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January 18, 20

St. Clair River Monday - Don Detloff
mabr-17jan11-djd-1.jpg (56904 bytes)
Mackinaw and Bristol Bay passing at the Algonac State Park on Monday
risl-17jan11-djd-1.jpg (104153 bytes)
Samuel Risley passing
helo-17jan11-djd-1.jpg (21025 bytes)
US Coast Guard helicopter flying over the St. Clair River
calu-17jan11-djd-1.jpg (44788 bytes)
Calumet with a helicopter flying overhead

South Chicago Sunday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0292.jpg (81611 bytes)
Algomarine coming under The "J" bridge stern first with a load of salt for the Chicago Export dock.
DSC_0296.jpg (112463 bytes)
Tug Massachusetts pulling hard at the stern.
DSC_0317.jpg (79576 bytes)
Algomarine with tug Colorado working the bow clears 92nd St.
DSC_0327.jpg (103426 bytes)
Crewmen on stern on cold snowy day.
DSC_0349.jpg (95110 bytes)
Approaching 5 bridges.
DSC_0365.jpg (138369 bytes)
Coming up to 100th St. through the ice.
DSC_0387.jpg (85209 bytes)
Passing KCBX enroute to Chicago Export.
DSC_0409.jpg (101433 bytes)
Massachusetts working hard around tight bend at 106th St.
DSC_0421.jpg (89817 bytes)
Crewman calling tight clearances at 106th St.
DSC_0429.jpg (80567 bytes)
Algomarine clear of 106th St. almost to her destination around Wisconsin Steel Bend.
DSC_0428.jpg (60038 bytes)
Pilot House detail.

Cason J Calloway stuck in ice above Algonac Saturday -
Lawrence G Sobczak
_DSC3271.jpg (54314 bytes)
Also shown the USCGC Mackinaw, Bristol Bay, Neah Bay and CSL Niagara.

Historical Perspectives
- by Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
1.-ccolumbus-01-17-11-jpm-a.jpg.jpg (83787 bytes)
Passenger vessel Christopher Columbus showing damage after water tower collapsed and fell on the ship in Milwaukee, Wis on June 30, 1917. 16 passengers were killed in the accident.
2.-ccolumbus-01-17-11-jpm-b.jpg.jpg (50589 bytes)
Christopher Columbus after reconstruction leaving Chicago, Ill followed by the Florida - 1918
3.-jmdavis-01-17-11-jpm-c.jpg.jpg (44123 bytes)
J. M. Davis was requisitioned by the US Maritime Commission in 1942 and was used as a housing ship during the occupation of Japan 1945-46. Finished her days under Argentinian registry and was scrapped in 1976.
4.-jmdavis-01-17-11-jpm-d.jpg.jpg (59268 bytes)
Lots of ice and congestion at the Soo Locks as the J.M. Davis gets in line for the Davis Lock
5.-sinaloa-01-17-11-jpm-e.jpg.jpg (26329 bytes)
Sinaloa upbound off Pine Grove Park -Port Huron, Mich.
 6.-sinaloa-01-17-11-jpm-f.jpg.jpg (43049 bytes)
During the Armistice Day Storm the Sinaloa ran afoul of a reef in Sac Bay off the Garden Peninsula, MI - Nov. 11, 1940
7.-tashmoos-01-17-11-jpm-g.jpg.jpg (48226 bytes)
Tashmoo was often referred to as the "White Flyer" for her speed and the "Glass Hack" because of all her windows.
8.-tashmoo-01-17-11-jpm-h.jpg.jpg (44055 bytes)
Photo taken on July 10, 1936 shows the Tashmoo sunk at the dock in Amherstberg, Ont. She was raised only to be scrapped.

St. Clair River Icebreaking video
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