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January 22, 20

South Chicago Thursday Morning -Lou Gerard
1-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (91507 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise at Morton Salt dock with G tug Massachusetts ready to leave.
2-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (69612 bytes)
Tug Zuccolo passes pushing a couple of barges.
3-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (85443 bytes)
Crewmembers casting off and climbing aboard.
4-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (77895 bytes)
Tug Massachusetts starts pulling hard.
5-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (77516 bytes)
 Passing 100th St. east bridge tender's tower.
6-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (115329 bytes)
Tug Colorado working her ice mustached bow.
7-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (117784 bytes)
Waiting for railroad traffic to clear at NS Bridge.
8-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (110880 bytes)
Coming through 5 bridges after a lengthy delay.
9-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (103948 bytes)
Clearing 95th St.
10-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (88936 bytes)
Approaching 92nd St.
11-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (71065 bytes)
Crewmen clearing ice from deck.
12-Canenterprise-1-20-11-lg.jpg (86192 bytes)
Going under EJ&E bridge and heading for the lake.

Arthur M. Anderson and the Philip R. Clarke were at Bay Ship in  Sturgeon Bay on Wednesday -
Bob Kuhn
1-19-11-N-Anderson-clarke.jpg (80324 bytes)        

John G. Munson entering Superior, Wis.
MUNSON-1-19-11-ph.jpg (43119 bytes)
At the Superior Entry. Last ship of the season
MUNSONnelsjc-1-19-11.jpg (52260 bytes)
Turning with help from the Nels J
MUNSONnelsjb-1-19-11.jpg (54900 bytes) MUNSONnelsj-1-19-11.jpg (55502 bytes)
Sweeping the dock for the Munson

John G. Munson heads to layup in Duluth with a little help from the tug Nels J (Heritage Marine)
Robert Welton
01_19_11_51556_john-g-munson_lo-res_rwelton1.jpg (97199 bytes)        

Thursday morning off Point Edward -
Stephen Jay
mackinawmckee1-20-11-jw.jpg (93833 bytes)        

St. Clair River Ice Jam 2011 -
Josh Bouman
1-Integrity-1-16-11-JB.jpg (28956 bytes)
American Integrity downbound passing Barker
2-Niagara-1-16-11-JB.jpg (39511 bytes)
CSL Niagara waiting for Integrity to pass
3-Niagara-1-16-11-JB.jpg (49012 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw breaking ice around Niagara
4-Mackinaw-1-16-11-JB.jpg (45160 bytes)
Mackinaw returning downbound to help Barker
5-Barker-1-16-11-JB.jpg (62634 bytes)
6-Barker-1-16-11.jpg (60844 bytes)        

Toledo  Docks  Winter Lay-up  
- Steven Feher
kayeebarker-1-20-11-sf.jpg (87066 bytes)
Kaye  E  Barker  at CSX PI coal dock  #2
kayebarkers-1-20-11-sf.jpg (96424 bytes) Americanmariner1-20-11sf.jpg (95498 bytes)
American Mariner  at CSX Torco slip  # 1  west
mariners1-20-11-sf.jpg (87373 bytes) americanfortitude1-20-11-sf.jpg (93958 bytes)
American Fortitude

Historical Perspectives  - Dow Chemical (2)
- Gerald E Murray collection, Keith Miller

Before working on the boats Gerald worked for Adam E Cornelius on his dairy farm near Buffalo, NY.  Gerald and his younger brother Elmer F Murray Jr went on the boats when Elmer turned 18 in 1934.  Elmer worked his whole life on the lakes and went on to be  captain  on many American Steamship Company's boats.  Gerald left the boats in 1946 and returned to dairy farming.

Gerald spent much of the period from 1941 to 1946 on the Dow Chemical (2).  This boat  was launched on April 5, 1912 as the Louis R. Davidson. She was owned by Boland and Cornelius  (American Steamship) 
In 1932 she was rebuilt as a self unloader and renamed the Diamond Alkali.  In 1939 she was renamed the Dow Chemical.

In May 1944 while traveling down Lake Huron in heavy fog she was hit near the middle of the ship by the Huronic. All but necessary crew were taken off and the Dow Chemical was towed to shallow water and beached.  Much of the load of coal was unloaded onto another vessel, temporary repairs made and she was refloated and taken to Lorain, Ohio for repairs.

At the time of this accident Gerald was the assistant unloading engineer on the Dow Chemical.  He was one who volunteered to stay onboard to beach the boat.  Then he ran the conveyors for the unloading to refloat her.  In 1946,  just before he left the lakes.  the Dow Chemical was equipped with radar which may have helped prevent this accident.

The Dow Chemical was sold in 1964 and renamed the Ferndale.

DowChemical2-1L.jpg (77476 bytes)
Gerald was on the boats from 1934-1937 and again from 1941 to 1946.  These pictures are from the 1940's.
DowChemical2-3L.jpg (95349 bytes) DowChemical2-2L.jpg (82416 bytes) DowChemical2-4L.jpg (180057 bytes)  

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