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February 28, 20


Fireboat Edward M Cotter and the G-Tug New Jersey breaking ice on the upper Buffalo River Sunday - Brian W.
1-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (68634 bytes)
New Jersey backing away from the Buffalo tug dock before heading up river to meet the Cotter at the CSX CP-1 bridge.
2-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (83094 bytes)
Cotter leading the way with the New Jersey close behind on the way up through the draw at CP-1.
3-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (48474 bytes)
The Cotter is now waiting for a bridge lift at the CSX CP-Draw bridge while the New Jersey does doughnuts in the reach between the bridges to help break up the ice there.
4-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (65390 bytes)
The New Jersey is now making a full power run to use her massive bow wave to crack the plate ice near the bridge at CP-1.
5-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (93336 bytes)
South Park Ave. lift bridge going up for the New Jersey as she approaches from downstream.
6-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (136827 bytes)
Cotter pulling alongside the New Jersey for a two prong attack on the thick plate ice at the South Park Lift Bridge.
7-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (105929 bytes)
 As seen from the opposite side of the bridge, after 3 hours of backing, ramming, and flushing out with the props the two ice breakers were still in the draw at South Park Ave. Some of the larger pieces were seen to be at least 2 feet thick when they flipped over in the water.
8-Cotter-New-Jersey-2-27-11-BW.jpg (97730 bytes)
New Jersey surging forward & cracking through the last of the plate ice near the bend at PVS Chemical. Just ahead of the tug is a soft spot where a warm water outfall is located. Above and to the right is the thick, refrozen ice flow, similar to a "wind row" that was causing all the problems for South Buffalo.

Sarnia Saturday
- Matt Miner
01-MichAssin-2-26-11-mm.jpg (61037 bytes)
Michipicoten & CSL Assiniboine in the North Slip
02-Mich-2-26-11-mm.jpg (69586 bytes)
Work continues on the engine replacement
03-AssinQ105-2-26-11-mm.jpg (73107 bytes)
Q105 former Duc D'Orleans being restored
04-OjibCal-2-26-11-mm.jpg (52142 bytes)
Ojibway & Calumet at Cargil
05-MenMont-2-26-11-mm.jpg (32821 bytes)
Tug Menasha & Montrealais at the Government Dock
06-stackMont-2-26-11-mm.jpg (81575 bytes)
Stack from the Michipicoten on the Government Dock
07-Ojibway-2-26-11-mm.jpg (63217 bytes) 08-Algoway-2-26-11-mm.jpg (36826 bytes)
Algoway at the Sidney Smith Dock
09-Algoway-2-26-11-mm.jpg (65088 bytes) 10-Griffon-2-26-11-mm.jpg (58036 bytes)
Griffon returning to the Government Dock
11-GriffMont-2-26-11-mm.jpg (78375 bytes)
All secure
12-Algoway-2-26-11-mm.jpg (38331 bytes) 13-WayOjib-2-26-11-mm.jpg (61161 bytes) 14-MichAssin-2-26-11-mm.jpg (40526 bytes) 15-Assinaboine-2-26-11-mm.jpg (35033 bytes)
16-Michipicoten-2-26-11-mm.jpg (43125 bytes) 17-Spence-2-26-11-mm.jpg (33198 bytes)
John Spence & Niagara Spirit at the old CN ferry dock
18-Spence-2-26-11-mm.jpg (40481 bytes)
John Spence
19-Algoeast-2-26-11-mm.jpg (41592 bytes)
Algoeast at Imperial Oil
20-Bramble-2-26-11-mm.jpg (62067 bytes)
21-Sarnia-2-26-11-mm.jpg (23335 bytes) 22-OjibCal-2-26-11-mm.jpg (33829 bytes) 23-SarWayGriff-2-26-11-mm.jpg (40226 bytes)    

Fishing tugs on a snowy day at Port Stanley
- Monty Young
GW-Weaver-and-Others-Snowy-Day-P2251102.jpg (53185 bytes) CJ-Weaver-Snowy-Day-P2251103.jpg (77754 bytes) Carol-Ann-II-Snowy-Day-P2251091.jpg (54804 bytes) Nancy-A-Siddall-Snowy-Day-P2251087.jpg (60954 bytes) Cosley-Bros-Snowy-Day-P2251085.jpg (67811 bytes)
Weaver-Bros-Snowy-Day-P2251086.jpg (64531 bytes) GW-Jackson-Snowy-Day-P2251095.jpg (60185 bytes)      

Goderich winter taken in January
- John McCreery
1-L&R-1-23-11-jm.jpg (79852 bytes)
Fish tug L&R
2-MacDonaldMarine-1-23-11-jm.jpg (101379 bytes)
MacDonald Marine tugs
3-Pride-1-23-11-jm.jpg (111399 bytes)
4-Evalina-1-23-11-jm.jpg (103857 bytes)
5-Mike-J-1-23-11-jm.jpg (97255 bytes)
Mike-J blowing smoke but seemingly frozen in.
6-Noskca-J-Last-Time-1-23-11-jm.jpg (102057 bytes)
Noskca-J and Last-Time
7-CanTransfer-1-23-11-jm.jpg (103904 bytes)
Canadian Transfer
8-CanTransfer-1-23-11-jm.jpg (68633 bytes)
Another view
9-CanTransfer-1-23-11-jm.jpg (101864 bytes)
Stern view
10-Dover-1-23-11-jm.jpg (89708 bytes)
Tugs Dover and Pride

Manistee at the Port of Monroe for winter lay-up -
Linda VanWinkle
1-manistee-2-16-11-lv.jpg (67551 bytes) 2-manistee-2-16-11-lv.jpg (82632 bytes)      

St. Clair River February 23
- Bruce Tomlinson
StClairriver2-23-11-(2).jpg (95833 bytes) StClairriver2-23-11-(1).jpg (188351 bytes) StClairriver2-23-11-(3).jpg (111507 bytes)    

Fish Tug Photos
- Dave Otterman
F.G.-Bravener.jpg (51702 bytes)
 F.G. Bravener newly launched Port Dover 1984
DEE-BEE.jpg (114329 bytes)
Dee & Bee moored in Port Dover 1984
Coranet.jpg (101260 bytes)
Coranet moored in Wheatley 1992

ULS Fleet - Hermie Phillips
canadiantransfer.jpg (60668 bytes) canadianprogress.jpg (55085 bytes) canadianenterprise-hp.jpg (56864 bytes) canadianolympic.jpg (57292 bytes) montrealais-hp.jpg (53175 bytes)
quebecois-hp.jpg (62538 bytes) canadiannavigator.jpg (56171 bytes) canadianprovider.jpg (58935 bytes) canadiantransport-hp.jpg (65802 bytes)  

News paper clippings from the 80's
- Rob Hartley
newsclippings-(3).jpg (174524 bytes) newsclippings-(1).jpg (107233 bytes) newsclippings-(6).jpg (74725 bytes) newsclippings-(4).jpg (98624 bytes) newsclippings-(2).jpg (105316 bytes)
newsclippings-(5).jpg (106652 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives -
Lou Gerard Sr. and Lou Gerard collection
Gatomlinson-9-78-lg.jpg (75127 bytes)
Columbia's G.A. Tomlinson docking at Peerless at Port Huron as fleetmate Reserve passes downbound Sept. 1978.
Clarencebrandall-9-75-lg.jpg (85790 bytes)
Inland Steel's Clarence B. Randall leaving Poe Lock downbound. Taken from Soo Locks tour boat. Sept. 1975.
Amocoillinois-12-74-lg.jpg (67508 bytes)
Amoco Illinois approaching Dickey Road, East Chicago IN. after a winter trip in Dec. 1974.
Parkerevans-6-76-lg.jpg (65706 bytes)
Hindman's Parker Evans at grain elevator in slip off of Calumet River between 100th and 106th St. June 1976.
Merlemmccurdy-10-76-lg.jpg (77075 bytes)
Kinsman's Merle M. McCurdy downbound at Mission Point passes the Sugar Islander. Oct. 1976
Amocoindiana-5-75-lg.jpg (95139 bytes)
Amoco Indiana, now the St. Marys Conquest,  outbound at East Chicago IN. approaching Dickey Road bridge. May 1976.
Endersmvoorhees-9-77-lg.jpg (44379 bytes)
U.S. Steel's Enders M. Voorhees in Lake Superior approaching Duluth at dawn. Sept. 1977.
Samuelmather-10-76-lg.jpg (50216 bytes)
 Samuel Mather of Interlake S.S. Co. downbound in Lake Huron approaching Port Huron Oct. 1976.
Philipdblock-lg.jpg (114468 bytes)
Philip D. Block unloading at Inland Steel"s  Indiana Harbor mill. No Date.
Steelton-lg.jpg (106117 bytes)
Bethlehem Steel's Steelton downbound in a view from Bluewater Bridge. No date
Lehigh-lg.jpg (123768 bytes)
Bethlehem's Lehigh upbound at the Bluewater Bridge. No date.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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