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January 9 - 11, 20

Recent Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease
1-mich-12-20-10-a-md.jpg (64082 bytes)
Michipicoten in for winter lay-up.
2-mich-12-26-10-b-md.jpg (62516 bytes)
Michipicoten's stack at the government dock.
3-pres-1-09-11-md.jpg (52285 bytes)
 Presque Isle down bound at 1 & 2.
4-sag-1-10-11-md.jpg (51463 bytes)
Saginaw down bound for Toledo.
5-jgm-1-10-11-md.jpg (72099 bytes)
John G. Munson follows the Canadian Progress into Lake Huron.
6-oji-1-10-11-a-md.jpg (64606 bytes)
The Ojibway down at 1 & 2 showing off her new paint job.
7-oji-1-10-11-b-md.jpg (47877 bytes)
Wide view.
8-jrb-1-10-11-md.jpg (70985 bytes)
James R Barker down bound at 1 & 2.
9-ama-1-10-11-md.jpg (56410 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson making the turn at 1 & 2.
10-eva-1-10-11-md.jpg (67372 bytes)
The fish tug Evalina heading in with the catch of the day.

Escanaba, Mich. -
Scott Best
1-ammariner-01-10-11-sb.jpg (65049 bytes)
American Mariner loads ore.
2-marinerice-01-10-11-sb.jpg (70394 bytes)
Close up of the icy bow on the American Mariner.
2-sykesmariner-01-10-11-sb.jpg (51029 bytes)
American Mariner and Wilfred Sykes at the ore dock.
1-sykes-01-10-11-sb.jpg (27307 bytes)
Tug Erika Kobasic stands off as the Sykes makes her turn to the ore dock.
2-Sykes-01-10-11-sb.jpg (52928 bytes)
Close up Sykes approaching ore dock.

Welland Canal in winter -
Bill Bird
1-Lock-3constructionsite-01-09-11-bb.jpg (97422 bytes)
Construction site at Lock 3 where west wall of Lock (closest to museum) is to be replaced.  Dynamite will be used for part of the job.
2-WBIndock-01-09-11-bb.jpg (115980 bytes)
Tug W.B. Indock along with a barge were in Lock 3 for a time doing preparatory work using a special drill.
3-Crane-01-09-11-bb.jpg (113744 bytes)
Crane used to lift tug out of lock.
4-Lock3power-01-09-11-bb.jpg (81059 bytes)
Because a power plant is located on east side of Lock 3, water continues to run down spillway 24/7.
5-Lock-3-north-01-09-11-bb.jpg (102070 bytes)
Looking north from Lock 3
6-Lock-4-north-01-09-11-bb.jpg (93551 bytes)
View looking north from Lock 4-Because there's another power plant at the base of the flight locks, water continues flowing between Locks 3 and 4.
7-Lock-7-north-01-09-11-bb.jpg (109971 bytes)
Between Locks 6 and 7 the canal is virtually dry.

Upper Harbor Ore Dock Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1glt_1_5_11_rb.jpg (94433 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader
2buff_1_10_11_rb.jpg (66901 bytes)
Buffalo on her first visit of the season

St. Marys River
- Lynn Hauptmann
Frontenac---Lynn-Hauptmann.jpg (66573 bytes)
Frontenac upbound recently near Six Mile Point, with skaters along the shore.

Canadian Transfer at winter lay-up at Goderich, Ont. - Jacob Smith
Canadian-Transfer-at-winter-lay-up-at-Goderich,-Ont-Jan.-2011.jpg (85068 bytes)        

South Chicago Saturday - Lou Gerard
Wilsykes-1-8-11-lg003.jpg (76665 bytes)
Stern view of Wilfred Sykes being pulled up the Calumet River at 95th St. by the tug Zuccolo
Wilsykes-1-8-11-lg008.jpg (58041 bytes)
Pilot house detail of the Sykes. 
Wilsykes-1-8-11-lg013.jpg (80878 bytes)
 Heading for the 5 bridges.
Wilsykes-1-8-11-lg024.jpg (147632 bytes)
Clear of the 5 bridges approaching 100th St.
Wilsykes-1-8-11-lg048.jpg (71866 bytes)
 Wilfred Sykes beyond 100th St ready to dock at KCBX.

Herbert C Jackson arriving at Severstal Steel in the Rouge River Saturday - Mike Nicholls
JACKSONHERBERTCb04010811mn.jpg (61748 bytes) JACKSONHERBERTCs07010811mn.jpg (92965 bytes)      

Presque Isle down bound in Lake Saint Clair
- Tom Robinson
Presque-Isle-1-9-11-tr.jpg (39227 bytes)        

Mississagi at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1miss_1_8_11_rb.jpg (94489 bytes)
Loading ore

Historic Perspective
-  Lake Winnipeg downbound in lock 7, Welland Canal, Friday October 15 1982. Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal for scrapping in 1985. - John McCreery
LakeWinnipeg-10-15-1982-jm.jpg (65917 bytes)        

Detroit River Saturday -
BoatNerd Staff

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