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February 10 - 11, 20

USCG Mackinaw moored along the Detroit River near Hart Plaza Thursday as the morning People Mover streaks past in the sub zero temperatures - Ron Piskor
1-mac-2-10-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (78943 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - From the Tom Manse collection / Courtesy Roger LeLievre
Service---1st-ferry-to-Sugar-Island.jpg (77243 bytes)
Service, first ferry to Sugar Island. Can anyone date this photo by the cars on deck?
Steinbrenner,-George-M.---Lookout-3-traffic-TM-copy.jpg (59387 bytes)
George M. Steinbrenner upbound at Lookout 3 (now Mission Point), early 1960s. A Nicholson vessel follows astern.
Shaughnessy,-Sir-Thomas3-26-53-First-Boat-2.jpg (71061 bytes)
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy 3-26-53 First Boat at the Soo. Does anyone know this Captain's name?
Shaughnessy,-Sir-Thomas3-26-53-First-Boat-3-Kemps-Dock.jpg (44153 bytes)
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy 3-26-53 First Boat at the Soo, fueling at Kemp's Coal Dock, where the Valley Camp is now.
Sykes,-WIlfred---Maiden-post-card-1949.jpg (99855 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes on its maiden voyage from Lorain, passing Port Huron/Sarnia in 1950.

February 10

Menominee lay-up -
Scott Best 
1-Fortworth-02-09-11-sb.jpg (64982 bytes)
LCS 3 the USS Fort Worth is docked at Marinette Marine Co.
1-KKfleet-02-09-11-sb.jpg (61144 bytes)
Wide view of the layup fleet at K&K, (L to R) Barge James L Kuber, Tug Victory, Barge Lewis J Kuber and Viking 1.
1-OLM-02-09-11-sb.jpg (49833 bytes)
Olive L Moore out of the notch at tied up for the winter at the West Dock.
1-Snohomish-02-09-11-sb.jpg (61772 bytes)
Tug Snohomish also at the far end of the West Dock.

New Redpath Sugar unloading crane in Toronto
- Gerry Ouderkirk
Redpath-new-crane-.jpg (38532 bytes)
Under construction in January. It is a bucket crane (buckets not yet attached).  The new  hopper system, not yet constructed when this photo was taken, is to  the north (right) side of the crane.

Historical Perspectives - A trip on the Richard Reiss in May 1987. Marysville, Michigan to Alabaster, Michigan for load of gypsum for US Gypsum in Detroit - Marc Dease
reiss87a.jpg (83930 bytes)
Fellow guest Duncan White helping Captain Arne Kristensen hoist the Canadian flag.
reiss87b.jpg (122697 bytes)
Departing Marysville.
reiss87c.jpg (71762 bytes)
Meeting the Wilfred Sykes above buoys 1 & 2.
reiss87d.jpg (209178 bytes)
Loading at Alabaster.
reiss87e.jpg (166570 bytes)
Loading chute.
reiss87f.jpg (163249 bytes)
It takes about an hour round trip for one loaded bucket.
reiss87g.jpg (110145 bytes)
Builders plate, launched as the Adirondack, sold to Reiss Steamship and renamed Richard J Reiss.
reiss87h.jpg (95477 bytes)
Ships bell.
reiss87i.jpg (84866 bytes)
Wheelhouse view
reiss87j.jpg (82932 bytes)
Another view.
reiss87k.jpg (146181 bytes)
Wheelhouse telegraph.
reiss87l.jpg (85328 bytes)
Downbound for Detroit.
reiss87m.jpg (95830 bytes)
Past the Ambassador Bridge about to make the turn into the Rouge River.

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