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February 16, 20

CSL Tadoussac's new livery - Ron Piskor
1-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (119856 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac rests in Ironhead Marine's Toledo Dry Dock in her new livery.
2-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (91808 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac's port side view.
3-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (104549 bytes)
Starboard side lettering.
4-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (91311 bytes)
Stern view.
5-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (89343 bytes)
Starboard side details.
6-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (151080 bytes)
The photographer's shadow shows the actual size of the bow thruster opening.
7-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (103377 bytes)
Lower bow details.
8-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (63374 bytes)
Stern lettering.
9-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (244518 bytes)
Through a maze of scaffolding and chain hoists Ironhead workers work on the lower stern.
10-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (150624 bytes)
With the rudder re-mounted the next task is attaching the prop blades.
11-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (137571 bytes)
An Ironhead rigger grinds down rough edges left on the rudder housing.
12-csltad-2-15-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (233377 bytes)
An Ironhead rigger helps stabilize a propeller blade as his co-workers bolt it to the prop hub.

Sturgeon Bay Tuesday
- Scott Best
1-Pineglen-02-15-11-sb.jpg (67338 bytes)
Close up of the freshly painted Pineglen.
2-Pineglen-02-15-10-sb.jpg (48298 bytes)
Wide view of rafted alongside Edwin H Gott and Walter J McCarthy Jr.
1-sagsykes-02-15-10-sb.jpg (67788 bytes)
Close up bows of the Wilfred Sykes and Saginaw.

Historical Perspectives - Edward L. Ryerson dedication at Indiana Harbo
r - from the Lou Gerard collection
Edwardlryerson-8-6-60-lg.jpg (123052 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson approaching Inland Steel dock at Indiana Harbor on August 6, 1960 for what appears to be a delivery and dedication ceremony.
Edwardlryerson-8-6-60-lgb.jpg (67069 bytes)
Another angle of the Ryerson approaching the dock.
Edwardlryerson-8-6-60-lgc.jpg (101992 bytes)
Dignitaries, company officials, employees and photographers at ceremony.

Historical Perspectives - Calumet River 1980 -
Lou Gerard Sr.
Wwholloway-5-80-lg.jpg (64674 bytes)
W.W. Holloway loading at Rail to Water Transfer May 1980.
Medchall-5-80-lg.jpg (50074 bytes)
Medusa Challenger docked at American Shipbuilding's South Chicago yard at 100th St. May 1980
Maxine-5-80-lg.jpg (73047 bytes)
Maxine, ex The International outbound at 95th St. May 1980.
Tommgird-5-80-lg.jpg (70114 bytes)
Tom M. Girdler follows Maxine outbound at 95th St. May, 1980.
Geomhumphrey-5-80-lg.jpg (72734 bytes)
George M. Humphrey unloading at Interlake Steel just short of Wisconsin Steel Bend. May, 1980.

Historical Perspectives -
Marc Dease
Canadoc arriving at Sarnia to load on July 22, 1985. She started loading shortly after arriving. While removing hatch covers there was an electrical malfunction and the hatch crane derailed. A crane was called the next day to rerail it and remove hatch covers while electrical repairs were made.
1-canadoc7-22-85.jpg (62595 bytes)
Easing by the Algoway discharging at Reid Aggregates. 
2-canadoc7-22-85.jpg (99273 bytes)
Squeezing by.
3-canadoc7-22-85.jpg (63792 bytes)
Head on.
4-canadoc7-22-85.jpg (67026 bytes)
Clear of the Algoway.
5-canadoc7-22-85.jpg (88128 bytes)
Turning into the elevator dock.
6-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (77099 bytes)
Loading at the elevator.
7-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (103827 bytes)
Deck view of hatch crane.
8-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (133058 bytes)
Deck view from the wheelhouse.
9-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (107906 bytes)
Loading through the manways until hatch covers can be removed.
10-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (96422 bytes)
Shore side crane in place.
11-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (119427 bytes)
Lifting hatch covers.
12-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (86710 bytes)
13-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (82400 bytes)
Deck view from the aft end.
14-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (71333 bytes)
Very large stack.
15-canadoc7-23-85.jpg (85134 bytes)
Builders plate.

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