglo-02-25-10-pb.jpg (67844 bytes)
All passengers going ashore were disgorged here.  Upon reboarding everyone went through a scanner and had their liquor confiscated.
5-carnleg-02-25-10-pb.jpg (62553 bytes)
Carnival Legend was also anchored here.
6-cruise-02-25-10-pb.jpg (44535 bytes)
Some of the fleet anchored off Belize.
7-navc's-02-25-10-pb.jpg (56327 bytes)
Navigator of the Seas, only 138,279 gross tons.
8-norspir-02-25-10-pb.jpg (79545 bytes)
 Norwegian Spirit and an unidentified freighter. 
9-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (123878 bytes)
A number of small craft were used to take the money, er, passengers, ashore.
10-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (91822 bytes)
It was very well organized.  Over 2,000 people went ashore from this once small opening.  And they all came back, too.
11-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (70572 bytes)
Heading out for another load.  Each cruise ship landed passengers at a specific place on the dock to ensure no mix-ups.
12-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (61982 bytes)
Yet another tender heads out.
13-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (92632 bytes)
Just about everything was used.  I don't recall seeing this one actually engaged in transfers though.
14-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (84153 bytes)
Returning to the Glory.
15-tend-02-25-10-pb.jpg (198320 bytes)
 Nice view of the bridge wing, mooring station that pops out of the hull and, if you look closely under the mooring station, a red ball to mark the furthest extension of the bulbous bow.  Every time these ships anchor or tie up they mark the bow to make it obvious to small boaters.

Kaye E. Barker downbound the Rock Cut Wednesday with a salute - Roger LeLievre

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