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January 12 - 14, 20

Winter along the Maumee - Ron Piskor
1-csltad-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (150803 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac rests in Ironhead Marineís Dry Dock as its Winter work gets underway.
2-csltad-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (214854 bytes)
CSL Tadoussacís starboard anchor
3-csltadrdr-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (208741 bytes)
Ironhead Marine workers, suited up for safety, prepare to work on Tadoussacís rudder.
4-csltadrdr-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (98431 bytes)
With cutting torch in hand an Ironhead worker cuts anti-rotate strapping as his fire watch looks on.
5-csltadrdr-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (181406 bytes)
An Ironhead worker cuts the lower rudder anti-rotate straps in preparation for rudder removal.
6-cliffbr-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (315825 bytes)
Up stream in Waterville, Ohio the Maumee is still open water. Icicles hanging from the Cayugan limestone cliffs  begin to show Winterís grip along the river.
7-gtugs-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (100348 bytes)
The muscle of the river,the G Tugs, rest in their berth along the Maumeeís North bank.
8-gtugs-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (108496 bytes)
River ice grips at the hulls of the Mississippi and Pennsylvania.
9-amlifebt-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (89051 bytes)
American Marinerís Lifeboat No.1 rests along the North bank.
10-amlbbp-1-11-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (93679 bytes)
Lifeboat No.1ís builderís Plate.
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel J. Risley breaks ice to free the downbound American Mariner at Roberts Landing in the St. Clair River Thursday morning - Robert Hunt
A-Mariner-2011-01-13-rmh.jpg (60690 bytes)        

Mississagi at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
miss_1_10_11_rb.jpg (125753 bytes)
Bow view with dock locomotives pushing ore cars onto the dock

Beluga Favourisation departing Port Everglades Wednesday bound for Bae Como with three new Canadian Coast Guard Boats - Bill Hoey
CanadianCGboatsB1-12-22wah.jpg (24098 bytes) CanadianCGboats1-12-11wah.jpg (48898 bytes)
Cap Rescue and Cap Aupaluk are the names of two of the new vessels, the name of the third was unreadable.
BelugaFavourisation1-12-11wah.jpg (26874 bytes)    

The East Coast Based USCG Morrow Bay at the Soo  - Jerry Masson
MorrowBay_1.jpg (66418 bytes)        

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
IMG_0232.jpg (34273 bytes)
Manitowoc arriving in Marquette on Wednesday evening. Calumet loading and departing.
IMG_0252.jpg (61596 bytes) IMG_0261.jpg (34667 bytes) IMG_0265.jpg (63676 bytes)  

Recent USCG icebreaking - USCG
5352229646_4b560d26a8_o.jpg (58386 bytes)
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay escorts the Ojibway and the CSL Laurentien, through the ice, Jan 12, 2011.
5351615715_8fbe946fb2_o.jpg (62461 bytes)
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw breaks a path to ensure the safe transit of vessels through the ice in the Rock Cut, Dec. 23, 2010.
5352226890_60afdaca73_o.jpg (62024 bytes)
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw escorts the Motor Vessel Paul R. Tregurtha safely through the ice in the St. Marys River, Dec. 23, 2010.
5351710751_8ae10020e7_o.jpg (53599 bytes)
Close up

Snowy Night at the Toledo Shipyard -
Paul C. LaMarre III
1-Saginaw-01-11-11-PL.jpg (137197 bytes) 2-Saginaw-01-11-11-PL.jpg (84682 bytes) 3-Saginaw-01-11-11-PL.jpg (72332 bytes) 4-Tadoussac-01-11-11-PL.jpg (87239 bytes) 5-Tadoussac-01-11-11-PL.jpg (82802 bytes)
6-Tadoussac-01-11-11-PL.jpg (76259 bytes)        

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_0211.jpg (56919 bytes)
The Mississagi loaded at Marquette on Monday.
IMG_0217.jpg (71503 bytes)
It appeared the dock was having some problems as there was pounding going on above some chutes.
IMG_0222.jpg (58984 bytes)
Manitowoc departing Marquette
IMG_0225.jpg (67753 bytes) IMG_0227.jpg (83139 bytes)

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