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December 31, 20

Drydocking the John B Aird in Port Weller - Paul Beesley
1-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (69471 bytes)
The Aird leaves Lock 1 prior to turning.
2-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (58439 bytes)
 Vigilant I waiting at the bow for the call to assist.
3-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (64853 bytes)
Seahound also waiting for the call as the Captain of the Aird moves the stern to port.
4-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (87186 bytes)
Waiting for a line.
5-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (55176 bytes)
Almost lined up and ready to back in.
6-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (83334 bytes)
Vigilant I helps keep the Aird lined up.
7-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (58574 bytes)
Now the Seahound keeps her aligned while the Vigilant acts as brake.
8-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (98873 bytes)
Job done & the Seahound heads for Lock 1.
9-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (97640 bytes)
Vigilant also heading for the Lock.  The gate ahead of the Aird is already closing.
10-jba-12-30-10-pb.jpg (97230 bytes)
 Wheel over to line up for the Lock.

John B. Aird arrived at noon Thursday for dry docking at Seaway Marine, assisted by McKiel tugs Vigilant 1 and Seahound -
Al Howard
J.B.Aird-12.30.2010-ah-b.jpg (76941 bytes) Vigilant-1---12.30.2010-ah.jpg (72480 bytes) Seahound-12.30.2010-ah-b.jpg (91059 bytes) J.B.Aird-12.30.2010-ah-a.jpg (86166 bytes) Seahound-12.30.2010-ah-a.jpg (100474 bytes)
J.B.Aird-12.30.2010-ah-c.jpg (71340 bytes) J.B.Aird-12.30.2010-ah-d.jpg (77745 bytes)      

Cheboygan, Mich. Thursday
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-algosar-12-30-10-jpm-a.jpg.jpg (72954 bytes)
Algosar approaching the Cheboygan River as night sets in.
2.-algosar-12-30-10-jpm-b.jpg.jpg (72177 bytes) 3.-tenacious-12-30-10-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (58682 bytes)
Ryba Marine tug Tenacious after breaking a path for the Algosar to the U.S. Oil Tank Facility in the background.
4.-tenacious-12-30-10-jpm-d.jpg.jpg (78693 bytes)
Tenacious sitting in the ice abreast Cheboygan Crib Light waiting for the Algosar
5.-tenacious-12-30-10-jpm-e.jpg.jpg (61707 bytes)
6.-tenacious-12-30-10-jpm-f.jpg.jpg (47533 bytes)
On the hip of the Algosar the Tenacious would help push them through the ice and up to the dock.

Capt. Henry Jackman down at Brockville Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Capt-Henry-Jackman-12-30-10-mb.jpg (60051 bytes) 2-Capt-Henry-Jackman-12-30-10-mb.jpg (77433 bytes)      

Welland Canal Wednesday -
Paul Beesley
1-algowd-12-29-10-pb.jpg (53986 bytes)
Algowood above Lock 2.
2-prc-12-29-10-pb.jpg (69465 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman clears Lock 7 downbound.
3-cantrans-12-29-10-pb.jpg (64966 bytes)
Canadian Transport slides out of Lock 6 west while the Jackman enters 6 east.
4-caprog-12-29-10-pb.jpg (107602 bytes)
CCGS Cape Roger continues her refit below Lock 1.  She was moved out of the drydock to make way for other ships.  The flag on the Jackstaff advertises the Quebec Winter Carnival.
5-algowd-12-29-10-pb.jpg (70187 bytes)
Algowood approaches the Homer bridge.

Samuel Risley breaking the way for the Frontenac to unload in Midland harbor Wednesday - Derek Osborn
Frontenac-coming-into-Midland-harbour.jpg (32533 bytes) Samual-Risley-finishing-breaking-ice.jpg (95897 bytes) pushing-ice-around-to-clear-a-spot-for-the-Frontenac.jpg (84517 bytes) Frontenac-easing-up-to-the-elevator.jpg (64785 bytes) almost-there.jpg (56075 bytes)
finally-there!.jpg (101657 bytes)        

Wednesday the Canadian Olympic arrived to load salt in Fair Port, Ohio -
Bob Hunter
1-Can-Olympic-12-30-10-RH.jpg (85486 bytes) 2-Can-Olympic-12-30-10-RH.jpg (72037 bytes)      

Kaye E. Barker downbound the Rock Cut Wednesday with a salute - Roger LeLievre

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