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February 1 - 3, 20

Coast Guard working on Lake Erie
Morro-Bay-rescues-snowmobiler.jpg (75263 bytes)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay transfers a snowmobiler rescued from the ice on Wednesday to the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley
Morro-Bay-rescues-snowmobilerb.jpg (98446 bytes)
neahbay110201-G-1103J-324.jpg (74180 bytes)
The Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay breaks ice in Lake Erie as it heads to its homeport in Cleveland Tuesday.

Metis in Windsor - Mike Nicholls
METISs01013011mn.jpg (69280 bytes) METISb04013011mn.jpg (64584 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives - Jones Island, 1976 -
Lou Gerard Sr.
Leonfraser-3-76-lgIMG-0011.jpg (60466 bytes)
Leon Fraser, fitting out, and Roger Blough  viewed from the deck of William H. Donner.
Leonfraser-3-76-lgIMG-0048.jpg (71597 bytes)
Left to right 1942 Super's Leon Fraser,  Irving S. Olds, and Enders M. Voorhees seen from deck of the Donner.
Willdonner-3-76-lgIMG_0073.jpg (87202 bytes)
Donner the 3 USS Super's and barge Maitland #1 at Jones Island.

Historical Perspectives -
Birchglen (1) at the elevator in Sarnia, April 1985 - Marc Dease
birch1md85.jpg (66451 bytes)
Birchglen alongside the Sidney Smith dock as the George A. Stinson passes upbound.
birch2md85.jpg (82180 bytes)
Loading at the elevator, April 18, 1985.
birch3md85.jpg (128167 bytes)
Fire boat drills while at the dock.
birch4md85.jpg (64806 bytes)
1st Mate Tom Bates and Captain Jack Hartley.
birch5md85.jpg (111832 bytes)
View of the deck from the wheelhouse.
birch6md85.jpg (131135 bytes)
1st Mate Bates supervises a very dusty load of soybeans.
birch7md85.jpg (68648 bytes)
Stack and logo.
birch8md85.jpg (57782 bytes)
An unusually warm April day made for a beautiful sunset.

Pictures that need Identification
- From the postcard collection of Don Geske
Id-1-on-left-on-right-Thomas-E.-Millsop.jpg (65209 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
Id-2-could-this-be-the-Lawrendoc.jpg (89581 bytes) Id-3-001.jpg (99792 bytes) Id-4-001.jpg (81571 bytes) Id-5.jpg (53700 bytes)
Id-6-Tugs-at-Roger-City.jpg (68257 bytes)        

February 1
Pineglen shortly after being towed from the large graving dock at Bay Shipbuilding Monday - Dick Lund
1-Pine-01-31-11-dl.jpg (24494 bytes)
 Looking good in its new red and white color scheme

Bayship Monday -
April Ouradnik
berth81-31-11.jpg (98547 bytes) bayship1000fters1-31-11.jpg (98745 bytes) ice.jpg (73538 bytes) footerbows1-31-11.jpg (43405 bytes) indianaharbor1-31-11ice-coverd.jpg (54596 bytes)
bayshipnightview1-31-11.jpg (31483 bytes)        

Photo ID -
Brett Larson
id13111.jpg (55355 bytes)
Duluth in the late 80's early 90's,off the Vista King. If you ID the boat and the year please post to the Search page.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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