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February 21, 20

Tug Spartan breaking ice in Ludington on Sunday - Tom Hynes
1-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (74347 bytes) 2-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (73261 bytes)
Spartan takes a run past its barge Spartan II.  The pair are the former Hannah Marine Mark Hanna and 6301, now owned by Occidental Chemical with a home port of Ludington.
3-Spartan-2-20-11.jpg (88830 bytes)
Spartan taking another run past the barge, this time westbound.
4-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (96892 bytes)
Tug approaching the barges notch, which was filling with ice.
5-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (50140 bytes)
Barge in the ice about 5 pm, just east of the Coast Guard station in the main channel
6-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (76565 bytes)
Bow in the soft mushy ice.
7-Spartan-2-20-11th.jpg (54918 bytes)
Tug partially in the notch. The tankermen appeared to be using deck hoses to melt the ice between the barge and the tug.

Sarnia, Ont. February 18 - George Lee
Montrealaisb-2-18-11-gl..jpg (110046 bytes)
Montrealais-2-18-11-gl.jpg (73694 bytes) OjibwayCalumet-2-18-11-gl.jpg (72581 bytes)
Ojibway and Calumet
Buoys-2-18-11-gl.jpg (81145 bytes)
Buoys stored for the winter
Michipicotenb-2-18-11-gl..jpg (83971 bytes)
Michipicoten-2-18-11-gl.jpg (94449 bytes)
New shaft and propeller installed
Michipicotenjunkb-2-18-11-gl.jpg (176244 bytes)
Materials removed for recycling.
Michipicotenjunk-2-18-11-gl.jpg (174549 bytes)
Snow melt left these recyclables in a pond

Dry Docking the Sturgeon  at the Great Lakes Shipyard in Cleveland, Ohio February 17
sturgeondrydocking2-11.jpg (80278 bytes)
G tug Iowa with the Sturgeon in tow
sturgeondrydocking2-11-(1).jpg (89455 bytes)
Close up
sturgeondrydocking2-11-(2).jpg (106191 bytes)
Overhead view of the operation
sturgeondrydocking2-11-(3).jpg (75882 bytes)
Sturgeon on dock

Ice breaking in Owen Sound February 7 -
Dave Strutt
griffon7-2-11-ds.jpg (52212 bytes)
Griffon breaking the ice coming into Owen Sound and an icefisherman watching.
griffon7-2-11b-ds.jpg (64816 bytes)
Griffon coming into the Owen Sound harbor.
algomarine7-2-11-ds.jpg (66652 bytes)
 Algomarine waiting in open waters, to come into the harbor.
algomarineb7-2-11-ds.jpg (56429 bytes)
Algomarine docked in the Owen Sound harbor wall.

Historical Perspectives - USS Boats
-  Lou Gerard Collection
Eugenewpargny-4-28-17-lg.jpg (78879 bytes)
Eugene W. Pargny, D.M.Clemson, D.G.Kerr, William A. McGonagle, Henry H. Rogers and 9 other unidentified boats including a whaleback wait at the Soo for the beginning of navigation to Lake Superior on April 28, 1917.
Thomasfcole-milwaukeee-fitout-lg.jpg (111813 bytes)
An undated photo of the USS Pittsburgh Fleet at Jones Island in Milwaukee during spring fitout. At least 16 boats are in the scene such as Thomas F. Cole , Irving S. Olds etc. The good old days!

Historical Perspective
- Pictures that need Identification - collection of Lou Gerard
Looking for date and locarion. Please post answers in the Information Search
Harolddnye-lg.jpg (88066 bytes)
Steamer Harold D. Nye of Pioneer Steamship Co. No date or location.
Jupiter-lg.jpg (101453 bytes)
Jupiter of Interlake steamship Co. Date and location unknown.
johnjboland-5-15-15-lg.jpg (78180 bytes)
John J. Boland,  American Steamship Co. Date 5/15/1915. No location.
whaleback-uknown-lg.jpg (80756 bytes)
Unidentified whaleback at St. Clair Flats. No Date.

Pictures that need Identification
at Manistee - From the collection of Don Geske
Out-bound-at-Manistee-001.jpg (70990 bytes)
Looking for ID of the ships in these images. Please post answers in the Information Search
In-bound-at-Manistee-002.jpg (61984 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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