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January 23, 20

St. Clair River Saturday - Jeffrey Mast
3-Morrow-B-1-22-11-jm.jpg (66055 bytes)
Morrow Bay up at Marine City in heavy snow squall

4-Morrow-B-1-22-11-jm.jpg (69628 bytes)
5-Morrow-B-1-22-11-jm.jpg (60440 bytes)
Morrow Bay bow up at St. Clair losing some paint with all the hard  work the past month and a half
6-Morrow-B-1-22-11-jm.jpg (59070 bytes)
Passing Dow Chemical - the cold shows with all the 
7-RisleyPro-1-22-11-jm.jpg (66416 bytes)
Samuel Risley and Canadian Progress come down at Port Huron - note the freezing sheet ice in the foreground
8-Can-Prog-1-22-11-jm.jpg (53216 bytes)
Canadian Progress bow on coming off Lake Huron with a large pile of ice from above buoys 1 & 2
9-Can-Prog-1-22-11-jm.jpg (49833 bytes)
Canadian Progress down below the Blue Water bridge with the Samuel Risley below near the Black River
2-Mississagi1-21-11-jm.jpg (91425 bytes)
Mississagi backing out of the Rouge River just below the Jefferson Ave. drawbridge Friday
1-Mississagi1-21-11-jm.jpg (89217 bytes)
Rudder of Mississagi while backing breaking sheet ice in the Rouge River Detroit

Morro Bay upbound at the Algonac State Park Saturday
- Don Detloff
morr-22jan11-djd-1.jpg (67212 bytes) morr-22jan11-djd-2.jpg (71665 bytes) morr-22jan11-djd-3.jpg (62406 bytes)    

Algomarine in South Chicago Saturday -
Steve Bauer
1-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (39944 bytes)
The Algomarine catches a brief moment of sun between lake effect snow showers as she heads to the North American Salt dock at 92nd St. Saturday afternoon.
2-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (64460 bytes)
Entering the Calumet River with a nice coating of ice on the bow. 
3-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (104406 bytes)
Under the CN (EJE) bridge 710, approaching the Ewing Avenue bridge.
4-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (121839 bytes)
Clear of the CN bridge, the G Tug Massachusetts gives a push on the stern to line the Algomarine up for the turn under Ewing Ave and the salt dock.
5-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (97214 bytes)
Massachusetts assisting the Algomarine tying up at the dock.
6-AlgoMar-1-22-11-sb.jpg (105099 bytes)
Crew members attaching the mooring lines.

Mississagi backing through the Conrail Bridge in the Rouge river after unloading a load of salt at Morton Salt.  They returned to Ojibway from another load of salt. - Mike Nicholls
MISSISSAGIb06012211mn.jpg (51782 bytes) MISSISSAGIs05012211mn.jpg (50892 bytes)      

 Historical Perspective -
John G. Mackay
westcott1958.jpg (30295 bytes)
Lacawana aground just below the CSL freight sheds and Point Edward, the Frank R Denton passing her upbound at speed trying to provide enough wake to help her off the bottom, and the Westcott mail boat coming back to her dock in Port Huron. May 3, 1958.

Historical Perspective - Hatch Farms
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-jrsensibar-01-22-11-jpm-a.jpg (94777 bytes)
J. R. Sensibar was my first deckhand job. She saw many changes in her career on the lakes. First built as the straight decker Frank C. Ball in 1906 she was converted to a sand dredge in 1930 - reconstructed as a self unloader in 1941 - repowered as a diesel in 1960 - lengthened 60 ft in 1961 and was finally scrapped in Spain, 1984
2.-chicagotrader-01-22-11-jpm-b.jpg (129321 bytes)
Chicago Trader was originally built as The Harvester in 1911 and was scrapped in 1978 at Ashtabula, Ohio.
3.-claustin-01-22-11-jpm-c.jpg (101977 bytes)
C. L. Austin was built as the Willis King in 1911. The King struck the Superior City in Whitefish Bay on August 20, 1920. Loaded with iron ore the Superior City sank in a matter of minutes with her boilers exploding as she went down. 29 of the crew of 33 died in the accident. The Austin was scrapped at Ashtabula, Ohio in 1984.
4.-valleycamp-01-22-11-jpm.d.jpg (61157 bytes)
Valley Camp was built as the Louis W. Hill in 1917. Renamed Valley Camp in 1955 she went on to become a Museum Sip at Sault Ste. Marie, MI in 1968.
5.-mattewston-01-22-11-jpm.e.jpg (77439 bytes)
Mathewston was scrapped in 1970 at Vado, Italy.
6.-augustziesin01-22-11-jpm-f.jpg (47783 bytes)
August Ziesing carried the same name throughout her long career which ended with being scrapped in 1984 at Duluth, MN.
7.-twrobinson-01-22-11-jpm-g.jpg (71140 bytes)
T. W. Robinson was built as a self unloader in 1925 and scrapped at Recife Brazil in 1980.

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