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January 6 - 8, 20

Frontenac in Midland - Derek Osborn
Frontenac1610.jpg (48691 bytes)
Frontenac coming in to unload
Samuel-Risley1610.jpg (61572 bytes)
The Risley breaking the ice in Midland Ontario for the last time this season.
Passing-the-Frontenac1610.jpg (44121 bytes) securing-to-the-dock1610.jpg (106943 bytes)  

Manitowoc loading ore in Marquette on Friday - Lee Rowe
IMG_0160.jpg (59615 bytes)
IMG_0175.jpg (63923 bytes)
The Manitowoc appeared to be having hatch cover crane difficulties.
IMG_0181.jpg (72789 bytes)    

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. -
Scott Best
1-ojibway-01-05-10-sb.jpg (101612 bytes)
Stern view in the graving dock as final work is completed.
2-ojibway-01-05-10-sb.jpg (62232 bytes)
Close up of bow from across the channel.
3-ojibway-01-05-10-sb.jpg (89799 bytes)
Later in the afternoon "Ojibway Nanticoke" has been added to the stern.
1-pineglen-01-05-11-sb.jpg (71584 bytes)
Pineglen in layup at Bayship.
2-amcourage-01-05-11-sb.jpg (64388 bytes)
American Courage in layup.

John B. Aird and Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in Dry Dock Tuesday - John van der Doe
John-B.Aird-&-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin-in-drydock-(1).jpg (67752 bytes) John-B.Aird-&-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin-in-drydock-(2)1.jpg (70125 bytes)      

CSL Tadoussac Enters the Toledo Shipyard for Winter Work - Paul C. LaMarre III

1-Pennsylvania-1-05-11-PL.jpg (73214 bytes) 2-CSL-TADOUSSAC-1-05-11-PL.jpg (59285 bytes) 3-Pennsylvania-1-05-11-PL.jpg (63589 bytes) 4-Mississippi-1-05-11-PL.jpg (78003 bytes) 5-CSL-TADOUSSAC-1-05-11-PL.jpg (64849 bytes)
6-CSL-TADOUSSAC-1-05-11-PL.jpg (122301 bytes) 7-CSL-TADOUSSAC-1-05-11-PL.jpg (86447 bytes) 8-Mississippi-1-05-11-PL.jpg (114458 bytes)    

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette on Tuesday and Wednesday
- Rod Burdick
1mqtUH_1_4_11_rb.jpg (74841 bytes)
Manitowoc at the ore dock with Saginaw and Calumet at anchor
2mqtUH_1_5_11_rb.jpg (51334 bytes)
Calumet backing away from the ore dock after loading
3mqtUH_1_5_11_rb.jpg (86872 bytes)
Manitowoc moving to the ore dock with Calumet departing

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