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February 8, 20

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon in Owen Sound Monday -  Erich Zuschlag
griffonos-07-02-11ez.jpg (44454 bytes)
 Ice was reported 1.5' thick in places.
griffonosb-07-02-11ez.jpg (69677 bytes) griffonosc-07-02-11ez.jpg (58665 bytes)    

Algomarine leaving open water and entering the track through the ice created by Griffon -
 Ed Saliwonchyk
algomarine-11-02-07-ed.jpg (30102 bytes)
 On her way to winter lay up in Owen Sound's inner harbor Monday afternoon.

Toronto, Ont. Lay-up Monday - 
John van der Doe
Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011-Canadian-Miner.jpg (37942 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011-Canadian-Ranger.jpg (61360 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011-Algocape.jpg (58868 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011---James-Norris-(2).jpg (113197 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011---James-Norris.jpg (65528 bytes)
Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011--Tim-S.-Dool.jpg (109012 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011--English-River-(2).jpg (47844 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011--English-River.jpg (67429 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011--Algontario.jpg (98916 bytes) Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011-Quibecois.jpg (53434 bytes)
Toronto-Lay-up-February-2011-Jarret-M--Seahound.jpg (117374 bytes)        

Historical Perspective -
Willowglen loading at the elevator in Sarnia on October 4, 1986 - Marc Dease
willowglen86-1.jpg (108977 bytes)
Willowglen at the elevator.
willowglen86-2.jpg (186429 bytes)
Deck view from the wheelhouse.
willowglen86-3.jpg (95689 bytes)
Rainy fall day.
willowglen86-4.jpg (101407 bytes)
Beautiful wooden wheel.
willowglen86-5.jpg (107024 bytes)
Interior of the wheelhouse.
willowglen86-6.jpg (93783 bytes)
Captain Jack Hartley with fellow boatnerd Duncan White.
willowglen86-7.jpg (200136 bytes)
 At the engine room telegraph.
willowglen86-8.jpg (97876 bytes)
Builders plate.
willowglen86-9.jpg (96224 bytes)
Ships bell, launched as the Mesabi, sold to Bethlehem Transportation and renamed Lehigh.
willowglen86-10.jpg (126445 bytes)
Loading at night.

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