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January 4 - 5, 20

Two Harbors Ore Docks Tuesday - Nic Caine
1-PI-1-4-11-nc.jpg (71680 bytes)
Presque Isle arriving Two Harbors, starboard bow
2-1-4-11-nc.jpg (92375 bytes) 3-PI-1-4-11-nc.jpg (138636 bytes)
 Presque Isle lined up for Dock 2
4-PI-1-4-11-nc.jpg (98940 bytes)
Bow at outer end of Dock 2, American Spirit on opposite side of dock

5-PI-1-4-11-nc.jpg (92515 bytes)
American Spirit and Presque Isle at Two Harbors Dock 2

Calumet in Marquette Tuesday - Rod Burdick
1calum_1_3_11_rb.jpg (112933 bytes)
Waiting to load ore at the dock
2calum_1_4_10_rb.jpg (129437 bytes)
Anchored off the breakwall

Historical Perspective on a C-4
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm.a.jpg (97013 bytes)
Charles M. White unloading at Ashtabula, Ohio - August 1976
2.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-b.jpg (70828 bytes)
A 17-ton Hulett in cargo hold
3.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-c.jpg (61098 bytes)
Frontend loader working with Hulett to finish off cargo hold
 4.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-d.jpg (80318 bytes)
AB Watchman Louis Ploof manning the fantail winch. The triplet C-4's had a cargo hold and hatch behind the aftcabins, a vestige of their Navy days complete with machine shop and spare parts for engine room.
5.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-e.jpg (87061 bytes)
Chief Steward preparing Christmas Dinner appetizers
6.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-f.jpg (90561 bytes)
2nd Cook and Porter in the Galley
7.-cmwhite-01-04-11-jpm-g.jpg (79802 bytes)
Crew's Mess being prepared for Christmas Dinner

South Chicago Monday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0650_21966.jpg (59874 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise unloading salt at Morton dock at 100th St.
DSC_0657_21973.jpg (114525 bytes)
Invincible and McKee Sons backing up the river approaching 100th St.
DSC_0661_21977.jpg (253973 bytes)
Invincible / McKee Sons detail.
DSC_0671_21987.jpg (71868 bytes)
Passing the Canadian Enterprise.
DSC_0683_21999.jpg (73765 bytes)
McKee Sons Pilot House detail.
DSC_0684_22000.jpg (66318 bytes)
McKee Sons heading for KCBX to take on a load of coal.

Saginaw in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1saginaw_1_2_11_rb.jpg (88696 bytes)
At anchor off the Upper Harbor

Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_0148.jpg (37863 bytes) IMG_0153.jpg (64648 bytes)      

Historical Perspective on a C-4 -
Jon Paul Michaels
1.-cmwhite-01-03-11-jpm-a.jpg (80080 bytes)
Charles M. White getting mail in Detroit from the J.W. Westcott II.
2.-tfpatton-01-03-11-jpm-b.jpg (75412 bytes)
Thomas F. Patton plowing through blue ice after loading in Escanaba.
3.-jthompson-01-03-11-jpm-c.jpg (97803 bytes)
White at Spring fit-out in Lorain, Ohio next to another C-4, Joseph H. Thompson. Note the Thompson has a deck camber and the spar deck meets the after cabins 1/2 deck higher than the White
4.-cmwhite-01-03-11-jpm-d.jpg (168499 bytes)
Chartroom on the White
5.-jmichaels-01-03-11-jpm-e.jpg (84752 bytes)
Me while the Wheelsman on the 8-12 watch testing the telemotor wheel.
6.-tpatton-01-03-11-jpm-f.jpg (69886 bytes)
Thomas F. Patton unloading ahead of us at Republic Steel - S. Chicago. The Gary is fueling the Patton and the Algorail is headed upriver for Lake Calumet.

Video from the Wilfred Sykes on Lake Michigan -
 Capt. Eric Treece

Footage out on Lake Michigan during the storm over the weekend with wind gusts of 75mph and peak gusts of 108 mph. Video of Green Water crashing over deck, ice forming on deck, heavy seas, bow crashing into heavy seas. This looks like something you would normally see while out on the open ocean and not the Great Lakes.

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