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January 25 - 31, 20

Goderich Ontario, Sunday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algomarine-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (75175 bytes)
Algomarine to load salt, Sunday Jan 30.
2-Algomarine-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (95384 bytes)
View from the south pier.
3-Algomarine-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (200490 bytes)
View recorded near the lighthouse.
4-Algomarine-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (123393 bytes)
View from the castle, light snow squall.
5-CdnTransfer-1-30-11-bjd.jpg (171075 bytes)
Canadian Transfer during winter lay-up.

Canadian Enterprise in South Chicago Saturday
- Gary Clark
CEnt-01-29-11gc.jpg (68380 bytes)
She had finished unloading salt in the wee hours of Jan. 29.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley and USCGC Bristol Bay assisted the tug Everlast in the thick ice on the St. Clair River January 27 -
John Burchfield
Bristol-Bay-20110127-015.jpg (96027 bytes) Bristol-Bay-20110127-020.jpg (91058 bytes) Bristol-Bay-20110127-027.jpg (72579 bytes) Bristol-Bay-20110127-059.jpg (79279 bytes)  

Nautica Queen at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland for winter work
- Great Lakes Group
Nautica-Queen-Press-Release-Photo.jpg (57867 bytes)        

Federal Rhine is seen in Sluiskil/The Netherlands (Canal to Ghent) on Jan. 22 -
Chris Rombouts
Fed-Rhine-SK-21-1-11-cr.jpg (73531 bytes)
Her destination is Tampa

Vessels Recently in Port Everglades -
Bill Hoey
1-KeyLargo1-27-11wah-sm.jpg (113467 bytes)
Key Largo, a 1922 built steel hull charter yacht, maybe now retired from Miami.
2-keyLargo-sm.jpg (125858 bytes)
Stern view of Key Largo.
3-Rome-Express1-28-11wah-sm.jpg (97132 bytes)
Hapag-Lloyd container ship Rome Express departing.
4-TropicalAdventure1-27-11wah-sm.jpg (98060 bytes)
The new tour boat in Ft. Lauderdale, Tropical Adventure.
5-Wilmington1-27-11wah-sm.jpg (71797 bytes)
Tanker Wilimgton outbound for sea from Port Everglades.
6-IslandExpressI-1-28-11wah-sm.jpg (98737 bytes)
G&G island container ship loading containers at Dania G&G terminal
7-Maersk-Bristol1-27-11wah-sm.jpg (70208 bytes)
Maeresk Bristol in Port Everglades for repairs.
8-FreedomStar1-26-11wah-sm.jpg (98512 bytes)
NASA documented recovery ship Freedom Star.
9-BrowardFireBoat1-22-11wah-sm.jpg (97485 bytes)
Broward County fireboat.

Anna Desgagnes along the south wall above Cote-St-Catherine, Sept., 2009
1-AnnaDesgagne-9-25-09-mo.jpg.jpg (82107 bytes) 2-AnnaDesgagne-9-25-09-mo.jpg.jpg (89109 bytes)
Anna Desgagnes, Stern view, Sept.'09

Historical Perspectives -

William Clay Ford and Port Huron J.W. Westcott Station
- John G. Mackay
WCFord-PHWestcott-5-59-jgm-a.jpg (49194 bytes)
The William Clay Ford is downbound at Port Huron with the Westcott mail boat alongside.
WCFord-PHWestcott-5-59-jgm-b.jpg (60677 bytes)
The mail boat returning to the dock with the Ford  in the background.

Lake Winnipeg construction
- Dawson Miller
arrowLakeWinnipeg.jpg (55830 bytes)

 Lake Winnipeg in 1962 on the Clyde.  This was taken in Glasgow at General Terminus quay when she was being completed, before sailing across the Canada under her own power.  I was employed by Blythswood Shipbuilding Company at the time as a Naval Architect on this project which was the third jumboizing by Blythswood based on the retention of the T2 Engine Room and Pump Room being mated to a newly constructed forward cargo section.
The Blythswood constructed a whole new fore section which was all the holds aft to a new aft bulkhead which the formed the forward bulkhead of the original T2 pumproom which was retained along with the engine room. 
The original T2 was dry-docked stern first in the Barclay Curle dry dock where after the dock was pumped dry she was cut apart at the forward end of the after cargo pump room.  When the cut was completed, the dock was reflooded and the old cargo tanks section were then floated out (and went for scrap) and the newly constructed forward cargo hold section was then floated into position. The dock was pumped dry and the new section landed on the blocks and the join up was completed.
The new section was wider that the original T2 width so the water lines in way of the join had to be S shaped to fair in to the existing after lines.

S.T. Crapo - Robert Henkel
Crapo-2.jpg (106052 bytes)        

South Chicago -
Lou Gerard
IMG_0016.jpg (71870 bytes)
Richard J Reiss, now Manistee, at American Shipbuilding's South Chicago yard in March,1974 for winter layup sporting a new paint job.
IMG_0017.jpg (65362 bytes)
Diamond Alkali at Rail to Water Transfer, now KCBX, at 100th St. in Calumet River December 1973.
IMG_0021.jpg (78323 bytes)
Another view of Diamond Alkali at Rail to Water Transfer north berth.
IMG_0022.jpg (71928 bytes)
Fred A. Manske at American Shipbuild's South Chicago yard for winter layup , March 1974. All 3 ships belonged to American Steamship Co.

D.C. Everest (Condarrell) in Toronto in 1987
- Keith Robinson
everest0004.jpg (67681 bytes) everest0009.jpg (74818 bytes) everest0002.jpg (94755 bytes) everest0001.jpg (155139 bytes) everest0007.jpg (124338 bytes)

Tankers Part 1
- Jon Paul & Brent Michaels
40 years ago Tankers were an integral part of Great Lakes shipping with 6 fleets comprising over 60 vessels servicing Great Lakes ports. Today there are only 14 tankers and a handful of barges in the same service. Here are some of these unique vessels that are but a memory from years past.
1.-lakeshell-01-26-11-jpm-a.jpg (71295 bytes)
Lakeshell was a canal sized Canadian tanker built in 1940 at Sorel P.Q and scrapped in Hamilton, ON - 1970-71
2.-comet-01-26-11-jpm-b.jpg (56309 bytes)
Comet was built in 1913 at Lorain, OH. She sailed under the Mexican flag from 1927-1934 as the Cometa and then returned to the Great Lakes in 1940. That year she was lengthened and sailed the remainder of her career for Cleveland Tankers until being scrapped at Ashtabula, OH in 1973.
3.-imperialcornwall-01-26-11-jpm-c.jpg (47461 bytes)
Imperial Cornwall was built as Acadialite in 1930 in the United Kingdom. She came under Imperial Oil management in 1930, was renamed Imperial Cornwall in 1947 and served under that name until 1971. That year brought serious legal issues to the forefront including court impoundments for back crew wages. The vessel went into layup and was scrapped in 1984.
4.-lewescoat-01-26-11-jpm-d.jpg (39509 bytes)
L. E. Wescoat was built as the 400ft strait deck bulk carrier William R. Linn at Chicago in 1898. She sailed for Pittsburgh Steamship Co until 1940 at which time it was decided she was too small to be competitive in the bulk trades anymore. She was rebuilt as a tanker, renamed L.E. Wescoat and sailed for Pure Oil Co. until 1964. She was scrapped in Germany in 1965
5.-bapeerless-01-26-11-jpm-e.jpg (30550 bytes)
B.A. Peerless - This large 601ft tanker was built at Collingwood, On in 1952 and was actually shortened to 530ft at Port Arthur, ON in 1959. She went to Caribbean Registry in 1989 and was scrapped in 1991.
6.-texacomichigan-01-26-11-jpm-f.jpg (35718 bytes)
Texaco Michigan was built as the 370ft strait deck bulk freighter Horace S. Wilkinson at Chicago in 1902. She was rebuilt as a tanker in 1941 at Toledo, OH. Over her long career she had 6 name changes and sailed for 12 companies under three different flags.
7.-orion-01-26-11-jpm-g.jpg (43158 bytes)
Orion was built as the bulk carrier Edgewater for Ford Motor Co. in 1931 at River Rouge, MI. Her design allowed her to access the New York State Barge Canal and service Ford Plants on the East Coast. She was bought by Cleveland Tankers and was converted to a tanker in 1947 at Staten Island , NY. She saw intermittent service on the Great Lakes often sitting idle in Cleveland, OH until being partially scrapped in 1965 at Ashtabula, OH.

Rail ferries -
Shawn Keith
If you can add details or credit the photographer please post to the Search Page
1-PM18II-spk.jpg (71257 bytes)
Pere Marquette 18 (II), probably at the lakefront dock next to the Reiss Coal Dock in Manitowoc. Pre-dates 1952.
2-PM17-post1911-spk.jpg (102362 bytes)
Pere Marquette 17, sometime between 1911 and 1930. Either the Pere Marquette 19 or 20 in the background. Likely the Pere Marquette 18 (II) on the left.
3-FnPM2-pre1900-spk.jpg (113856 bytes)
F&PM No. 2, likely at the dock in Ludington, before 1900.
4-Virginia-spk.jpg (96002 bytes)
Pere Marquette Line Steamer Virginia, location and date unknown
5-LDNclippings-spk.jpg (368965 bytes)
The Ludington Daily News used to print a glimpse into our community's past. These were found on the back of the photo of the F&PM No. 2.

Pictures that need Identification
- From the postcard collection of Don Geske
Need-Id-006-Shenango-ll-and.jpg (64037 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
Need-Id-002.jpg (61316 bytes) Need-Id-001.jpg (61979 bytes) Need-Id-004.jpg (79289 bytes) Need-Id-003.jpg (69227 bytes)
Need-Id-005.jpg (58503 bytes) Need-Id-008.jpg (56202 bytes) Need-Id-007-Tarantau-and.jpg (76977 bytes)    

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