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February 14, 20

K&K Fleet on the move Friday - Scott Best
1-JimmyL-02-11-11-sb.jpg (34382 bytes)
Jimmy L breaks ice behind the Donner at MF&D early Friday morning with air temp of -7 creating lots of "sea smoke"
2-JimmyLJMS-02-11-11-sb.jpg (83083 bytes)
Jimmy L stands by to break ice while the John M Selvick leads the barge James L Kuber through the Ogden St Bridge.
3-JimmyLJMS-02-11-11-sb.jpg (72086 bytes)
Tow approaches MF&D.
4-JMSJL-02-11-11-sb.jpg (75704 bytes)
John M Selvick is pouring on the power to while breaking heavy ice, Jimmy L pins bow of the JL Kuber to the dock.
5-JLKJL-02-11-11-sb.jpg (70193 bytes)
Jimmy L and Susan L push the JL Kuber along the dock at MF&D.
6-LJKtugs-02-11-11-sb.jpg (81419 bytes)
Lewis J Kuber is moved next, John M Selvick on the bow, Jimmy L again stands by to break ice and assist.
7-JimmyL-02-11-11-sb.jpg (107290 bytes)
Jimmy L breaks ice along the Waupaca Foundry Dock wall where the LJ Kuber will be docked.
8-LJKtugs-02-11-11-sb.jpg (90491 bytes)
Tugs get the LJ Kuber along the dock at Waupaca Foundry.
9-LJKwaupaca-02-11-11-sb.jpg (68533 bytes)
LJ Kuber along the dock at Waupaca Foundry.
10-tugs-02-11-11-sb.jpg (91224 bytes)
Selvick tugs get the tugs Victory and Olive L Moore along side the LJ Kuber.
11-MaryE-02-11-11-sb.jpg (115136 bytes)
Mary E Hannah blasting through the ice heading for the Ogden St Bridge.
12-MaryEJLK-02-11-11-sb.jpg (72379 bytes)
Mary E Hannah in the notch of the JL Kuber later in the afternoon, preparing to return everything to the KK dock in Menominee, MI.
Video of the move

Lay-up fleet at Erie, Penn. February 10
- Rob Wolcott
1-CJCallaway-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (69756 bytes)
Head on bow shot of Cason J. Callaway.
2-CJCallaway-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (52930 bytes)
View of the Callaway docked next to DonJon Ship building.
3-CJCallaway-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (82766 bytes)
Bow profile.
4-CJCallaway-2-10-11.jpg.jpg (48630 bytes)
Stern view of unloading equipment and DonJon's new build tug awaiting to be mated to the barge still being built inside.
10-EBSpeer-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (68843 bytes)
Stern shot of the Speer.
9-EBSpeer-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (73336 bytes)
Stern view of the Speer docked and getting work done for this upcoming shipping season.
11-EBSpeer-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (77268 bytes)
Accommodation block and self unloading shuttle boom of the Speer.
12-PresqueIsle-2-10-11-RW.jpg.jpg (63281 bytes)
 Stern shot of Presque Isle.

Tim S. Dool being unloaded at Redpath Thursday -
Gerry Ouderkirk
2-11-2011--T.S.Dool-g.o..jpg (24675 bytes) 2-10-2011-Tim-S.-Dool-Redpath-g.o..jpg (22563 bytes)      

Canadian Provider approaching the drydock entrance at Lakehead Marine and Industrial Inc. in Thunder Bay, Ontario
- Rod Spicer
CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs-(1).jpg (56373 bytes)
Jan. 3, 2011 a cold, but clear morning, with winter's ice already present throughout the inner harbor.
CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs.jpg (92351 bytes)
Arriving for winter lay-up, steelwork repairs and 5 year inspection.
CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs-(2).jpg (83596 bytes)
Eescorted through the harbor break wall and up to the drydock by the harbour tugs George N. Carlton and Robert John, of Gravel and Lake Services Limited
CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs-(4).jpg (105133 bytes) CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs-(3).jpg (103062 bytes)
CanadianProvider1-3-11-rs-(5).jpg (73698 bytes)        

Historical Perspective
s - Lou Gerard
Leblock-9-81-lg.jpg (65146 bytes)
Inland Steel's L. E. Block downbound at Mission Point, Sept. 1981
Willairvin-9-78-lg.jpg (91226 bytes)
William A. Irvin downbound at Port Huron passing USCG Bramble , Sept. 1978.
Stellamaris-4-74-lg.jpg (90594 bytes)
Cruise ship Stella Maris II at Navy Pier in Chicago, June 1974.
Hcheimbecker-9-81-lg.jpg (65520 bytes)
H. C. Heimbecker of Soo River Co. up bound at Mission Point, Sept. 1981.

Historical Perspectives - Roger LeLievre
Anchored-in-Fog-St-Marys-River-1968RL.jpg (16605 bytes)
Two unknown steamboats anchored for fog in the Nine Mile Anchorage, St. Marys River, 1968 - Roger LeLievre
Avery,-Sewell---Ojibway--D.C.-Everest-Soo-Harbor-1969TM.jpg (30917 bytes)
Ojibway heads out to provision Sewell Avery in Soo Harbor as D.C. Everest passes. 1969. - Tom Manse
Cort,-Stewart-J.---maiden-72RL.jpg (29841 bytes)
Photographer tries for the best angle of the Stewart J. Cort on her maiden voyage on May 3, 1972. - Roger LeLievre
Favorite---tug-Turner-10-72.jpg (15449 bytes)
It's 7 on an October morning in 1972 and the tug Laurence C. Turner has just delivered the retired wrecking tug Favorite to the Soo, where she was scheduled to become part of the Valley Camp museum. - Roger LeLievre
Lorain---Thompson,-Joseph-2-29-72NEWS.jpg (46467 bytes)
1972 clipping from the Lorain, Ohio, newspaper - Roger LeLievre collection
Vacationland-and-Bridge.jpg (27454 bytes)
Straits carferry Vacationland, with the Mackinaw Bridge in the background. - Tom Manse collection

Soreldoc post card 1959 by the Massman Photo Company of Detroit Mich.
- Dave Otterman collection
Soreldoc-Post-Card-1959.jpg (66379 bytes)        

Pictures that need Identification
- From the postcard collection of Don Geske
at-Grand-Havenid213-11.jpg (67646 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
002id213-11.jpg (106635 bytes) South-American-locationid213-11.jpg (64133 bytes) Name-&-Location-001id213-11.jpg (54035 bytes) 004id213-11.jpg (44037 bytes)
003id213-11.jpg (52744 bytes) 001id213-11.jpg (111228 bytes)      

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