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January 1, 20

Welland Canal draining Friday - Al Howard
wc-ah-a.jpg (122409 bytes)
The draining of the Welland canal has begun starting at lock 7.
wc-ah-b.jpg (133238 bytes)
Most of the system should be dry by next week.
wc-ah-c.jpg (127775 bytes)    

New Year's Eve at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
 1calumet_12_31_10_rb.jpg (104087 bytes)
Calumet loading ore

Port Stanley fish tugs Friday
PC310428.jpg (103033 bytes)
GW Jackson
PC310427.jpg (110485 bytes)
Bastien Bros Starting to show her age 
PC310434.jpg (108458 bytes)
CJ Weaver 
PC310436.jpg (100824 bytes)
Carol Ann II 
PC310439.jpg (108842 bytes)
Cosley Bros 
PC310440.jpg (100502 bytes)
Weaver Bros 
PC310446.jpg (91711 bytes)
Nancy A Siddall (I don't think she has moved lately) 

Ships in Cozumel, Mexico in February 2010 -
Paul Beesley
1-carcon-02-26-10-pb.jpg (79123 bytes)
Carnival Conquest already secured as we arrived.
2-cozum-02-26-10-pb.jpg (83431 bytes)
Pilot boat anchored close to a couple of behemoths.
3-cozum-02-26-10-pb.jpg (73273 bytes)
There were two more cruise ships at the other end of the city.
4-para-02-26-10-pb.jpg (124697 bytes)
One of the many nautical distractions for people to enjoy. 
5-corsea-02-26-10-pb.jpg (161294 bytes)
I wish the Welland canal was this colour.
6-mauric-02-26-10-pb.jpg (132186 bytes)
Supply boat Mauricio H and unknown tug.
7-subsee-02-26-10-pb.jpg (124237 bytes)
Sub See Explorer waiting for passengers.
8-ultra-02-26-10-pb.jpg (126399 bytes)
Ultramar IV and others in this busy harbour.
9-supfl-02-26-10-pb.jpg (129666 bytes)
Ferry Superflex Trader on her way out.  Double-ender with green ramp on port quarter and starboard bow.
10-pilot-02-26-10-pb.jpg (173460 bytes)
The pilot boat, Cuzamil, leaves us after we have cleared pilotage waters.

Historical Perspectives -
Robertsom Collection
Robertson-091.jpg (51058 bytes)
There were two captains in the family that worked for the carferries in Ludington
Robertson-055.jpg (44196 bytes) Robertson-062.jpg (68703 bytes) Robertson-050.jpg (100014 bytes) Robertson-008.jpg (118953 bytes)
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