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February 7, 20

Algonac, Mich. Sunday - Don Detloff
morr-06feb11-djd-1.jpg (71842 bytes)
Morro Bay
risl-06feb11-djd-2.jpg (51973 bytes)
Samuel Risley
algo-06feb11-djd-3.jpg (49572 bytes)

Montreal's old port Saturday - Adrian Platts
Feb5_2011_Richleu_0_AP.jpg (54589 bytes)
Feb5_2011_Richleu_1_AP.jpg (57719 bytes) Feb5_2011_Richleu_2_AP.jpg (103669 bytes) Feb5_2011_Algoma-Spirit_3_AP.jpg (94549 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
Feb5_2011_Algoma-Spirit_4_AP.jpg (137892 bytes)
Feb5_2011_Algoma-Spirit_5_AP.jpg (50959 bytes) Feb5_2011_Algoma-Spirit_6_AP.jpg (92608 bytes) Feb5_2011_Algoma-Spirit_7_AP.jpg (54102 bytes)    

South Chicago Thursday morning -
Lou Gerard
Algomarine-2-3-11-lg0864.jpg (87647 bytes)
 Algomarine viewed from 95th St. unloading at North American Salt's 92nd St. dock.
Algomarine-2-3-11-lg0869.jpg (91013 bytes)
Another scene of Algomarine from the 95th St. bridge.
Algomarine-2-3-11-lg0865-.jpg (82312 bytes)
Stern view of Algomarine from Ewing Ave. bridge.
Algomarine-2-3-11-lg0855.jpg (97077 bytes)
Stack and aftercabin detail.

Joseph L. Block arrives for Winter lay-up in Sturgeon Bay -
Matt Stram
block-sb-1-26-11-ms.jpg (59231 bytes) 1block-sb-1-26-11-ms.jpg (51616 bytes) 2block-sb-1-26-11-ms.jpg (30943 bytes) 3block-sb-1-26-11-ms.jpg (37978 bytes)  

USCGC Morro Bay (WTGB 106) working the Great Lakes,
pictures from their FaceBook page
uscgmorrobay111b.jpg (81773 bytes)
Crew poses for a picture while on Ice Liberty
uscgmorrobay111.jpg (93097 bytes)
"The real reason we break ice so effectively"
uscgmorobayc.jpg (95049 bytes)
Transferring a snowmobiler rescued from Lake Erie to the CCGS Samuel Risley.

Algoma Discovery at Curtis Bay, Maryland ore dock across from Baltimore - Kent Malo for Clarence Vautier.
Algoma-Discovery2-03-02-cv.jpg (80448 bytes)
 Taken earlier this year, date unknown

Historical Perspective -
The aftermath of the sinking of the Saltie Monvovia, hit by the Royalton off Thunder Bay at Alpena, on Thursday June 25, 1959 - John G. Mackay
The Norman W Foy picked up the 29 crew members of the Monrovia, and took them to Detroit. While passing Port Huron, the Westcott mail boat took one member of the US Public Health Service, and three members of the US Immigration Department out to the Foy and put them on board. I had the opportunity to go along on the ride and take these pictures.
1-PHWestcott6-25-59-jgm.jpg (64837 bytes)
Westcott mail boat with passengers for the Foy. Port Huron Times Herald Photo.
2-NWFoy6-25-59-jgm.jpg (33583 bytes)
Norman W Foy.
3-NWFoy6-25-59-jgm.jpg (22966 bytes)
Passengers unloaded.
4-NWFoy6-25-59-jgm.jpg (38155 bytes)
Some of the Monrovia crew.
5-Royalton6-25-59-jgm.jpg (23012 bytes)
Damage to the bow of the Royalton, docked in Sarnia.
6-Royalton6-25-59-jgm.jpg (28010 bytes) 7-Royalton6-25-59-jgm.jpg (71960 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - J.W. Westcott Co. Port Huron Station -
John G. Mackay
westcottporthuron1960.jpg (91400 bytes)
Taken around 1959 or 1960. On the left is Art Nixon who worked in the office, and Paul Carpenter who was one of the Captains. They are enjoying the sunshine between boats.

Pictures that need Identification
- From the postcard collection of Don Geske
Id-5-1200V.jpg (93213 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
Id-8-upbound-MacArthur-Lock.jpg (124607 bytes) Id-3-AVSL-3DK-1706.jpg (124815 bytes) Id-2-Saugatuck-boats.jpg (159611 bytes) Id-6-26524-H.jpg (128920 bytes)
Id-1-Bradley-5-ships.jpg (91005 bytes) Id-7-need-Bethlehem-ship.jpg (135291 bytes) Id-4-813V.jpg (70100 bytes)    

Historical Perspective -
scans from the Robert Henkel collection
Williams,-Homer-D.-bow.jpg (21367 bytes) Williams,-Homer-D.-stern.jpg (20039 bytes) Arctic-Trader.jpg (35038 bytes) Arctic-Trader-stern.jpg (24452 bytes) Medusa-Challenger.jpg (29242 bytes)
Avery,-Sewell.jpg (17624 bytes) Avery,-Sewell-stern.jpg (20758 bytes) Boyer,-Willis-B.-1.jpg (33874 bytes) Cliffs-Victory-Toledo-layup.jpg (20967 bytes) Cliffs-Victory.jpg (20770 bytes)
Crapo,-S.T.---ice.jpg (21143 bytes) Crapo,-S.T.-ice-2.jpg (23671 bytes) Heron-Bay-PortColborne-Fuel-Dock.jpg (25574 bytes) Heron-Bay-stern-PortColborne-Fuel-Dock.jpg (27101 bytes) Hennepin---Toledo-layup.jpg (28456 bytes)
Inland-Transport---bow-Sarnia-scrapping.jpg (30036 bytes) Inland-Transport---Sarnia-Scrapping.jpg (25024 bytes) Kinsman-Voyager-Toledo-layup.jpg (26120 bytes) Kinsman-Voyager-Toledo-layu-stern.jpg (26877 bytes) Lakeshell.jpg (20795 bytes)
McKee-Sons.jpg (20410 bytes) McKee-Sons-stern.jpg (17991 bytes) Oglebay,-Crispin.jpg (16401 bytes) Sloan,-George-A.-B&W.jpg (25206 bytes) Steelton2.jpg (24755 bytes)
Steelton-stern.jpg (19938 bytes)        

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