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January 24, 20

Samuel Risley leading the Canadian Progress down the Detroit River off Belle Isle Sunday Ken Borg
risley-progress-1-23-11-kb.jpg (55749 bytes) manistee-1-23-11-kb.jpg (58601 bytes)
Manistee laid-up at Port of Monroe, Mich.  First winter lay-up in a long time at the port.

Monroe, Mich. Friday Jim Hoffman
DSC_0921.jpg (71159 bytes)
Manistee in layup on Friday
DSC_0922.jpg (64316 bytes) DSC_0941.jpg (99841 bytes)
Drummond Islander II, small dredge Arthur J., work boats: Tammy and Madison, several work barges, Manistee in background.

Monroe, Mich. Sunday
Roger LeLievre
Manistee-1-23-11rl-1.jpg (69366 bytes)
Manistee in winter layup at the Port of Monroe.
Manistee-1-23-11rl-2.jpg (119038 bytes) Manistee-1-23-11rl-3.jpg (70745 bytes) Manistee-1-23-11rl-4.jpg (63558 bytes)
Also present are the MCM Marine tugs Drummond Islander II, Tammy and Madison as well as the dredge Arthur J.

Duluth/Superior Layup Fleet -
Brad Krekelberg
01DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk-.jpg (63218 bytes)
Roger Blough at Port Terminal
02DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (92360 bytes)
American Century at Garfield C
03DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (68993 bytes)
American Victory at Fraser Shipyard
04DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (83455 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at Fraser Shipyard
05DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (71213 bytes)
H. Lee White in Fraser's Drydock
06DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (73857 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Fraser
07DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (59132 bytes)
John G. Munson in her usual spot at Port Terminal
08DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (70190 bytes)
American Integrity at Elevator M
09DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (91983 bytes)
American Spirit at Enbridge Dock
10DuluthSuperior-1-11-bk.jpg (54063 bytes)
James R. Barker at her common loading spot, Midwest Energy.

Historical Perspective Jean Parisien - 
Al Howard
Jean-Parisien-9.27.2004-ah-i.jpg (71905 bytes)
Sept. 24, 2004 Jean Parisien being placed into drydock for forebody removal.
Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-a.jpg (83041 bytes)
Nov. 2, 2004 forebody being towed to scrap yard enters lock 7.
Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-d.jpg (101013 bytes) Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-e.jpg (96840 bytes) Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-f.jpg (86682 bytes)
Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-h.jpg (84206 bytes) Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-i.jpg (42622 bytes) Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-j.jpg (43486 bytes) Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-l.jpg (68880 bytes)
Departing lock 8.
Jean-Parisien-11.2.2004-ah-m.jpg (68331 bytes)

Historical Perspectives - 
Lou Gerard Sr.
IMG_0009.jpg (78957 bytes)
John Sherwin downbound at Port Huron during July 1979.
IMG_0012.jpg (88316 bytes)
Pioneer upbound at Port Huron during July 1979.
IMG_0075.jpg (427164 bytes)
McKee Sons in Calumet River at 92nd st. June 1975
IMG_0015.jpg (83904 bytes)
 Ann Arbor carferry Arthur K. Atkinson at American Shipbuilding's South Chicago Yard during 1979 or'80.

Pictures that need Identification
- From the postcard collection of Don Geske
PittsburghShipID-dg.jpg (80136 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
AmericanOilTankerID-dg.jpg (106838 bytes) MackinawBridgeID-dg.jpg (137155 bytes) Charlevoix001-dg.jpg (70960 bytes)  

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