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January 16, 20

St. Clair River Icebreaking Saturday - Don Detloff
caso-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (57676 bytes)
Cason J Calloway with the Bristol Bay at the Algonac State Park on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011.
mack-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (77311 bytes)
Mackinaw at the Algonac State Park
neah-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (76416 bytes)
Neah Bay
bris-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (80286 bytes)
Bristol Bay and Cason J Calloway
nebr-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (52772 bytes)
Neah Bay and Bristol Bay
group-15jan11-djd.jpg (54852 bytes)
Kaye Barker, CSL Niagara, Samuel Risley, Mackinaw and American Integrity at Marine City on Saturday,
brne-15jan11-djd-1.jpg (43228 bytes)
Bristol Bay and Neah Bay at Algonac

Cason J. Callaway stuck in the St. Clair River Saturday -
Joe Cioletti
callaway-161.jpg (53669 bytes)
Mackinaw assisting
callaway-166.jpg (61534 bytes)
Mackinaw breaking a path
callaway-178.jpg (57803 bytes)
Captains signaling to each other
callaway-183.jpg (64391 bytes)
callaway-187.jpg (67051 bytes)
Another view
callaway-192.jpg (62137 bytes)
Bow profile

St. Clair River Saturday
- Ken Borg

2011,-Ice-Jam-Winter-20116046.jpg (50833 bytes)
Bristol Bay trying to free the Callaway.

2011,-Ice-Jam-Winter-20116064.jpg (57722 bytes)
Neah Bay and Bristol Bay in ice.
2011,-Ice-Jam-Winter-20116096.jpg (55247 bytes)
Mackinaw  trying to free up the Neah Bay.
 2011,-Ice-Jam-Winter-20116122.jpg (64848 bytes)
Mackinaw working the ice around the Callaway
2011,-Ice-Jam-Winter-20116158.jpg (50746 bytes)
Mackinaw, Callaway, Bristol Bay.

Marquette, Mich. -
Lee Rowe
IMG_0296.jpg (53433 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha unloading coal on a windy day.
IMG_0299.jpg (46643 bytes) IMG_0301_2.jpg (57894 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly waiting.
IMG_0307_2.jpg (101404 bytes) IMG_0308.jpg (49698 bytes)

Menominee, Mich. -
Scott Best
1-Erika-01-15-11-sb.jpg (48799 bytes)
Erika Kobasic breaks ice in the Menominee River.
1-JLK-01-15-11-sb.jpg (78029 bytes)
Victory and JL Kuber back in stern first passing the Menominee lighthouse.
2-JLK-01-15-11-sb.jpg (54190 bytes)
Another stern view in the inner harbor heading for the Ogden St. Bridge.

St. Clair River -
Dave Neebes 
IMG_0564_edited.jpg (128986 bytes)
Saginaw upbound
IMG_0563_edited.jpg (121078 bytes)
River ice across from the Sombra Water Tower.

St. Marys River Saturday -
Graham Grattan
P1151971.jpg (10171 bytes)
Manitowoc obscured by snow, upbound at Pointe Louise

Bristol Bay Assists Avenger and Barge, Dec. 31 in the South Channel above the Southeast Bend
- Charles Miller
DSC02407.jpg (67232 bytes) DSC02414.jpg (156910 bytes)      

Lake Erie October 2010 -
John Boyle
BiscayneBay1010jb.jpg (43154 bytes)
 U.S.C.G. cutter Biscayne Bay coming out of Lake Erie fog entering Amherstburg Channel. Early Oct.2010 
drl1010-jb.jpg (28705 bytes)
Upbound freighter approaching Detroit River light on a late fall day, Oct. 2010
LakeEriesunset1010.jpg (41540 bytes)
Lake Erie sunset, Oct. 4, 2010 three miles south of Amherstburg, Ont

Historical Perspective -
Benjamin Fairless Soo Locks 1974 - Larry Hart
fairlesslock.jpg (24933 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Le Chene No.1 - John McCreery
Launched as the J Edouard Simard then later just Edouard Simard, renamed Le Chene No.1 in 1982, Enerchem Trader in 1997 and Algotrader in late 1998 but did not operate under that name.  The tanker left the Great Lakes in May, 2000 after being renamed Silverhead (Panama registry).  Info vague from here on but it appears to have been renamed Norhan and scrapped at Gadani Beach, Pakistan in early 2003.
Le-Chene-I-7-10-1983.jpg (62640 bytes)
Le Chene No.1 exiting lock 1 upbound in the Welland Canal, Sunday July 10, 1983
Le-Chene-No-I-7-10-83-jm.jpg (57608 bytes)
Stern view above lock 1

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