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February 24, 20

CSL Tadoussac Departs Drydock at Toledo Shipyard Wednesday - Paul C. LaMarre III
1-Pennsylvania-2-22-11-PL.jpg (60983 bytes) 2-Pennsylvania-2-22-11-PL.jpg (75336 bytes) 3-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (83651 bytes) 4-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (84266 bytes) 5-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (84956 bytes)
6-Nebraska-2-22-11-PL.jpg (68434 bytes) 7-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (79435 bytes) 8-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (73715 bytes) 9-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (53632 bytes) 10-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (52428 bytes)
11-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (49586 bytes) 12-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (73877 bytes) 13-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (76360 bytes) 14-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (80414 bytes) 15-Pennsylvania-2-22-11-PL.jpg (137400 bytes)
16-CSL-Tadoussac-2-22-11-PL.jpg (80829 bytes) 17-Pennsylvania-2-22-11-PL.jpg (69417 bytes)      

Algocanada in Cheboygan, Mich.
- Jon Paul Michaels
1.-algocanada-02-22-11-jpm-a.jpg (79286 bytes)
Tuesday afternoon found the Algocanada approaching the Cheboygan breakwall in a mixture of blazing sunlight and sea mist. 
2.-algocanada-02-22-11-jpm-b.jpg (79194 bytes)
A nice salute from the ship was much appreciated as they passed the Cheboygan Crib Light. 
3.-algocanada-02-22-11-jpm-c.jpg (54121 bytes)
Bulbous bow making short work of the recently refrozen river ice. 

Port Huron and Sarnia February 19 -
 Violet Bostwick
porthuron2-11-vb-(4).jpg (61773 bytes)
Ojibway & Calumet in Sarnia
porthuron2-11-vb-(3).jpg (79319 bytes) porthuron2-11-vb-(2).jpg (85232 bytes) porthuron2-11-vb-(5).jpg (182193 bytes)
porthuron2-11-vb-(7).jpg (76945 bytes)
porthuron2-11-vb-(1).jpg (157289 bytes)
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse
porthuron2-11-vb-(6).jpg (55236 bytes)

Port Everglades Florida -
Bill Hoey
1-CapYork2-17-11wah.jpg (69789 bytes)
Cap York, Maersk owned, Hong Kong flag, Hamburg Sud named, MSC Italian containers.
2-IngridGorthon2-21-11wah.jpg (45680 bytes)
Ingrid Gorthon loading cement for Haiti.
3-OceanClub2-17-11wah.jpg (51980 bytes)
Ocean Club at Hollywood Florida, ex The Boat restaurant at Algonac Michigan.
4-Broward2-17-11wah.jpg (72125 bytes)
 Broward, most powerful tug at Port Everglades at 6,200 hp.
5-NavigatorSeas2-21-11wah.jpg (37152 bytes)
Navigator of the Seas, Maasdam, and Westerdam loading passengers.
6-OverseasAnacortes2-1-11wah.jpg (47473 bytes)
Overseas Anacortes, a new tanker departing Port Everglades.
7-NavigatorSeas-2-3-11wah.jpg (66358 bytes)
Navigator of the Seas departing for Sea.
8-DB92-4-11wah.jpg (104978 bytes)
DB9 showing off the latest in yacht paint.
9-Statendam2-4-11wah.jpg (54203 bytes)
Statendam loading passengers for her monthly voyage to San Diego.
10-BlueRidge2-8-11wah.jpg (60058 bytes)
Blue Ridge, steam powered tanker unloading gasoline.
11-SheilaMoran2-8-11wah.jpg (88809 bytes)
Sheila Moran and barge arrived to load cement for New Jersey.
12-Fairload2-11-11wah.jpg (60577 bytes)
Fairload unloading yachts for the Miami Boat Show.
13-CanadianSub2-12-11wah.jpg (56188 bytes)
Unknown Canadian diesel Submarine inbound Port Everglades.
14-CanadianToronto2-13-11wah.jpg (70315 bytes)
Toronto, a Canadian warship at Port Everglades.
15-USS-Truxtun2-14-11wah.jpg (54840 bytes)
USS Truxtun
16-USS-Mitscher2-14-11wah.jpg (73679 bytes)
USS Mitsher
17-BBC-Congo2-15-11wah.jpg (63520 bytes)
BBC Congo unloading yachts for the Miami Boat Show.
18-MI-T-MO-2-2-11wah.jpg (90820 bytes)
MI-T-MO, a former Korean War US Army T boat converted to a yacht.

Historical Perspectives -
Lou Gerard Collection
Edwlryerson-9-24-63-lg.jpg (83673 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson at Great Northern dock in Superior Wis. 9-24-63.
Wilfredsykes-4-50-lg.jpg (83461 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes leaving the Black River in Lorain on official trials.
Tommgirdler-lg.jpg (123461 bytes)
Tom M. Girdler in Republic colors at Great Northern dock, Superior Wis. No Date.
Tommgirdler-b-lg.jpg (126474 bytes)
Stern view of the Girdler at G. N. dock.

Historical Perspectives -
first load of the the season delivered by the Manitoulin at the Reid Aggregate, Mueller dock in Sarnia on April 3, 1986 - Marc Dease
1manitoulin4-86.jpg (63055 bytes)
Manitoulin arrives at the dock.
2manitoulin4-86.jpg (97136 bytes)
Dave and Jim spot the load.
3manitoulin4-86.jpg (92463 bytes)
Deck view from the wheelhouse.
4manitoulin4-86.jpg (86522 bytes)
Looking fore from hatch 14.
5manitoulin4-86.jpg (132394 bytes)
There's a lot more where that came from.
6manitoulin4-86.jpg (78147 bytes)
Wheelhouse interior.
7manitoulin4-86.jpg (107428 bytes)
3rd Mate Wilfred Seymour and 2nd Mate Russ Clarke.
8manitoulin4-86.jpg (85901 bytes)
Captain Malcolm MacLeod.

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